[ROM][LB][UB] eXistenZ v1 | Ultra Edition | 4.2.2 | 10.3.A.0.423 | FULL HONAMI

[ROM][LB][UB] eXistenZ v1 | Ultra Edition | 4.2.2 | 10.3.A.0.423 | FULL HONAMI


Please welcome the second eXistenZ rom for the Xperia Z, eXistenZ Ultra.

The rom is based on latest eXistenZ with ALL Xperia Honami apps and frameworks

Screenshots & Features

  • Phonebook

    Phone & Dialer

    New Feature:

    - Call recording
    - Mobile Data notification when disable removed.
  • Calendar



    Home & Status Bar

    New Feature:

    - New Throw toggle
    - Brightness toggle open now a dialog box with slider.
  • Widgets



    Album & Notes

  • Camera


From an other eXistenZ:
  • Backup your datas
  • Reboot in recovery, Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache
  • Flash the rom AND the Dual Recovery Flashable zip.
  • Restore your datas

From an other Stock based rom (434 or 253):
  • Do a fresh installation!

From an other Stock based rom (Leak 10.3.A.0.407 or 10.3.A.0.423):

From anything else (CM10, PAC, ...):
  • Do a fresh installation!

  • Sound Enhancement settings are only available from Walkman and not using settings link.
  • Camera force close sometimes using superior auto mode.

  • I have lost root or I have the reboot issue

    Flash this in recovery: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nu.../superuser.zip
  • How to flash 10.1.A.1.1.253 Kernel with flashtool?

    1) Download any FTF of latest 10.1.A.1.1.253 firmware and place it in firmware folder of flashtool.
    2) Plug the USB.
    3) Open Flash tool and click on the lightning logo.
    4) Select Flashmode.
    5) Select 10.1.A.1.1.253 firmware on left side.
    6) Uncheck kernel, fota, data, cache & appslog on right side.

    7) Select Flash at bottom.
    8) When asked, unplug USB and turn off phone.
    9) Plug USB again while you are pressing volume down.
Add ons

MD5: C9BA5980615540D86AF48FEF717D37D6

eXistenZ Ultra v1: http://goo.im/devs/Niaboc79/Xperia_Z..._Edition_1.zip
eXistenZ Ultra v1 Mirror 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!xMc0DZIa!U2lriU...XD53dxEMcQnQms

eXistenZ Ultra v1

- Based on eXistenZ
- Xperia Honami X-Reality.
- Xperia Honami Phonebook.
- Xperia Honami Phone & Dialer.
- Xperia Honami Calendar.
- Xperia Honami Email.
- Xperia Honami Conversations.
- Xperia Honami Home.
- Xperia Honami Widgets.
- Xperia Honami Lockscreen.
- Xperia Honami Clocks.
- Xperia Honami Walkman.
- Xperia Honami Album.
- Xperia Honami Movies.
- Xperia Honami Camera.
- Xperia Honami Settings.
- Xperia Honami Setup Guide.
- Xperia Honami Backup & Restore.
- Xperia Honami Calculator.
- Xperia Honami Small apps.
- Xperia Honami Keybords.
- Xperia Honami Note.
- Xperia Honami Sketch.
- All other apk are from the Xperia Honami, full list soon
- Xperia Honami Boot Animation
- Xperia Honami Ringtones.
- Xperia Honami Wallpapers.
- Xperia Honami Real Themes with new theme accent colors.
- Xperia Honami Frameworks.

- Photosphere Camera & Galery.