[ROM][PORT] ROM Max Smart for ZTE V967S port(Lenovo A830)

[ROM][PORT] ROM Max Smart for ZTE V967S port(Lenovo A830)

If you choose to use these, you are doing that on your own risk, and I can not be held responsible for any damage you made to your phone.

Ported a Lenovo A830 ROM but added Galaxy S4 interface. The ROM is very fast and smooth, and solved all bugs.

- The framework is from Lenovo, and most of apps too, but removed all Lenovo proprietary apps. Added some parts from Galaxy S4 in framework, in apps and permissions, bin, lib, etc.
- Gapps are not included, but can be flashed separate (see below).
- Music app from samsung and sound recorder from lenovo;
- new Camera.
What's new: Camera, keyboard, few changes in apn and spn, some changes in boot.img, removed extra apps (they can be installed from playstore). Removed wheater lockscreen because of battery draining - if you want it you can install it from market, is free.



Max Smart v-1.1 Multilanguage - 16-09-2013
ROM Max Smart v-1.1

GAPPS for Smart ROM:
Warning! This gapps is suitable only for this ROM; it may not run in other since some parts are missing, being already integrated in ROM. This is not working in my Max Flavour ROM.
- Variant complete (all apps) GAPPS Smart Complete

Apps marked with red rectangles can be removed or uninstalled. That with green rectangle is optional.

- Variant essential (only main apps) GAPPS Smart Essential

Apps marked with red rectangles can be removed or uninstalled. That with green rectangle is optional.

Download what zip you need, and flash it through recovery.


To flash a new ROM properly, you need one of my recoveries (for these I'm sure they works).
1. Reboot to recovery.
2. Do a nandroid backup or backup in cwm.
3. mount USB Mass Storage and delete from sdcard these three directories:


4. Copy ROM zip or zips on sdcard
5. Eject mass storage from computer and then unmount in recovery
6. wipe all/factory reset or pre-flash wipe in recovery
7. wipe or erase dalvik cache
8. flash zip from sdcard, choose ROM zip, flash it and reboot, or if you flash my Max Smart ROM, the phone will reboot itself.
That's all, this is the correct way to flash any new ROM in any phone through recovery.


If you want to quick fix gps, do all steps from the instructions below , without downloading MobileUncle - is already installed in ROM.

When the first fix for GPS does not work, try this:

1. Charge your phone fully
2. Install Mobileuncle MTK Tools from Google Play
3. At Setiings/Locations: deselect or turn off GPS, GPS EPO, A-GPS
4. Tur off your phone than turn it on and turn on wifi
5. At Settings/Location services select GPS
6. At this also select GPS EPO and allow EPO
7. Now go to the EPO setting and start downloading (you need wifi for that) after check the download by the EPO file info. When they all finised with donloadnig go back to "location services"
8. At here select A-GPS (also need wifi for that) and in the pop-up A-GPS settins check that the used network is only home.
9. Go back to the apps and start the downloaded Mobileuncle MTK Tools
10. Go to the menu "MTKEngineerMode", search for YGPS and start it.
11. Now the satellits will appear as red points. Above push "information" and in the upcoming menu at the bottom push frist full than cold. Order very important.
12. Than at the top push "Satellits" than go to your window, balkony or to the street. After a while you will see the red points turn into green.

Hope this helps.