[ROM][PORT][MIUI] MIUIv5 3.10.18 for Xolo Play T1000

[ROM][PORT][MIUI] MIUIv5 3.10.18 for Xolo Play T1000
MIUIv5 3.10.18 for Xolo Play T1000

This is a port of the latest available MIUI v5 rom for the Xolo Play T1000 with libraries and files from the S018 official update, chinese MIUI port for the LA-Q1 courtesy apkhot.com and another port for the K-touch V8

Not tested this build fully so there may be bugs.

Known Issues and solutions:
  1. Button keylights and Display Brightness (shall fix in next update)
  2. Stock compass app didn't work. Shall try to fix.
  3. For black navigation bar on swiping home screen, in Developer options check Disable HW overlays
  4. New offical stock Anti Spam app (Block list) sucks as it has no Whitelist mode 
  5. Forgot to add permissions for Maps app. As a result to install apps like Tasker which depend on it, manually add com.google.android.maps.xml file with the correct rights to etc/permissions. Shall fix in the next update.

  • Removed all China apps and bloat
  • Indian Localization (stock MIUI weather app also works fine)
  • GPS settings optimized for India
  • Volume key wake set to default
  • Default storage set to external. Internal storage will be use as cache for optimal performance.
  • Added Miro (v5) style icons for several Indian apps which are not available elsewhere (made from scratch in Photoshop)
Download link: