[ROM] Task650 AOKP (Jellybean 4.3)(8.27.2013) (AT&T)

[ROM] Task650 AOKP (Jellybean 4.3)(8.27.2013) (AT&T)

Here are some AOKP releases with other mods and code changes to the AT&T SGS IV.

If you decide that you are not going to read all of the information provided in this OP or the FAQ, then GTFO. There is a lot of useful information in either of the two that will really help you and this post out.

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 8.27.2013
Updated all the things to Android 4.3
Merged all upstream changes from the latest CM
Added Focal from CM (Not really supporting it for now. Just thought I'd add it in for you guys.)
Bluetooth works now
Added moar camera options (HDR works now, save to external sdcard, ect...)
Auto-complete for the new 4.3 dialer works now
Fixed the kernel settings force close from settings
Updated all apps
This is really the first release. So everything might not be there yet. Soon my friends... Just be patient and it will all be there... :D
There's a ton of changes. It's 4.3. That it. :)

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean 8.22.2013
Updated to Android 4.3
The link is posted in this post. Search for it. ;)

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.28.2013
Update kernel
Updated OTA Updater (Should work after this update is flashed.)
Lots of changes...
Who cares about this changelog anyways. This will be the last release of this Android version. 4.3 will be next and all this 4.2.2 stuff will be obsolete soon so there's no reason for me to waste anymore time on this one. ;)

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.20.2013
Updated Kernel
QuietHours: Change Logic
Launcher2: Fix rotation bug
ROMControl: Fix CrtMode summary
RC: Ribbons fix custom selection for long press/swipe
Navbar buttons spacing for Phablet UI
Updated TricksterMod
Update to Privacy Guard
Add levelFromUid categorization support to restorecon
Enable setting security contexts on rootfs inodes
Update mf3 ril
Added StatusBar Date (ROM Control/Clock. You must select No Clock or Right Clock for the Option to be selected.)
Tons and Tons of selinux stuff has been added.
There are actually a lot more commits that were made but I'm just too drained. Going to sleep for the rest of the night now...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.14.2013
Updated Kernel:

  • Added Simple GPU Governor (Faux123)

  • Fixed USB Fast Charging (Works Now)

  • Merged MFA

  • mm: slub: Try setting slub_max_order to zero

  • mm: slub: Memory allocated by kstrdup should be freed

  • Async I/O latency to a ssd greatly increased, 34% gain

  • Ect...

Fix /system/app/$app.odex not updated issue
Updated audio blobs from GE 4.3 leak
Signal strength fixes
Upgrade to MF9 ril
Update early-boot script
DexOpt anything in /system on /cache
Lockscreen: Reference correct layout
Avoid adding FORWARD_LOCK flag to an updated system app
Add a delimiter between scheme and host
libdrm: fix bad strncpy / snprintf calls
Validate restored file paths against their nominal domain
Ensure install-during-restore is like install-then-restore

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.9.2013
Updated Kernel
Updated Camera (HDR Still doesn't work correctly but it won't freeze up the camera now.)
Fixed deadlock of WebViewCoreThread
Fixed the problem that m_url is not renewed in WebRequest::eek:nReceivedRedirect().
Avoid adding FORWARD_LOCK flag to an updated system app
Lockscreen : Reference correct layout
Add a delimiter between scheme and host
libdrm: fix bad strncpy / snprintf calls
Validate restored file paths against their nominal domain
Ensure install-during-restore is like install-then-restore
Removed sh$tty mpdecision (We use Auto hotplugging which kicks mpdecisions ass)
OTA Updater works now (After you flash this update you will be able to use it.)
Audio on voice calls should be fixed (Key words... SHOULD BE. ;) )

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.4.2013
Updated Kernel:

  • Added Frandom

  • Removed useless items. Lots of cleanups

  • Entropy: Use non-blocking pool for all

  • Ect...

Camera: Fixed stretched aspect ratio (Hopefully for everyone)
Added Privacy Guard (Look in Settings/Security)
Handle cancellation of the 'enabling PrivacyGuard' alert box
Allow multiple emulated storages at the same time
More. FML.
Happy 4th of July.

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 7.2.2013
Updated Kernel (Includes Linux 3.4.51 and other commits)
LTE toggle: Fix supported modes (Toggle LTE On/Off works now)
Actually add WCD9310 firmware
Update some blobs from GED release (Forgot some last release)
Re-add some missing proprietaries
Fix possible revert going from mfx to google
Fix bootup at Max Frequency
Fixup thermald scripts
More... work... no time... for anymore changelog... ;)

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.30.2013
Updated kernel (Tons of commits. Just look at source)
Upgrade to Google && Samsung's MFD
Updated proprietaries (Google)
Fixed FC when delete LED "+App"
Prevent AudioCommands being freed before read
Check and fail early if requested wallpaper size exceeds maximum texture size.
Update thermal script
Updated Camera (Added a GPS indicator and moar)
Added SMS Middleware layer
Added missing firmware for WCD9310
Set permissions for additional ondemand sysfs nodes
Updated Gapps package (Make sure to grab it.)
There's more...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.26.2013
Updated Kernel (Updated with Google sources, upstream changes from CM, Linux 3.4.50, ect...)
Updated Gapps Package (Make sure to grab it)
Added IR Blaster Functionality
Calls using wired headsets work now
New Bootanimation
Add support for seperated headset mic devices
Fixed horrific echo during Hangouts
Added gps.conf with disabled MSB
There's quite a bit more but I'm waaaaay too tired...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.24.2013
Updated Kernel
More A/V changed from codeaurora
Fix Mms not sending in some situations
Mms: Prevent FC in low memory conditions
Fix indefinate loop in QueryCodec
Fix a video lag bug after audio reached EOS
Raise MDP bandwidth values
Fixed sound burst on switching from speaker to headset
Fixed short break in music when touch tone plays
Fix incorrect nPortIndex value for QueryCodec
DeviceSettings: Pimp my vibrator (New Vibration settings for Haptic Feedback)

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.18.2013
Major Kernel Update (About 8 million lines of code changed. Check the source. You will see. ;) )
ROMControl: Full reformat based on AOSP guidelines
NavRing: Longpress Logic updates
Collapse Shade TogglePref update
GlowPad Torch added to NavRing
Camera Updates
Gallery : Filter picasa specific options
Fix activity stack when restarting the screen nail
Updated TricksterMod
Enable tunnel audio (Kernel)
Added application's package name in the "App info" screen
Lots of qcom audio changes/updates
Lots of qcom display changes/updates
Probably more... Bedtime for me nao...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.12.2013
Updated Kernel (Check source if you'd like to know more.)
Added missing media lib
Added missing ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED intent
mGerrit updates
Enabled the world phone menu
Enabled charging LED (It's always worked. Colors have been corrected now.)
KeygaurdSelectorView: Unregister reciever in onPause
Fix incorrect fragment animation used for hiding fragments
Fix Lockscreen FC/reboot
Added gsm modes
Build macloader instead
Fixed some cursor leaks
Matched audio sample rate with audio track so that we won't hear sh$tty noise.
libstagefright: support for disabling buffer metadata
There's more I'm forgetting...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.7.2013
Lots of kernel updates
Fixed calling issues
Updated some vendor blobs and libraries
Phone: Ignore touch during network operators search
Phone: squashed cursor leak fixes from AOSP
NetworkSettings: Fixed not being able dismiss progress dialog sometimes.
PhoneApp: Initialize ToneGenerator when needed
No timeout to Glowpad Torch
Updated mGerrit
SamsungQualcommRIL: fix errors and replaces it with known values
audio: Swap left and right stereo channels for "Camcorder Tx"
Updated Brightness overlay and matched some other things up with stock values.
There's more. Need some sleep now as I'm back to work in the morning... again... ugh...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.3.2013
Updated Kernel
Fix in-call extra gain setting
Remove the obsolete bootlogo
Increase mms size, height, and width
Add permission for mediaserver to read persist.sys.camera
Removed SVDO (Hardware limitation)
Added Screen Color Temperature Settings (Device Settings)
Audio cleanup:
* Remove unused devices
* Fix VOIP and HAC devices
Add metadata mode changes for LPA playback
Lots of merges to qcom-audio and display...
Updated Dark UI (Make sure to use the new Gapps in the OP!)
Preferences Enabled for Ribbons
Reverted Allow user selectable StatusBar FontSize (Causing too many UI issues)
Updated some ROM Control strings
Updated Unlock Logic
Fixed crash in PhoneNumberUtils getNumberFromIntent
SamsungQualcommRIL evaluate samsungDriverCall in responseCallList()
Lots more... No time for changelogs right now...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.1.2013
Enabled low latency audio
Update audio device configuration
* Add VR, TTY, and stero mic devices
* Remove nonexistent devices
* Add extra gain devices
Fixed race condition when starting phone type
Some qcom updates in audio and display

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.31.2013
Updated Kernel
Increase HWUI memory limits (1080p needs extra memory for good performance ;) )
Added RIL startup script for IPv6 tethering
Add support ES325 2Mic and Samsung CSD client
Fixed Bluetooth audio and other issues
Update to vanilla adreno blobs
ROM Control string edits (Should be a little more clear on some options)
Updated Dark UI (Right now not all the apps will not be inverted as they usually are. Will be updated as soon as the new Gapps package is posted when it's done.)

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.30.2013
Updated Kernel
This is an auto-loki release. Use any recovery you want. It doesn't matter.
libsysutils: fix null pointer and memory leak issue
Update Device Options (Doesn't say Galaxy S III Settings anymore.)
Added Allow user selection of Font Size (General UI)
Make method names clearer (ROM Control)
MMS: Fix lookup of vanity addresses
Allow changing auto-brightness responsitivity
Updated Ribbons icon
Updated mGerrit
A few more things here and there...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.28.2013
Updated Kernel (Linaro -O3 and other commits)
Fixed no sound on Google Hangouts
Added support for MDNIE auto-mode and made it default
Set ro.telephony.default_network=9
Set notification number for 2 and more messages
mGerrit updates
Removed count show for 1 missed call
Phone: Fix typo in activity
This release should be quite a bit more responsive for most of you guys...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.25.2013
Updated Kernel
Added NFC
Transparency Settings Overhaul
Ribbons Overhaul
Updated proprietaries
Updated Bootanimation (It's the Google one for now.)
Set LTE apn by default (Not sure if the correct Network mode is set by default. So make sure it's set to LTE/GSM/WCDMA. I'll fix later if necessary.)
mGerrit Updates
Fixed no back icon in action bar of APN Settings
Updated Dark UI
Added Smooth Spinners. Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
I'll be adding OTA Updates in a couple releases from now. Want to make sure everything is going good first.
Probably more...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.21.2013
Initial Release...

This ROM is auto-lokied. You can use any recovery that you choose to flash it. Have lokied the kernel that is posted here so that if you need to flash it seperately for some reason you can. No OTA Updates for now. It's too fresh to start that up at the moment.
Boot into recovery
Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, and wipe dalvik cache, then go into mounts & storage and format system (if using CWM). To format system w/TWRP, select Wipe then System!!!(If already on AOKP 4.2.2 you should be able to just wipe cache & dalvik. If you have ANY ISSUES, FULLY WIPE BEFORE POSTING IN THIS POST!!!)
Flash ROM
Flash Gapps (Use the gapps package that is provided in this post!)

You have to flash Gapps every time you flash an update!

AOKP 4.3 Jellybean Build 8.27.2013
Download HERE

Download HERE

Another Mirror
Download HERE



NEW!Gapps for Jellybean (4.3) 7.14.2013
Download HERE


Underwear Kernel COMING SOON! ( (It's included in the ROM package also) Kernel Source)


Old Releases (4.2.2) LOOK ON GOO.IM FOR OLDER BUILDS!!!
AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean Build 7.20.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean Build 7.14.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean Build 7.9.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean Build 7.4.2013
Download HERE

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean Build 7.2.2013
Download HERE


1.) Open the AOKP OTA in Settings

2.) Select settings

3.) Check the "Install files after ROM" checkbox in order to flash the gapps package
at the time of the ROM flash

3.) Use a file explorer to move your Gapps package to sdcard/aokp.ota/after-rom/ folder so that it will flash at the time of the ROM flash

4.) In AOKP OTA/Settings make sure to uncheck the CMW Recovery checkbox if you are using TWRP Recovery. If you don't, the ROM and gapps will not flash automatically and it will just reboot to recovery and not flash the ROM/Gapps.

5.) Done. Now just enjoy the ease of OTA Updating. 

Optimum Kernel Settings:
Governor = Intellidemand
Scheduler = row
Min Mhz = 189
Max Mhz = 1890

UV'd -50mv across the board

If you're using the built in Kernel settings remember to hit the menu button and enable SET ON BOOT!

  • Below is am alphabetized list of FAQ, bugs, known issues and tips.
  • This is just a collection of answers that have been posted in the post. Use as a guideline not as a rule of thumb. Always follow the OP.
  1. External SD card
  2. Facebook
  4. Faux Sound
  5. Flicker
  6. Full wipe per task/Weird ****.
  7. Gapps
  8. Google Now/Google
  9. GPS
  10. Home Screen/Home Button
  11. Inverted Gapps
  12. IRC channel for task - ##Task650_AOKP
  13. Kernel
  14. LED
  15. Links/external links for ROM/gapps
  16. LTE
  17. MD5 sum
  18. Modems
  19. OTA Update/Recovery
  20. OLD/OUTDATED versions of this ROM
  21. Performace settings
  22. REQUESTs
  1. SD CARD
    1. there is a known issue with apps being unable to write to the external card. Symptoms: you may be able to copy files to the external card or create folders using a file explorer, but apps (TiBu, Dolphin browser, camera, others can't use the external card as a save location, and you can't change properties or delete files/folders. You can still read files (i.e. restore existing backups from TiBu, play music) without problems. This is an issue with the JB build and they're working on fixing it. This does NOT affect CWM - you can still nandroid to the external card alacrify
    2. Here is a guide for formatting external SD card without reader are here.
    3. Will my 64 gb sd card work? Except it works fine with a 64GB card. http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://rootzwiki.com/topic/28124-doe...card-standard/ The SGSIII is the first phone to support exfatl, but the support is Kernel based, some people are having trouble with the replacement kernels and exfat support. The solution is to force it to format in FAT32. http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://www.online-tech-tips.com/comp...ive-to-fat-32/ Don't respond without actually doing research. There is no problem in spoon feeding information, especially when the information you put out there can increase misinformation. The SGSII also supports a 64GB card as well. http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://androidforums.com/samsung-gal...ing-sgsii.html
    4. http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://teamw.in/exFat
  2. Facebook won't sync. Try Friendcaster or facebook_contact_sync.
    1. Storage options will not work with fast charge on.
    1. Faux_sound_in_Playstore
    2. Task has added patches to be able to use this. It is worth the money.
  5. Disable HW to stop flickering
    1. Disable HW tick will not stick after reboot. This is the way it is suppose to be. This will still help with any type of flickering, usually.
  6. If you are having some weird sh!t going on.
    1. Redownload rom and gapps
    2. Wipe data factory reset
    3. Wipe dalvik and cache
    4. In mounts and storage select Format System
    5. Then flash rom and gapps
    6. Reboot task650
  7. Gapps
    1. You must flash Gapps AFTER every flash of the ROM.
    2. Use the Gapps in Task's OP or don't bring any problems caused from other gapps to his ROM post.
    3. Sometimes you may have to flash Gapps twice - they have been notorious for not taking the first time.
    4. Read the OP to see if a new version of gapps is required.
  8. Google now
    1. Phone language has to be set to english for google now to work.
    2. My google apps are working correctly. If it was just the play store force closing all you would've needed to do is reflash gapps. gapps is notorious for not taking the first try. but you always have to flash gapps after a rom install and make sure to clear cache and dalvik. no issues should occur if those steps are taken. Task. Make sure you are using the correct gapps!
    3. Task and Ktoon do not support google wallet. There are fixes available but don't ask Task or Ktoon to fix it.
    4. You can't remove the google search bar with default launcher but you can with nova or apex.
  9. GPS
    1. GPS not working correctly isn't always the ROMS fault. Sometimes its the satellites.
    2. Make sure you have internel GPS selected.
    3. Try flashing original stock and then come back to this rom if you have flashed a TW based rom.
  10. To change your number of home screens
    1. You must use Apex or Nova launcher, possibly some other third party launcher. But the default launcher will not allow you to do this.
    2. You must use Nova or a third paryt home screen to disable search bar.
  11. If you flash other things like inverted gapps or change things from the original packaging of this rom and something goes wrong or doesnt work. Think about it. We cannot support those issues here. This post is for this rom and gapps that are posted in the OP.
    1. Inverted gapps are awesome but not supported in Tasks post.
    2. If you are using inverted gapps and having problems - full wipe and reinstall rom and gapps in the OP and see if problem still persists.
    3. Go here for support of inverted gapps. > http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2138156
  12. IRC
    1. Task has started and IRC channel for his rom. ##Task650_AOKP
  13. KERNEL:
    1. If you are using any kernel other than the one packaged with this ROM please post questions and problems to the appropiate kernel post.
    2. you need to understand that all devices are NOT created equally. one kernel might work awesome on my device while at the same time it may work horrible on your device. so to say that Ktoonsez says it works awesome, that means it works awesome for him. It has nothing to do with how it will work for you. If the symptoms that you're talking about are happening with that kernel it's obvious that your device doesn't like that kernel. Easy fix. Use a different one.
    3. If you are using Ktoon's awesome kernel and experiencing problems, try reflashing with the kernel included with this ROM and see if the problem still persists. This may help understanding if the problem is kernel or ROM related and will help benefit development of both.You can full wipe and reflash rom and gapps to be back on original kernel.
    4. If you wish to run another kernel other than what comes with the rom, Task suggest loading rom with included kernel, set up phone, then flash the kernel you want.
    5. Governor/IO scheduler
      • Change these in performace control in settings
      • If you do not tick set on boot they will revert upon reboot.
        • This is a safety check in so you can try settings out before you make them permanent.
    6. Last report in Feb is that Task uses row and interactive as his settings.
  14. LED
    1. LED charging works exactly as it should.
      • 0%-%10 = Red
      • %10-%90 = Yellow
      • %90-100 = Green
      • You can't change the colors for LED Charging unless you download the source and rewrite that portion of code.
      • You can only change the colors for the Notification LEDs not battery indication color.
    2. Make sure you have "pulse notification light" checked - uncheck to turn LED notification off.
    3. Some colors will not work. Test LED color before relying on it.
    4. Go here for some LED color talk. http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1890774
    6. To set LED for miss phones calls>>
      • choose Activities>Contacts>Phone/ activities.CallLogActivities
  15. If you don't have LTE in your area it's not draining your battery.
    1. AT&T is phasing out the old non LTE apn either way so we will all be using the same "LTE" apn. Network mode has nothing to do with you if your on AT&T service. That's only for the Canadians.
    2. Also see 14 and 15 in FAQ post 1.
  16. MD5 sum is located in goo.im via download link.
  17. MODEMS
    1. This ROM does not include a modem. You will have whatever you had.
    2. Modems are location based. Try this and see which one works best for you.
    3. Any modem questions should go HERE.
  18. OTA Updates
    1. OTA updater is a convienence. If you have problems using the OTA update just flash manually through CWM or TWRP.
    2. CWM
    3. TWRP X.X.X.X
  19. Old/out dated versions
    1. Go here> http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://goo.im/ to get old/outdated versions of this ROM.
  20. See Kernel for performace control
    1. Task has added a slight OC/UC feature.
    2. Use VOLTAGE_CONTROL for stable reliable control of these features
      1. Task has stated this many times that it is what he uses.
    3. Last report in Feb is that Task uses row and interactive as his settings.

  1. Ribbons
  2. Ringtone
  3. ROM control settings
  4. Rom Manager
  5. Screen shot
  6. Signal/WIFI colors
  7. SMS/MMS
  8. Sound/Volume
  9. Swag (Pink Hat)
  10. Themes
  11. Toggles
  12. Touchwiz
  13. Voicemail
  14. WiFI/Tether
  15. WIFI/signal colors
  16. Useful links
    1. If you can't delete the icons in ribbons just use the menu and reset them.
  2. Ringtones
    1. There is not a repeating ringtone on this rom(AOKP). Get a longer ringtone if you want more notification.
  3. More RomControl Settings added
    1. It will take some time to get all the rom control settings back in, be patient.
    2. If you see a major update as in a new kernel, some items will take some time to be added back.
    3. ROM CONTROL: This is a very customizable rom, please spend some time and learn the many features it has.
    1. It is advised not to use ROM MANAGER APP. Notorious for causing problems.
    1. To take a screen shot hold volume down and power button at the same time.
    2. You can add screenshot option to the power menu.
  6. Changing the color of Signal and wifi only changes the color in text mode.
  7. SMS/MMS
    1. MMS not downloading
      1. Some suggestions offered that have helped people with MMS.
      2. Add "hipri" in your APN type and save. This has been reported by several people to help.
      3. This is being seen on several phones with different roms and even iphones. Call ATT.
      4. Try auto retrieve on.
      5. Set Authentication type to "none"
      6. In text client make sure "auto retrieve" is checked in all boxes.
      7. This ROM does not having a problems sending MMS. It is most likely an ATT problem. But you can double check your APN to make sure it is not on your end.
    2. If you are using a third party app to SMS/MMS it is not supported by Task.
    3. If you want to use the quick reply option make sure you have it checked in settings.
    1. If you are not getting sounds on something check your quite hours.
    2. Make sure you have not accidentally toggled silent/vibrate.
    3. Take a look at THIS in the play store. It's awesome.
  9. Swag Pink hat - It's a joke. Either you have it or you don't. As cool as Task makes this phone he can't actually help you in this area.
  10. Themes
    1. If you are having graphical glitches and using a theme, try removing any theme and see if it still persists.
    2. CM10 themes should work on this rom but if you encounter problems do not bring it to the post.
      1. Go HERE for themes.
  11. Toggles
    1. Are located in ROM control
    2. The toggle for DATA is called SIGNAL
    1. This is an AOSP rom, touchwiz(sammy) features are not incorporated into this rom. Reason you ask? Framework!!!
    2. Chances are something you want from TW is probably in the app store.
  13. Voicemail number missing. Use your call forwarding number.
    1. Try this for ATT visual voicemail.http://j.gs/2121622/int/http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1641981
  14. If your wifi won't stay on while phone goes to sleep check settings to keep on during sleep.
    1. If your phone sometimes drops wifi check settings and uncheck avoid poor connections.
      1. These are found under advanced settings in WIFI.
    2. If you are having problems connecting or using tethering try changing your SSID and try unsecured.
    3. Most of the time lack of WIFI connectivity is usually cause by router settings or router itself.
      1. Tether will not work on 4G/LTE unless you use a third party app.
      2. Task can not test/fix since he obviously doesn't have a rogers phone.
  15. Changing the color of WIFI/signal colors only changes the color in text mode.
  16. Useful LINKS

How to Update (Always follow OP directions)

Make sure you have CWM and/or TWRP Recovery
Boot into recovery
Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, and wipe dalvik cache, then go into mounts & storage and format system!!!
(If already on AOKP JB/CM10 you should be able to just wipe cache & dalvik. If you have ANY ISSUES, FULLY WIPE BEFORE POSTING IN THIS_POST!!!)
Flash ROM
Flash Gapps

Troubleshooting/Comprehensive Re-flash
(Optional, but recommended) Back up any apps you may want restored (Titanium Backup's batch mode (a PROfeature) makes this painless! Set TB batch filters to User type only. DO NOT RESTORE SYSTEM DATA! Hell, don't even back them up.
Re-download the latest version of the ROM and Google Apps (even if it's the same version you have) from the OP. It's possible you may have a corrupted download.
Reboot into recovery. Follow the process below exactly, and there should be no NEED for a kernel cleaning script.
Wipe cache partition
Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
(Optional, but recommended) Mounts and Storage > mount /system & /data
Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard (wherever you saved the download) > Flash [ROM] AOKP Task & Ktoonsez Run a Train (version)(TGFY ONLINE!!!).zip
(Optional, but recommended) Mounts and Storage > mount /system & /data
Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard (wherever you saved the download) > Flash gapps-jb-(version)-signed.zip Jelly bean version only
PS. Sometimes all that is needed is a reboot again. Doesn't hurt to try it.
Test ROM, BEFORE restoring *any data* (if you did a full reset). DON'T RESTORE SYSTEM DATA! You have been told twice!
Fixing permissions in CWM/TWRP helps fix MANY *random* glitches.

If you still encounter problems, do a FULL reset ( Recovery > Wipe data/factory reset) & follow the steps again. THEN, you can report issues!
  • You may have to redownload ROM and/or Gapps. Sometimes you can get a corrupt download that will cause issues. It happens.