►►[AOSP] 4.2.2 - S4 Google Edition - Final-v1 - Feel the Experience of Nexus◄◄

    ►►[AOSP] 4.2.2 - S4 Google Edition - Final-v1 - Feel the Experience of Nexus◄◄


Mirror 1: I9505 - Google Edition - Final-v1 - Feel the Experience - AOSP
Mirror 2: I9505 - Google Edition - Final-v1 - Feel the Experience - AOSP

1. Boot to your recovery
2. Wipe data and cache
3. Install the zip
4. Reboot phone and have fun 

(21.07.2013) Final-v1
•Based: Stock Google Kernel :3.4.0-837695 - se.infra@S0210-16 #1
•New lib/mudules
•Fixed Wi-Fi for some user ..
•Some Speed fixes

(17.07.2013) Final
•Added H+ Support
•Added 4 Way Reboot
•Fix Sim Unlock - Press Power and click "Unlock Simcard"


(14.07.2013) v16
•Change I9505 to I9505G ......
•Fixed Nfcnci.apk .....
•Google Wallet is completly Fixed...

(13.07.2013) v15
•Back to ausdim kernel v7
•Fix MTP and PTP
•Fix Wallet
•Fix NFC Pay

(12.07.2013) v14
•Kernel Based: 3.4.52 - Linaro broodKernel Google Edtition v1.2 (O3)
-Undervolted CPU
-Voltage VDD Sysfs support
-Fixed Rotation
-Compiled with new Linaro toolchain
-New InstaVOLT version edited for custom vdd_levels path
-LPM Mode is fixed for some user or all....

•Cleanup lines in the framework
•New Libs added....

(10.07.2013) v13
•Fixed 4G Speed
•New Google Maps 7.0 - Better/Smoother UI
•Removed 1 Script for Performance
•Renew all Frameworks !
•SuperSU and SU binary updated to 1.41

(09.07.2013) v12
•Fixed 3G/LTE/4G

(09.07.2013) v11
•openvpn support
•powersaving tweaks
•fix zipalign
•reduce boot time
•Fixed scrolling ......scrolling is smooth :)
•Better Speeds on 3g/4g
•Performance Tuning to 1 - Faster Rom!
•Wifi Supplicant Scan Interval to 180 - battery saving!!
•Video Streaming Tweak
•Improve the sensitivity of the touch screen
•Wifi speedup :)
•Based Ausdims v4 Kernel!!

(08.07.2013) v10
•init.d scripts removed - not working
•Better Battery life and hold long :)
•Video recording tuned
•Set picture at 100 % quality on shot and preview in gallery.....
•Build.prop tweaked
•Boot faster - little system tweak
•New Torch from AOSP 4.2.2......

(08.07.2013) v9
•Updated Linux kernel to latest 3.4.52 - ausdims v4 kernel!
•Disable Gentle Fair Sleepers
•Disable rooting restrictions
•Disable all debuggers (better battery life)
•Rom tweaks.....
•Very good battery life , stable , clean and fast!
•Torch added!
•Newest GPU Driver included :)

(06.07.2013) v8
•New broodKernel-GE-O2+ - Google Edition - 3.4.51 - Linaro Build!
•Better gpu driver .....
•Better Kernel Tweaked .....

(05.07.2013) v7
•Fixed Battery drain in Kernel !
•Included Spripts for Speed up the Phone!
•init.d scripts Activated...
•update updater-script
•update Build.prop
•include sqlite3 , zipalign , nano sript !!

(01.07.2013) v6
•Fixed Samsung Camera support..TheLastStands camera mod is not working !
Download mine in Post 7!
•Many speed bugs fixed....
•Add Google+
•Fix Battery drain again !!

(30.06.2013) v5
•Update ausdim Kernel to v3..
•Updater-script edited....
•Kernel makes phone cold !!!

(30.06.2013) v4
•Update ausdim Kernel to v2..
•Build.prop clean up ..
•Rom is cleanup ...csc floder and some is cleaning .....
•Fix Battery drain !
•Removed all samsung apk's and google+
•Tweak up updater-script its stabler .....
•No CSC is needed!!
•Included Busybox ....
•Rom is Stable...!

(29.06.2013) v3
•Fixed Hangouts... for some user...
•Build.prop clean up ...Rom is booting in 20 sec...
•Removed the Samsungs bloadware ~20mb
•Ausdim kernel based....show v2 in changelog...
•csc.apk removed its unsoppoted on this rom ...
•Tweak up Build.prop its stabler .....

(29.06.2013) v2
•Fixed Hangouts , Google Keep , Google+ , Youtube...
•Ausdim's 3.4.0-Google-Edition - Kernel included!
•Pre-Rooted - Latest SuperSU and su binary included!
•Updater-script is based of Omega and cm10.1...
•Cleanup updater-script...
•MTP , Exfat fixed...
•WiFi fixed...
•FileManager included...

(28.06.2013) v1
•initial release

All is Working


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can so and so feature from TW be ported to this ROM?
A: Most likely no, you'll have to find a third party solution in the Play Store, or if none exists, live without the feature or return to TW.

Q: Does the IR Blaster work?
A: Yes it's Works fine.

Q: Is the included kernel the official GE ROM kernel?
A: Yes. From Original I9505G . Nothing is Change in the Kernel.

Q: How do I take a screenshot?
A: Press and hold power + volume down (at the same time) and don't let go until the screenshot animation and sound play (it will be obvious, takes perhaps a little over 1 second of holding down the buttons).

Q: Has anyone made such and such theme/mod/feature?
A: It would be prudent to check the correct respective forum first (i.e 'Themes and Apps' for themes, 'Original Development' for kernels, etc.)

Q: Can this get OTA updates directly?
A: No.
Mods for the ROM:

DSP-Manager: Latest DSP-Manager - Multilanguage

TWLauncher and Weather Widget: TouchWiz Launcher and Weather Widget

S4 Wallpaper: Wallpaper from MF8

Samsung Camera - For Final: Smaung Camera for Final