[ROM][PORT]MIUI for GT-I9505[03/08]

[ROM][PORT]MIUI for GT-I9505[03/08]

What is working:
- touchscreen and hardware keys
- sound
- touch key lights
- wifi
- Camera
- Internal / external storage ( OTG not tested, but should work )
- 2G / 3G
- MIUI browser and E-mail app
- wifi tethering
- bluetooth ( headset calls, a2dp, file transfer, internet sharing tested)
- recorder
- torch

- IR
- TV out
- pin code unlocking ( its broken in MIUI base )

Install instructions:
- Disable sim pin before you install
- Reboot to CWM
- if you are coming from other rom (full wipe): format /system, /cache, /data, /preload and in advanced Dalvik-cache
upgrade: format /system
- install zip from SD-card, select miuianfroid_jflte_3.X.X.zip
- install language pack if you need it
- flash gapps from here: miuiandroid_gapps-4.2.2-small_signed.zip OR you can use Google installer

miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.8.2.zip md5sum: 1b367af5e024d0a69c55cb347c24493a
ThemeManager-fix.zip md5sum: 399cbab8145675a53ab2ea061079a0a0

ROM with lang pack:
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.8.2.zip md5sum: fe4a5cf05a635b3b1f9d5a3ca2b22386

Older releases:

miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.7.26.zip md5sum: aac56c5f20f6e7e6144f7dc6d633e72e
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.7.26.zip md5sum: 09e4cba56907fc5dbab69dfd8751cdaa

miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.7.19.zip md5sum: 12a5f5cc46d29bf70802a94e2e168347
miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.7.12.zip md5sum: 1ea734c5aac855a96db93e4e8e247bd5
miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.7.5.zip md5sum: 7736e968557076fff2c305cdfbeb1675
miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.6.28.zip md5sum: b8b32d0c0014e97b923c7e041271e2f6
miuiandroid_jfltexx_jb-3.6.21.zip md5sum: 255946fc6e4af0d15f526009a70366e5

ROM with lang pack:
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.7.19.zip md5sum: 154d9036b6c99e9963c213e93a68ba61
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.7.12.zip mdsum: 541d451ae920f91cab180e7419d2ea4f
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.7.5.zip md5sum: 5313bb3398d815b4ecfc06183500abe9
miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.6.28.zip md5sum: cda7bb98bff7e81c92765ee9b63d5b84

lang pack: miuiandroid_lang_jfltexx-3.6.21.zip md5sum: 2f9b92f86a9c64c8236922528ac7986b

Changelog 3.7.26:

kernel updated
signing fixed

Recommended this week
New lock screen, status bar, notification bar "Wi-Fi hotspots" switch
New Camera Support Wi-Fi and QQ contacts scan two-dimensional code
Optimization gallery supports landscape mode

Fix - using "Full size font" shows abnormal expression caused by SMS problems
Fix - Input method application caused abnormal exit

Fix - Contact details page displays big picture, call Shique shows a small picture
Fix - Searching for contacts, the interface displays unusual problems
Fix - Agency name and number label is the same

Fix - In some cases, crashing problem when searching for contacts

Fix - "Undeliverable" message notice can not be deleted
Fix - SMS page using physical desktop keys may cause the program to FC
See details bulk SMS restoration, click the drop-down menu recipient list, the display is not correct the problem
Fix - Forwarding a "collection" of the multimedia messages, automatically jump back to the message list page problem
New - Add an emoticon repair interface to fix dislocation problems

Lock screen, status bar and notification bar
New - Add "Wi-Fi hotspots" switch
Optimisation - Replace the SIM card, do not lock the device

Optimisation - Increase the size of icons for 1080P models to 192 x 192

New - Added support for scanning Wi-Fi and QQ contacts dimensional code
Optimisation - Camera interface displays the current manual white balance or ISO settings
Optimisation - Rcording process microphone noise reduction
Fix - In some cases, long press the physical back key to activate the camera does not take pictures after focusing

Optimisation - Support horizontal screen mode
Fix - Hidden "camera" album, home screen can still see the camera picture problems
Fix - System is turned on and rotating horizontal screen mode is turned off, the big picture can not be rotated figure Browse Pages

Optimisation - Dolby sound optimization settings in the display name
Fix - SD card connected to the computer, switch playlists cause flash back problems
Fix - Setting MusicFX will cause FC problems

File Explorer
Optimisation - 2G network environment, are not synchronized fast disk file list, save traffic
Easter Egg

Optimisation - The "grid" Style, notes the lower right corner shows "Alert icon"

Note: if you have another snapdragon based galaxy S4 variant, you must copy libril.so and libril-qc-qmi-1.so from a working rom to /system/lib/

How can i turn LTE on?
Dial "*#*#4636#*#*" you can change your LTE/GSM settings there.