[ROM][4.2.2][Stable]✦✦✦Raven™ Rom Final✦✦✦[Dark][Cool][Fast] Micromax A110

[ROM][4.2.2][Stable]✦✦✦Raven™ Rom Final✦✦✦[Dark][Cool][Fast] Micromax A110
☽☽☽ Raven™ Rom ☾☾☾

Raven™ Rom Final is the last sequel to Dark Rom Series. It is a totally Unique and the most Abstract Rom for Micromax A110 and it's Clones. The Rom is blended with all the amazing features and apps that are required by the users. The Rom has it's own user interface and design with lots of tweaks for smoothness and performance to make it one of the Best Roms out here. It is made for all types of users,the Gamers, the music lovers,internet lovers, who want better battery backup, who want amazing looks, who want cool tones & wallpapers, heavy users, normal users..

Features of Raven:
-New User Interface
-Super Smooth and Fluid
-Based on Rayne Rom
-Blawb Icons
-Rosemary Font
-Xtreme Core
-Xthemes Engine
-Best Boot Animation Ever
-Custom Wallpapers
-Xposed Framework
-Samsung In-Call Screen and Dialer
-Some Note 3 Apps
-Viper Audio Engine (Latest)
-In-Built Ad Blocker
(Latest Version of Mother of all Ad Blocking)
-Custom Icons and Ringtones
-CRT Screen Off Animation
-Smooth & Improved Touch
-Improved Status bar
-Note 3 Launcher
-Latest & Inverted Play Store
-New System Apps
-Dark Themed Keyboard
-Many Build.prop Tweaks
-Amazing Battery Backup
-Cool Notification Tones
-Wi-Fi Improved
-Super Fast Internet Speed
-Removed Black Screen After Call Ending
-Removed Bloatware
-Removed Useless Ringtones
-Hot Reboot Option
-Super Smooth Performance
-Zipalign on every reboot
-Battery Saving Tweaks
-SD speed tweak
-Logger removed
-Faster GUI
-Xbin Tweaks
-CPU GPU rendering
-Better gaming performance
-Xposed Modules

Download Link:

Raven Rom(331MB):
Download Link

A Patch for Some Fixes and Performance Improvements:
You can Use this Patch for Gallery And Camera Fix:

Delete Init.d Folder and xtreme folder from system>etc to solve the Reboot Issue

and Choose any Font You Like from here and flash it in CWM:
Steps to Flash Raven Rom:
(Follow each and every step properly.)

1) Download Rom Zip File from the Link Above
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW/TWRP/LEWA Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
5) Go to 'Mounts and Storage' and Format System
6) Select 'Install zip From Sdcard' and choose the Rom Zip File
7) Select Yes and The Installation will Start
8) Reboot Phone after Installation is Complete
9) Complete the Setup Wizard
10) Open 'Xposed Installer' from App Drawer
11) Select 'Install/Update' and close the App
12) Open 'Viper4AudioFX' from App Drawer
13) Follow Steps to Install Viper given in 3rd Post
14) Go to Recovery Again
15) Fix Permissions and Wipe Dalvik Cache from Advanced Menu
16) Reboot the Phone
17) Enjoy the Rom 

Deleting Init.d Folder from System>Etc is strongly recommended for more smoothness



Some Very Important Tips:

Most Important Tip: If you feel Laggy UI, then Using Root Explorer or Any other File Browser go to System>Etc and delete the Init.d Folder...and Restart Your Phone...

How to Use Xposed Framework:

Xposed Framework can be used to change many preferences of all the Applications installed on your Phone without editing any system files.
To use Xposed Framework Just open the App "Xposed App Settings" from App Drawer (after Installing the Framework using "Xposed Installer" App from App Drawer) from and set your preferences.

The way to use Xthemes Engine:

As you all must be knowing that Cyanogenmod has got an inbuilt theme engine...so this is how you should use the xposed theme engine to apply themes like cyanogenmod into your phones which will change settings background, notification icons, some apps icons , little bit of interface and some more things...

Just follow these steps carefully:
- Install Xposed Framework using the Xposed App(included in the ROM)
- From modules section...tick mark the theme engine app
- Reboot the Phone
- Install theme apk files...the ones you like... (links given below)
- Open the Theme Engine App
-Select the theme you installed
- Reboot and Enjoy

Some of the Xthemes Collection:

Here is a way to Increase your Battery Backup...it is really useful and shows very Effective Change...do it as soon as you Flash the ROM:

-Download 'Battery Calibration' App from the Google Play Store.
-Charge your Battery to 100%
-As soon as you remove the charger..open the app and click on 'Calibrate Battery'
-Use your phone normally now...and wait till the battery drains to 1%
(do not charge the phone in between)
-Then, charge your phone continuously till it reaches 100%
-Voila...your Battery Backup has increased a lot now!!

How to Use ViPER Audio Engine:

-Open 'ViPER4AndroidFX' from App Drawer
-Select "Yes" Option for Installing Drivers
-Choose CPU as 'Cortex A9/15 with NEON'
-The Driver's Will Install
-Reboot the Phone
-Open the Application Again
-Tick Mark the option of Enabling ViPER Engine
-Do Same for Headset & Bluetooth Mode
-Set other Sound Options
-Enjoy Amazing Audio Quality

How to Improve Audio Quality:

-Open Settings
-Go to Engineering Mode
-Go to Hardware Testing>Audio
-Go to "Loudspeaker Mode"
-Set Max Volume to 148 and Normal Value to 108
-Do the Same for Normal Mode

If you want even more fast speed then from Settings > Developer Options > Set Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale from 1 to 0...