Intex Aqua Wonder Development

Intex Aqua Wonder Development

Here,we can discuss everything about our Intex Aqua Wonder mobile.

Go to the end of the post to get the LATEST ROMs .

Stock 3e recovery :-

How to flash TWRP recovery and Root Intex Aqua WONDER :-

# remember keep sp flash tool and scatter file,TWRP recovery in the same folder ###

# TWRP recovery :- OR clockworkmod recovery :-

# extract this and open sp flash tool :-

# choose scatter file with sp flash tool,download from here :-

# then it will directly select twrp recovery from same folder,then see there is tick only for recovery.img

# then click download button in sp flash tool

# then connect your switch off phone to pc

# it will start flashing if all drivers are present...

# it will show green circle that means flashing is successful.

# disconnect your phone then go to recovery option by pressing power key+ vol+ key together.

# you can see TWRP recovery there,first take backup

# To Root the device, flash this file then reboot.

Congrats you have successfully rooted your phone.

### How to flash with sp flash tool then see this tutorial then see this also

How to flash my roms :
1) Boot into recovery
2) wipe data then wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache
3) flash rom
4) Repeat step 2.
5) Reboot.

1) "Baidu OS" Jelly Bean Rom (777 downloads)
Here is the Baidu OS Jelly Bean 4.1.1 rom for our Intex Aqua Wonder ported from Lenovo phone.

Baidu os :

for root flash this :-

Gapps for Jellybean :-

Features :
Full Baidu UI
Baidu os bootanimation
Baidu keyboard as default
Baidu os setting
Its like MIUI rom
**Rom is not rooted,Please flash files posted on first post.**

 2) Oppo rom_v3.0 :
This is fully working ,fast and stable Oppo rom.

3) MIUI V5 (101 downloads)
MIUI V5 developer edition only(it has some bugs) :

4) MIUI Rom based on Lewa Os (929 downloads)

This is MIUI rom based on spanish_man Lewa os for wiko peax which is fully working with lots of feature


5) Pratiks Rom v0.2_Lewa 5.23
Download link :

Features :
Compact optimize without promotion software (185MB)
[modified 】kernel add init.d script support 
Edit to modify the statistical power reference values,
RF occupancy percentage reduction, 
more power [amended] to remove the boot second screen replacement authorization management
Add the MtkTweak_V12 Optimize script, the default mode "C" 
[optimization] a large number of host advertising shield 
[optimization] Add AicBootFix, 
add cooling mode 
[optimization] Add Sony display engine, the screen display update delicate 
[ Optimization] All programs were zipalign optimized to improve fluency 
[landscaping] sound of water droplets unlock 
[landscaping] replaces the "FLY" window effects, and modify the effects of speed 
[landscaping] status bar time centered, signal left, imitation iphone style 
[landscaping] replaced a mellow engaging font ] 
[landscaping icon replaces the signal power 
[landscaping] add global fillet settings.

6) Pratiks Rom v 0.1 
Download : 

Mirror :- (121 downloads)

Based on stock Jelly bean 4.1.1 Rom
Samsung Galaxy S III boot animation
Samsung Galaxy S IV Launcher & stock launcher
Beats Audio for music enhancement
Extended power menu app included
Widget locker app
Removed unwanted apps

7) Pratiks Rom V 0.3 VIVO Like

Rom features :
1) Global transparency, call interface, the program icon landscaping 
2) status bar to add the percentage of power, signal icon left, center time, the battery right layout 
3) join ROOT privileges
4) Status bar battery click is a lock screen, long press the battery icon pops off menus
5) Float lockscreen
6) iPhone like setting interface
7) Vivo scene desktops
8) MTK Tweak V12
9) Ram optimization
10) Extended power menu app included
11) Supersmooth,stable,beautiful and high performance Rom....

Download :

8) YONIP A888 V.5 Jellybean 4.1.2 

4.1.2 + Android Jellybean [/ font]
+ added XposedInstaller
+ App Settings module for dual panel setting (reference: ]
+ added with YOUTUBE downloader added
+ SONY Multimedia (walkman, movies, bravia engine etc ...)
+ Added YONIP performance tweaks (via boot.img)
modified minfree settings
+ transparent weather app
+ circle battery icon
+ extended power menu app
+ cool wallpapers added
+ fast gps
+ recent app button added in status bar
+ smooth,fast,stable 4.1.2 rom
+ With some tweaks i am getting 150 mb free ram which is useful for high end gaming


Install via CWM / TWRP recovery

NOTE: You need to wipe data / factory reset before Installing V.5 via CWM Recovery

How to activate dual panel settings:
1. Xposed Install Installer ( Download from )
2 Xposed Run Installer.
3 press Install / Update.
4 .... Reboot. .

 9)  Pratiks Dual Boot Rom V 0.4

Download :

High imitation iphone status bar
electricity Clock icon re-replacement
Note: Modify the signal display, the original firmware itself is available in four colors (blue orange green purple) dual card signal display, which has been modified, blue orange green points table corresponds to three sets of signal icon, Their casual choice, fourth purple and blue ~ - Dual Card Management - set the background color selection in their choice

optimization done: wifi speed optimization, reducing dialing delay,
the network speed is adjusted to improve the quality of 100% jpg picture,
battery optimization, energy saving,
improve the overall touch response, etc.

Based Original production, adding a lot of optimization, streamlining the irreducible, 177 MB, in order to achieve streamlined, in addition to static dynamic wallpaper, original firmware camera 14.6M up too much, replace native, shooting very good ~
1. Add legendary 15m memory on patches, boot significantly faster,
2. join Adrenaline Boost depth memory consolidation script to control memory usage,
3. join BeatsAudio and Sony Xlond sound, enhanced sound quality, the desktop will be DU than sound, know how to use open after
4 third generation joined the Sony display engine, showing the effect is more shocking
5 Add WIFI enhancement patch, WIFI very tough
6 Fast GPS
7. joined the V12 script, powerful optimization
8. perfectly transplanted Samsung starter, and joined the MIUI launcher, two are very smooth, minimalist Province memory,
nine. Default external sd card.
9 Setting UI changed,Gapps included,transperant weather app,so many tweaks included.

Screenshots :
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-17-04-07.jpg Views: 6 Size: 26.3 KB ID: 2113087   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-20-56.jpg Views: 6 Size: 20.0 KB ID: 2113088   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-20-43.jpg Views: 5 Size: 17.7 KB ID: 2113089   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-21-02.jpg Views: 7 Size: 21.9 KB ID: 2113090   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-22-42.jpg Views: 7 Size: 30.9 KB ID: 2113092

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-23-51.jpg Views: 6 Size: 18.0 KB ID: 2113093   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-24-12.jpg Views: 6 Size: 27.4 KB ID: 2113094   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-25-13.jpg Views: 6 Size: 33.6 KB ID: 2113095   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-32-09.jpg Views: 6 Size: 17.0 KB ID: 2113096   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-32-50.jpg Views: 6 Size: 22.9 KB ID: 2113097

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-32-56.jpg Views: 6 Size: 21.3 KB ID: 2113098   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-33-23.jpg Views: 6 Size: 12.0 KB ID: 2113099   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-34-29.jpg Views: 6 Size: 22.3 KB ID: 2113100   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-44-33.jpg Views: 6 Size: 19.7 KB ID: 2113101   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-16-11-32.jpg Views: 6 Size: 27.7 KB ID: 2113102

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-13-17-03-36.jpg Views: 6 Size: 38.3 KB ID: 2113103  

10) Pratiks Rom V 0.5 Muse UI

Download :

Rom Features

1, based on the MUSEUI Konka W970 production, perfect transplant.
2, camera, wifi, SMS, Bluetooth, and all other normal use.
3, to streamline a small part useless APK, retain most.
4, under the optimized kernel, ensure that the system power.
5, support for a key replacement theme, very human.
6, supports many intelligent operation, Konka wisdom genes, makes the phone easier.
7, 3D Desktop with different scenes.
8, Its stock based smooth,stable and fast rom with 175 MB free ram.

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-04.jpg Views: 2 Size: 23.7 KB ID: 2115512   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-07.jpg Views: 2 Size: 24.7 KB ID: 2115513   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-15.jpg Views: 2 Size: 23.5 KB ID: 2115514   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-19.jpg Views: 2 Size: 21.9 KB ID: 2115515   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-44-43.jpg Views: 2 Size: 24.2 KB ID: 2115523

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-57.jpg Views: 2 Size: 28.1 KB ID: 2115524   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-46-11.jpg Views: 2 Size: 22.5 KB ID: 2115525   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-44-14.jpg Views: 2 Size: 34.6 KB ID: 2115526   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-44-48.jpg Views: 2 Size: 17.0 KB ID: 2115530   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-45-27.jpg Views: 2 Size: 11.7 KB ID: 2115531

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-50-00.jpg Views: 2 Size: 28.1 KB ID: 2115532   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-12-52-53.jpg Views: 1 Size: 24.0 KB ID: 2115533  

11) Pratiks Rom V 0.6 Beautify UI 

Download :
Rom Features :

1, Based on the latest official 4.1.1 and do, streamlined a lot of useless software, join ROOT privileges.

2, Modify the kernel optimization, added init.d script support, automatically turn USB debugging mode

3, Zipalign all procedures have been optimized to improve fluency.

4, Open \ close calls attribution, call interface - call log - call details, off by default. (In Call settings - "voice inside)

5, Automatic \ manual voice recording, off by default. (In Call settings - "voice inside)

6, Add the advanced power menu, support recovery and reboot, easy oil they play machine.

7, Xposed theme engine is there,Now you can install some CM 10 themes from here

8, Init.d script to add a lot of optimization, zipalign script, Memory Optimizer scripts, SD card read speed optimization scripts, etc., each boot automatically optimizations can effectively reduce fever and other problems.

9, Joined Sony Sony BRAVIA ENGINE picture display engine optimization

10, The desktop is the native Android, smooth experience.

11, Adding volume wake, but not perfectly happy frog (not available under deep sleep wake up)

12, Merge all the odex to APK, the fact that some of this more power.

13, Adding V4 dual audio, not the same music experience.

14, Modify RF, standby more power.

15, Change the battery icon, the battery display accurate to 1 percent, the icon style for the erection of the native icon.

16, Change the status bar at the 12-hour period of time under the display, accurate to the early morning dawn morning afternoon evening morning noon evening midnight.

17, Only the status bar transparent

18, Modify the global background, lock screen, the default wallpaper

19, 4.1 effects + fox effects, windows and window transition effects between fresh and hearty, recognized as the most perfect effect,

20 , Joined the famous TweakZV6 optimization, including battery optimization, optimization of fluency, touch screen experience optimization, RAM optimization, VM management optimization, core optimization, sd card optimization, optimization of sliding, UI optimization, zippalign optimization (very convenient), Sqlite database optimization .....

21, Joined the 15m memory on the script, effectively reducing boot time

22, Modify the call interface, modify the settings UI

23, Modify the boot first screen for the htc HD Samsung Galaxys second sister paper + boot screen + music

24 Camera optimized

25, To improve system stability and speed of the same time, adding some commonly used software, such as: Spare parts, chrome browser

26, Native desktop fresh UI Desktop

How to use Xposed theme engine

1) Open Xposed installer
2) There you'll find "Install/update", press that!
3) Now reboot
4) Next open XThemeEngine
5) Now download any of sample theme and install it
6) Open Xposed and swipe your screen to "Modules"
7) There activate XThemeEngine
8) Now open XThemeEngine
9) There you'll find option "choose theme" press and select "sample theme"
10) below that there will be a option "apply theme", press that
11) Reboot and your done!

Screenshots :
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-32-11.jpg Views: 3 Size: 29.7 KB ID: 2115571   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-32-22.jpg Views: 3 Size: 32.5 KB ID: 2115572   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-11-47-25.jpg Views: 3 Size: 25.4 KB ID: 2115573   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-11-47-34.jpg Views: 3 Size: 29.1 KB ID: 2115574   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-32-34.jpg Views: 3 Size: 33.6 KB ID: 2115580

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-38-21.jpg Views: 2 Size: 42.2 KB ID: 2115581   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-38-27.jpg Views: 2 Size: 28.6 KB ID: 2115582   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-44-57.jpg Views: 2 Size: 36.2 KB ID: 2115585   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-16-09-59.jpg Views: 2 Size: 36.1 KB ID: 2115586   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-14-11-47-43.jpg Views: 2 Size: 24.1 KB ID: 2115587  

12) Pratiks Rom V 0.7 micromax JMP Rom

-> Highest GPU Performance ( Which You Will Feel )
-> CPU Optimization With Kernel Script
-> JMP™ Special Size Optimization
-> JMP™ RAM Optimization Script
-> JMP™ Special GPU & CPU High Performance Tweaks
-> Get Now Up To 60 FPS Direct ( Fully GPU & CPU Utilization )
-> Samsung™ Touchwiz Stable Launcher ( 3D & Fully Customized )
-> JMP™ Status Bar & Background Pattern
-> WiFi Signal Issue Fixed
-> Minor Bugs Fixed
-> Sony™ Xloud Sound
-> 8 MP Camera Result Improvement
-> Sony™ New Bravia 2 Engine for better image display
-> Pre-Rooted
-> Reboot Option Added in Power Menu
-> Fully Dodexed and Zipaligned
-> Performance Tweaks
-> Sound Enhanced (Call & Little Music)
-> Ad Free Mobile By Default ( No Need Extra Application )
-> All in one Backup App (Sms,Contact,Application,Call Log,Bookmark,Calendar)
-> GPS Issue Fixed
-> Xtream™ Project Included
-> New Inbuilt Gemini Memory Cleaner Widget
-> Butter Project Included
==>> JMP ROM Settings
- Extended Power Menu Options
- Advanced TV Out Settings
- Advanced Display Settings
- Advanced Audio Settings
- Battery Style Settings ( Choose Which You Like )
- Inbuilt Torch Option
- Internet Speed Monitor 

13) Rom V 0.8  Pure stock mod from Wiko cink peax

Download :
  •   Icons Stock Android 4.2 Android 4.2
  •   Locker with: App photo, sms, google now, such UNLOCK
  •   Power menu with Recovery
  •   SystemUi (double network mask)
  •   Adding Data / App to install the apk before flashing
  •   Color menu
  •   DSP Manager
  •   BootAudio
4.2 Mods:
  •   Dialer
  •   Alarm
  •   Keyboard
  •   Sound
  •   Font
  •   Launcher 4.2
  •   Facebook
  •   Sounds
  •   schedule
  •   Box sim tools
  •   Cat +
  •   google+
  •   play movies
  •   play books
  •   Usb debug mask in the status bar
  •   to do
  •   backgrounds anim
  •   Favorite video
  •   google play music
  •   maps
  •   youtube
  •   Chrome
  •   m├ęteo widget (google now replaces)
  •   Music
  •   Font 4.2
  •   Keyboard Wiko
  •   push gmail
  •   replacement wiko in build.prop
  •   mms.apk
  • p
  •   Downloading
  •   Patch Wiko
  •   Master key flaw
  •   calculator cyanogen
  •   bt 4.1.2 supports file handles
  •   MusicFX by DSP Manager
  •   Maps 7.0
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

14) Rom V0.9 CanGalaxyS4 v3 from MMX  110

***Rom default language is vietnam,Plese change it to english after installing***

Download :

[*]Auto Brighness Now working!
[*]Performance tweaks added.
[*]Audio profile ringtone maker added.
[*]Xperia keyboard updated/fixed.
[*]GPS fix.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 WaterDrop Lockscreen.
[*]Extended Reboot Menu.
[*]Samsung Styled Incall.
[*]Battery Mod.
[*]Vibrate on call.
[*]Contacts background color changed.
[*]Engineer Mode in settings.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 Transparent Status Bar.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 styled Toggles.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 SystemUI modded by akashrt.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 Framework-res modded
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchviz Launcher.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 bootscreen.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 sounds.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 style stock dialer modded.
[*]Samsung Galaxy S4 styled Music Player.
[*]Xperia Z black keyboard, Stock Keyboard also available. 
[*]Notes App.
[*]Accuweather Samsung Galaxy S4 Widget.
[*]Brighness scroll in Notification bar.
[*]Build.prop tweaks
[*]Added Important Useful apps.
[*]Good battery performance.
[*]Supports DPI change. 

- 60 FPS
- Max Quadrant scores up to 3000 to 3100.
- GPS locks in 11 seconds , and max 13 seconds.
- No lags, fresh install free RAM up to 220 MB.
- 12 MP Camera (Advice download JB+ camera)
- init.d support
- For Better Music Sony walkman and clear Audio+ Adeed
- Sony Bravia Engine 2 Added
- Build.prop tweaks
- Battery Tweaks
- Proximity Tweaks
- Frees More RAM
- Signal Tweaks
- Better Speed
- No Delay In Making Call
- Net Speed Tweaks
- Pre-rooted
- No Error's in Root Permissions
- Graphics Performance BOOST
- Fully Transparent Status Bar
- Added Supercharger script
- Added RAM script
- Enable hardware acceleration
- GPU rendering enabled
- Add extra menu in setting
- Improved Network Signal And wi-fi Signal by new base band version
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-46-34.jpg Views: 973 Size: 22.8 KB ID: 2116962Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-43-54.jpg Views: 1042 Size: 19.7 KB ID: 2116959Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-58-24.jpg Views: 895 Size: 19.7 KB ID: 2116967Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-59-17.jpg Views: 803 Size: 23.8 KB ID: 2116978Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-12-21-11-32.jpg Views: 803 Size: 20.5 KB ID: 2116980Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-44-20.jpg Views: 897 Size: 20.9 KB ID: 2116960Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-12-19-10-38.jpg Views: 833 Size: 16.1 KB ID: 2116979

15) Rom V1.0 MIUI v5 beta 11.4 

Download :
BOOT TO CHOOSE ANY LANGUAGE DO NEXT! (If the French language does not work)

Recent versions:
  •   MIUI v5 beta 11.4 
  •   Test correction wifi ..
  •    Fixed build.prop
  •   New Gps file
  •   Correction mode deepsleep (for battery consumption)
  •   Correction dpi, 240 return must change the theme for the dialer that bug
  •    Fixed camera sound forced
  •    Photo app 4.2 full screen (more FC when retouching photos)
  •    Moving GalleryMiui to Data / app you can delete it if you want
  •    The stock keyboard swipe keyboard 4.2
  •    Removing the miui keyboard that had a CF therefore unusable
  •   No EAP Sim.
  •   Translation not quite complete.
  •   Error selecting the font size.
  •   Problem of internal memory and micro SD mount when USB connection to PC
  •   His mediocre record
  •   Activation problem data roaming in the Orange Free antennas
  •   Bluetooth problem? Connection not stable
  •   Cut Wifi
  •   Free 3G in roaming Orange does not work
  • 01.png02.png
  • 16) Pratiks Rom V 1.1 JETMOD ROM From MMX 110

  • Features
  • Pre-rooted
  • Based upon Intex aqua wonder JB v1.1 firmware
  • Root based upon SuperSU
  • Busybox 1.20 preinstalled
  • init.d support
  • Dual Panel Mode 
  • Zygote Init Preload Threshold increased for reduced boot-time
  • REALTIME Statusbar Color Changer 
  • REALTIME Clock Color Changer 
  • Advanced Extended Power Menu - Screenshot & Recovery
  • JetMOD ROM Control combining all interfaces
  • Ability to disable bootanimation for fasterboot 
  • XenoAmp Music Player Integrated
  • ES File Explorer 3 Integrated
  • Download :

17) Pratiks Rom V  1.2 SUVI ROM From MMX 110


- Super smooth, no lags
- Quadrant score 3000+
- very good gaming performance, no lags found
- 60 Fps
- Proximity improved
 Nice Samsung S3 TouchWiz launcher
- Samsung S3 TouchWiz theme
- Samsung S3 bootanimation and logo
-Reported to get lock in 5 seconds
- Built in Quality sound without any external script/engines
- Loud speaker
- loud headphone volume
- No cracking so
- Pre-rooted
- Updated SU binary/ SU app
- updated hosts file - in-built ad blocking (no need for any app)
Download :
Lidroid statusbar : screenshot below
Lidroid statusbar for SUVI Rom :
MIUI 3.9.13 

**************************** ROM information ******************** *************** 
ROM Name: MIUI 3.9.13 V5-Dual sim Dual standby 
Android version: Android 4.2.2 
Fit models: Fly 443/Wiko Cink peax / Intex Aqua Wonder 
ROM Author: Pratikmore 
ROM Size: 267 MB 
Published: 2013/09/13 

********** Note ************************ ***************************** 

1, please back up large files to AVOID operating errors lead to accidental deletion 
2 mobile phone battery to be maintained at 50% more than 
3 Brush risk, be careful, if any problems Caused by brush and I Forum unrelated, goal try to solve. 
4, double Brush clear before 
5 When you are willing to brush this package , you agree to the above On Behalf of the first 3 

**************************** ROM features ******** *************************** 

Update Log: 

[Recommended] this week, 
optimize the default calendar notification form to pop 
the lock screen When optimized sliding down the status bar experience 

repairing call recording lead contacts call history details page opens slow problem 

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar] 
Optimization 1080P status bar size 
optimization lock screen slide the status bar down to experience 

Optimization updated print score , millet mall and under the kitchen Perfect Icon 
optimization Allows the user to delete operators to customize the machine operator on the desktop shortcut to the entrance 

optimize new playlist name can not be a list of the same name with the system and can not be meaningless symbols: such as space 
optimization has-been added to the list of music songs, Prompted 
optimization in the "select track" interface, without the song, it shows no picture quick 
optimization for the first time to enter the online music Disclaimer pop way before 
optimization is playing page menu prohibited. and ape. flac to Ringtone Format 
Fix to open the "Now Playing page Steady" switch, by the switch to the horizontal screen vertical screen, the screen Will turn off problem 
fixed some cases, vertical screen display fashion Does not cover the issues 
fixed in landscape to fashion connect computers, operation SD card, the list Does not refresh problem 
repair using the "Filter By Folder", the folder shows song number and the actual number of songs Inconsistencies 
repair cover songs embedded in portrait view and landscape display different fashion problems 
repairing home interface sometimes no problems fillet 
repair page list of songs Being Played, paused song is clicked, the problem from the Beginning to play the song 

[Download Manager] 
Fix download task icon shows the wrong issue 

Close window animated optimization 

optimize recording , the red bar shows the battery status bar, Wi-Fi and signal information 

Optimization calendar changed to the default form of notification popups 

] [Network Assistant 
icon Peas repair small issues with incorrect 

[Access Restrictions] 
optimize the call record notes if the Notes are set to privacy protection applications, the black screen is no longer Repeatedly Abebooks web sites to enter the password privacy protection 

Download Link:

How to flash the rom

1) Boot into recovery
2) Wipe data, dalvik & Cache Cache
3) Flash the ROM
4) Reboot

Some Links are not working . Will be updated soon .