[18 Oct 2013][ROM][PORT][MIUI] Miui v5 port for XOLO Play

[18 Oct 2013][ROM][PORT][MIUI] Miui v5 port for XOLO Play 

What's working:
  • Camera
  • Sensors
  • FM
  • Bluetooth (untested)
  • Headset
  • GPS
  • RIL
  • Root

  • Capacitive lights don't work. (fixed)
  • Gallery, Camera, Music force closes. (fixed)
  • Unable to change default launcher. (fixed)
  • Adding words to Dictionary force closes settings. (fixed)
  • Does not work without SIM. (fixed)
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Installing ROM:

  1. Download appropriate ROM and FIX zip's. (Use FIX_xa, FIX_xb, FIX_xc with ROM_x. Choose the latest ROM file by date.)
  2. Copy ROM zip and any FIX zip to External SDcard.
  3. Reboot into clockworkmod recovery.
  4. Wipe data/factory reset.
  5. Choose install zip option and point to the ROM zip and any FIX zip after that.
  6. After installation, reboot.

Activating Superuser:
  1. Open Permissions app from 'System and Security' folder
  2. Under Permissions Tab, click 'root'
  3. Turn on 'Enable Permission Manager'
  4. If you did this after already trying some root app, clear data for that app and relaunch.

Activating Viper Audio:
  1. Enable Superuser
  2. Open Viper app
  3. Click the Install driver prompt
  4. Install for CortexA9 with Neon CPU
  5. Reboot
  6. Open Settings->Sound->Music Effects and choose Viper audio.
  7. Change the FX Compatibility to normal in Viper app.
  8. Use compatibility mode if not working with any music player. if still not working, use enable safe mode option.
  9. Note that it will not work with MIUI music player whatever you do. (Tested on Google Play Music)

Installing IRS files for Viper audio:
  1. Download required IRS files.
  2. Copy all .irs files to /sdcard/ViPER4Android/Kernel/
  3. If the folder doesn't exist, create folder but note that the name is case-sensitive so type exactly.

Applying Theme:
  1. Copy the mtz file you downloaded (search google for MIUI v5 themes) to the /sdcard/MIUI/theme folder.
  2. Then open theme manager and press upgrade option.
  3. After upgrade, perform any theme update if available.
  4. Apply theme like normal.
06/09/2013 - ROM_1
07/09/2013 - FIX_1a
08/09/2013 - IRS files for Viper Audio
08/09/2013 - ROM_2
09/09/2013 - FIX_2a
15/09/2013 - FIX_2b
30/09/2013 - FIX_2c
18/10/2013 - ROM_3
18/10/2013 - Fix_3a

17/10/2013 - Weather wallpaper
17/10/2013 - Weather lockscreen


18/10/2013 - FIX_3a
Increased call volume further.

18/10/2013 - ROM_3
Fixed Settings force close on adding new word to dictionary.
Fixed unable to set third-party launcher as default.
Added Compass app.
Changed Kernel to the latest stock S018 build.
Removed Settings2.apk (stock ROM settings).
Changed default storage to SD card.
Fixed unable to use without SIM issue.

30/09/2013 - FIX_2c
Capacitive keys now work on toggling auto-brightness once on boot.

15/09/2013 - FIX_2b
Added EN-US and EN-GB tts files.
Changed default video recording format to mp4.
Improved GPS fix. (Experimental)
Improved in-call volume. (Experimental)

09/09/2013 - FIX_2a
Fixed Emoji display in MIUI messaging.

08/09/2013 - ROM_2
Updated system version to
Added Settings2.apk for use for some missing settings.
Added V4A audio v2.2.1.1-1.
Improved notification bar speed (as good as stock).
Added build.prop tweaks.
Added Swype and Android Keyboard.
Removed Baidu input and Weather.
Fixed Permissions app appearing 3 times.

07/09/2013 - FIX_1a
Fixed Settings->Storage FC.

06/09/2013 - ROM_1
Removed unnecessary apps.
Removed apps that work only in china.
Added Play Store.
Tweaks by original author added back.