[22/08/13][ROM][Smart2] JellySmart

[22/08/13][ROM][Smart2] JellySmart
JellySmart for Alcatel v860 - Vodafone Smart 2


  • JellyBean style Launcher, Icons, Sounds
  • JB-Style Notifications
  • JB Wallpaper
  • JB Theme, Animations
  • JB-Style Settings
  • JB Font
  • CM7 - Based (So customizations..)
  • Fast, Smooth.

  • (If you Experience FCs format Link2SD partition before flashing ROM)
  • Factory Reset (or broken things..like wifi..)
  • Format System and Custpack
  • Flash Rom (JellySmartB2)
  • Boot-up

  • Same as first flash without Factory Reset


  • B2
    • New Base ROM more clean
    • Now there is only one zip to flash ROM
    • ScriptManager isn’t necessary anymore
    • Android 4.2 Power Widgets
    • JB-Style for Phone app
    • Fixed Google Edition’s bootanimation
    • Android 4.3 Sound
    • New Platlogo
    • Android 4.3 default Wallpaper
    • JB-Style for Sms app
    • Android 4.3 Icons
    • JB-Style Dialer
    • JB-Icon for Downloads
    • Small adjustments in DeskClock
    • Google Search like Google Now
    • Added Play Music
    • WhatsApp Modded
  • B1-1
    • Complete Fix for BT (Now we can receive files too)
    • Minor Fix for JB-Style in a lot of places
    • Added Sync Menu in Settings like in JB
    • Full Screen Status Bar
    • Android 4.3 Bootanimation
    • Easter Egg in Platlogo
    • JB-Style for Recents Apps View
    • Changed some icons to Android 4.2 ones
    • General Cleanup
    • QuickPic modded as standard Gallery App
  • A5-1
    • EXPERIMENTAL: BT FIX, now we can send files (receiving doesn't work ATM), Audio via BT not tested
    • Included Link2SD and ScriptManager
    • Mix of CM9-CM10-JB Wallpapers in Cyanogenmod Wallpapers
    • Updated SuperUser app
    • Removed "Download Mode" from Reboot Menu
    • Minor Fixes
  • A4-1
    • JB-Style VolumeBar
    • Updated Settings with new entries
    • Switched to Chainfire SuperSU and some changes related to su
    • Some changes that may help people who experiences game crashes
    • Improve smoothness
    • More apps gained a JB-Touch
    • Cleanup
  • A2-6
    • Fixed a little typo related to "Cpu Governors, IO Schedulers, UV.." - Please update
  • A2-5
    • Fix for Superuser problem with some apps (need feedback)
    • Fix for ClockApp graphic glitches and more JB-Style now
    • Changed icons to JB Icons
    • Remove sono unuseful icons in appdrawer
    • JB-Style Notifications Bar when pulled down
    • Deadline default IOSched
  • A2-3
    • Cpu Governors, IO Schedulers, UV..(Read down)
    • StatusBar JB-Style Animation
    • Settings JB-Style On/Off Button
  • A1-3
    • A better Fix for Games (Needs Feedbacks)
    • Fix Screen delay when receiving a call
    • Fix Settings's Translations
    • Fix Camera HW Button
  • A1 - FIrst Release

Notes for JellySmart:
- Maybe you can find some errors in Settings translation. Please tell me.
- We have some problems with Titanium Backup and Root. Maybe you need to Clear Data of Titanium Backup after first run..

Others downloads:
- ICS Wallpapers
- JB Wallpapers
- Full recovery.img

You need Full recovery!
Complete Version

  • Download the Archive
  • Extract it
  • Put Phone into Fastboot Mode (Press Power + Volume Down for 10 seconds)
  • Make sure that computer recognizes phone and you have installed needed adb drivers
  • Open ExecuteThis.bat
  • Press Enter
  • Wait for OK

    If you have stock rom Full Recovery will be replaced at every boot with the limited one, so is better that you flash, after you install this, Root Flashable because it deletes also the Auto Recovery Installer
  • Read notice
Link2SD Notes:

There are problems when using Link2SD while changing ROMs. My advice is to format Ext partition before changing ROMs or you will have a lot of FCs.

Note that if you use Link2SD these goodies don't work if you don't start "/system/etc/init.d/01Lego-Smart" as superuser manually. (Or use ScriptManager).
Fix1 for Alpha 2 - Here (Fix Torch App and power widget)