[ROM][CM10.2][4.3]CyanogenMod FLO Kangs][DJL10.2][Build 4][2013/08/10]

[ROM][CM10.2][4.3]CyanogenMod FLO Kangs][DJL10.2][Build 4][2013/08/10]
CM10.2 Flo Kangs


1st Time Installing

  • Download the zip
  • Download compatible Gapps
  • Reboot to TWRP, or CWM
  • Flash the zip
  • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot
Already Installed CM10.2
  • Download the zip
  • Reboot to TWRP, or CWM
  • WIPE Cache
  • WIPE Dalvik Cache
  • Flash the zip
  • (Optional) Flash updated Gapps
  • (Optional) Fix Permissions
  • Reboot

1. Enable developer option by pressing build number 7 times in settings>about
2. Enable usb debugging and set root access to adb + apps in developer settings
3. root should now work

Titanium backup Users
1. In tb go to menu>preferences>backup folder location
2. Navigate to storage/emulated/legacy
3. Select your Backup folder and Select "Use the current folder"
4. Then it will ask you to move backup to that folder.... Select that
5. Restart app and restore.

Current Build
Build 4

md5: 45f24fa87af9be4c49cda21d0375ec1d

  • Latest CM Source
  • Latest CM kernel Source with added features
  • Toggle to disable fullscreen keyboard
  • Option to hide network speed indicator when there is no traffic
  • Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting
  • NFC Polling Mode
  • MediaScanner behavior on boot

Previous Builds/Changelog


md5: c808970fc3edb1a9dc198f3f6437e9c9
  • Latest CM Source
  • Add gesture based lockscreen security
  • Add Recents Ram Bar
  • Option to disable wallpaperservice
  • Navbar bugs fixed
  • Slim TRDS - Need to flash SlimBean Gapps if you want them to invert
  • Add .75x animation scale
  • and more on Git


md5: e8317a9a77e81bd88bb647860c5edebd
  • Latest CM Source
  • Hello HALO 
  • Add master switch to disable Halo
  • Option to pause the underlying app
  • HALO Size
  • Floating window switch
  • Customizable Low battery pop-up warning
  • Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on
  • App sidebar

md5: 30ef4d03d520046b80e2ea075e719346

Initial Release
  • Latest CM Source
  • Notification behavior
  • Statusbar Network Indicator with custom colors
  • Notification Drawer Brightness Slider
  • KeyGuardAllwidgets
  • Remove performance settings warning
  • Owner is always a dev
  • Change sleep QS tile to power QS tile
  • Slimbean lcd wizard
  • Notification drawer custom background
  • Notification drawer transparency
  • Status bar transparency
  • Status bar colors
  • Status bar transparency mode
  • Nav bar (enable/disable)
  • Nav bar dimensions (height, height in landscape and width)
  • Nav bar background (color, transparency and transparency mode)
  • User defined colours for pie controls
  • Auto-hide status bar with options
  • status bar quick peek
  • wake on plug toggle
  • Battery Bar with color options
  • Aditional Clock options
  • Dual panel for settings toggle
  • Advanced reboot enabled by default
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • longpress recents clear all button clears caches
  • change default wallpaper to Nexus Picture
  • Speed up statubar/notification drawer
  • Fix gradient
  • Move clear recents button to bottom/left in portrait
  • Update version in backuptool.functions
Includes Slightly customized CM kernel including:
  • GPU OC to 487mhz
  • fsync on/off support
  • CPU OC up to 1.9GHz
  • Voltage control
  • USB force fast charging
  • Increased read-ahead buffer
  • msm thermal enhancements
  • row, sio, and fiops io schedulers