[ROM][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v1.0 [Youth][Youth Turbo][Plus][Elite]

[ROM][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v1.0 [Youth][Youth Turbo][Plus][Elite]
Iocean x7


Hello everybody, presenting a new custom rom compatible with ANY Iocean x7 based on latest stock firmware for Iocean Elite (22/07 version). Below you can find two different flashable zip: one for Iocean Plus/Elite and one for Iocean Youth/Youth Turbo (based on Elite's rom and Youth's 23/07 kernel).

Please read carefully before flashing in order to get the best experience using this rom

GammaRom Features
v1.0 Changelog
- rooted
- zipaligned
- busybox added
- deleted Chinese apps and unnecessary system apps
- init.d scripts support
--- V6 Supercharger
--- 3G TurboCharger
--- Kickass Kernelizer
- Xposed framework v2.2 enabled by default
- GravityBox Xposed module enabled by default (just launch GravityBox app and customize your phone as you like it)
- Viper4Android audio enhancements
- X-Reality Image Processing Engine
- GPS optimizations
- build.prop tweaks
- Android 4.3 fonts
- AdBlocking in order to reduce unwanted advertisements (many free apps won't show integrated ads anymore)
- modified battery icon
- modified bootanimation
- Xperia launcher with a modded interface
- new functions added in Settings app (see Screenshots at the end of this post):
--- GravityBox shortcut
--- Engineering menu shortcut
--- Viper4Android shortcut
--- Location Engineering Menu shortcut (under Location access submenu)
- added useful apps as:
--- replaced stock android keyboard with Google keyboard with Swipe function
--- Added Lenovo SuperCamera which will let you record FHD videos at an higher number of fps with respect to stock camera
--- CyanogenMod music player
--- Sony Walkman music player
--- CyanogenMod File Manager
--- Flash Player
--- MXPlayer
--- Screen Filter in order to reduce screen brightness level below minimum
- optimizations and mods of different kinds
- [...]

Installation guide

To flash this rom you need a custom recovery as CWM or TWRP. You can download TWRP for all Iocean from here.
Otherwise if you prefer CWM, download this CWMrecovery.img for Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo or this one for Iocean x7 Plus/Elite and flash it through MobileUncleTools app.
I strongly recommend you to take a Nandroid Backup before flashing this (or any other) rom.

To install it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the zip file of the rom (see Download section) and put it in your sdcard
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Wipe data (factory reset if you're using CWM), wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (advanced section in CWM) and system (mounts and storage section in CWM)
  4. Install rom zip from sdcard/external sdcard
  5. Reboot
  6. Be patient, first boot may take longer than usual
  7. Enjoy 


Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo
GammaRom_Youth_YouthTurbo_v1.0.zip - 334.24 MB

Iocean x7 Plus/Elite
GammaRom_Plus_Elite_v1.0.zip - 334.25 MB

Flash the following patches in recovery in order to solve reported bugs:

Patch for Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo
*No reported bug to solve

Patch per Iocean x7 Plus/Elite
*No reported bug to solve


Configuration Guide

In order to get the best experience from this rom, read guide below:

  1. GravityBox
    GravityBox is an Xposed module which uses Xposed framework to apply real time modifications to your system. This gives you the possibility to customize your android device according to your needs.
    Once you've installed this rom, launch GravityBox app (or go to Settings>GravityBox if you prefer) and mod your Iocean as you wish: most part of modifications will be applied immediately, part of them may require reboot to become effective.

  2. Viper4Android
    This mod gives you the possibility to enhance audio quality and volume in a quite surprisingly way if configured properly.
    Once installed this rom, launch Viper4Android, give it root access and click on "Yes" at V4A Driver Update request. Choose CortexA9/15 with Neon and reboot. Once rebooted you're now ready to customize your phone's audio response according to your tastes: launch Viper4Android and enable Viper4Android features as you wish in the three fields Headset/Phone Speaker/Bluetooth Device.
    In order to further edit the audio, it's possible to download (free or paid) some Impulse Response Samples (IRS); see the thread below for a detailed guide and further details about it:

    [V4A][IRS] Impulse Response Sample Index Thread
    If you're lazy and don't wanna read that guide, just download the following IRS starter pack, unzip it and put all *.irs files in the path /sdcard/Viper4Android/kernel (this path will be automatically created by V4A app once you install drivers). All these *.irs files will become selectable in Convolver field inside V4A app.

    IRS Starter Pack.zip
  3. Xposed Framework
    Xposed Framework app has a "Download" section where you can upgrade existing xposed modules (eg: GravityBox) everytime their developer releases a new version or even download new modules from the list to add new features. Be careful though: some of them are incompatible with each other and other are only device specific (Samsung, HTC, ...) and won't work on your phone.
    GravityBox already covers most part of other modules features, but another good module is "App Settings" which, for example, will give you the possibility to set different DPI for each app.

  4. GPS
    GPS connection had a perceivable improvement with latest kernel and modules and added some optimizations that will help too. To make it work properly you'll need to modify the first lines of gps.conf in /system/etc path with specific servers for your country.

    Inside gps.conf you'll find these servers that work good for Italy:

    # Italy =======================

    # Europe =========================================
    If you live in Europe, just edit the first with the one for your country, otherwise you'll need to edit both. Leave all the rest of gps.conf file exactly as it is, just edit these lines. You can find a list of servers for any country here.
    In order to speed up gps fix, open Settings>Location Access and enable EPO (download epo data too), A-GPS, GPS and launch Location Engineering menu. Once in Location Engineering Mode, go to GPS tab and enable GPS to scan satellites (need to be outside to find any). After a few minutes it should start fixing satellites (first ever fix will take longer) and you should be finally able to use Iocean x7 GPS.
    Another advice I can give you is to use Copilot as navigation app!
    If it still doesn't work the only way is to modify your antenna.

  5. Ringtone
    You probably still don't understand why I'm pointing this out...well...you'll get it once you receive your first incoming call...To change ringtone, go into Settings>Audio profiles>General and change ringtone.