[ROM][CM10][CM10.1][GT-S7710] Samsung X Cover 2

[ROM][CM10][CM10.1][GT-S7710] Samsung X Cover 2

This is a dedicated post for the CM10 and CM10.1 port for the Samsung X Cover 2 (GT-S7710). The port is in a very early alpha state and based on the CM10/CM10.1 port.


A working CWM port with minor issues is discussed and available here.


All files are available here or here.

Changelog CM 10:

  • 2013/07/26: Initial preview
  • 2013/07/27: Fixed Wifi
  • 2013/07/29: Fixed GPS
  • 2013/09/04: Userdebug build to get rid of red frame
  • discontinued, but porting changes for the camera, USB etc from cm-10.1 branch should not be a big deal

Changelog CM 10.1:
  • 2013/09/15: Alpha release 0:
    • Phone and mobile data
    • GPS
    • WIFI (tethering is untested and probably broken)
    • Bluetooth (tested a2dp and a headset/car)
    • Audio (EQ is untested)
    • Front and rear camera work. Video recording is broken!
    • USB MTP works. PTP is untested.
    • SD card
    • adb
    • Flash light
    • Video playback is broken.
  • 2013/09/30: Alpha release 1:
    • Fixed video playback and recording.
    • CM updates and account wizard added.

Is there a well designed test procedure some where arround for Android devices/ports?


The source is stored in this github account. There's one pending patch needed for the camera. Contact me for now if you want to build your own image with camera support.


Don't flash this image unless you really know what you're doing! I'm not responsible for any damage what-so-ever done to your phone, as with any ROM, you accept this risk. You use this software at your own risk.