[ROM][aroma] ELASYS ROM V3

[ROM][aroma] ELASYS ROM V3
>>>>> ELASYS ROM V3 <<<<<

This is custom rom for SAMSUNG GALAXY POCKET GT-S5300. And this is the next generation of custom rom Elasys.

Features :
  1. Pre-Rooted (No need to root first)
  2. Pre-Deodexed (No need to deodex first)
  3. Zipalign
  4. New Aroma Installer
  5. New UI and animation
  6. Swipe to remove notifications
  7. MMS.apk with emoji
  8. New Bootanimation and sound
  9. New shutdown animation and sound
  10. 29 Toggles in Statusbar expanded
  11. 5 Extended Power Menu
  12. 9 Lockscreen styles
  13. 5 windows on statusbar expanded
  14. Javanese And Sundanese Added (but not 100%)
  15. New statusbar with full customize
  16. Support RTL Arabic
  17. OTA Updater
  18. Etc

  1. Download Elasys_ROM_V3.zip
  2. Copy Elasys_ROM_V3.zip to internal memory (SDCARD)
  3. Turn off your phone
  4. Go to recovery mode -> CWM
  5. Go to Instal Zip From SDCARD
  6. Choose Elasys_ROM_V3.zip
  7. AROMA installer windows will be appear.
  8. Follow the instructions
  9. Choose “Elasys ROM V3″ in installation menu.
  10. After finish, go to Advanced -> Reboot Recovery
  11. Open CWM again
  12. Wipe data
  13. Wipe cache
  14. Go to Advanced
  15. Wipe Battery Stats (optional)
  16. Reboot
  17. Enjoy
Notes :
  • Please dont install riskeyKernel v2.0. because your sdcard will be unreadable. Sorry for the inconvenience
  • U can install this custom rom from any firmware version. do not have to use DXLK1 first.
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