[ROM] [SPICE mi-355 karbonn a5 a7] IMMORTAL butterFLY jb4.1.1 v1.0.0 (31-7-2013)

[ROM] [SPICE mi-355 karbonn a5 a7] IMMORTAL butterFLY jb4.1.1 v1.0.0 (31-7-2013)
IMMORTAL butterFLY™ is a ROM based on Snapdragon's qrd source for development.IT is free and can truly boost your device ..so get ready to feel the buttery smooth jellyBean.


ROM name IMMORTAL butterFLY is proving its name IMMORTAL for never dying battery and butterFLY for smoothness of the ROM.
ROM is not much themed ,it has a THEME manager So you can install any xPOSED framework based THEME
* System is less then 160 mb .so we can have huge interne of 232 mb(baseband included)
* init.d supported kernel for all 3 devices
* Super status bar mod
* satus bar features : led flash on/off,net speed,Brightness slider,digital battery meter
* all above tweaks can b turned on/off from settings
* all new battery icons
* Network can now switched to 2g/3g
* Sound experiance is like never before
* added sony's xLOUD for real and LOUD sound
* 592zn's sound system including DSP manager too
* Sonny's Bravia engine(for Sharp edges nd bettter display colours)
* butterFLY settings in the settings app
* ROM hv X theme engine as Default Theme manager(Now no need to go to recovery and flash frameworks and apps to change the themes.Just install the pre built themes or built your own porting from CM themes)
* aroma installer added
* all new SPLASH and boot animation of IMMORTAL butterFLY
* battery backup is incredible. Charge the phone once and forget about your Chargers
* Battery saving init.d tweaks and build.prop tweaks
* 30 step media volume and 10 step Ringer and Call volume mod
* volume keys wake the Phone up
* modified package installer for direct install to sd
* Better Camera IMages(less noisy)
* bunch of init.d tweaks including butterFLY script wid the Super charger and KIck ass KERNEL
* build.prop tweaks
* Enabled V-sync
* alot of tweaks added for faster net, Better ipv4 connections, sd card read speed tweaks and much more tweaks
* install any ics baseband .yeah any.(rom is compatiable with them all)
* or you can download modified one having 232 mb internel(both bb and appsboot.mbn attached)
* now put the rom in sd card and flash like you do any other rom.
* karbonn a5 and a7 owners install their respective patch after rom installation
known BUGS
* light sensor isnt working yet, TEMP solution : brightness slider added in status bar
* Stock camera app fc on vdo recording, Temp solution: use 3rd party camera apps for recording like lg camera etc
* some problem with bluetooth n may b wifi thethering too,pls test and tell


battery backup:

ROM download

Karbonn a5 patch

Karbonn a7 patch

Modified baseband v0001 for 232mb internel only for spice mi-355
baseband v0001 232 mb internel

Modified appsboot.mbn for 227mb internel for karbonn a5 and a7
For flashing patch a5 and a7 required more space in system,hence only use this appsboot.mbn file or use baseband with atleast 170mb system..
appsboot.mbn 227 mb internel

Faqs and questions
Q.1: i cant choose my own ringtones ..what to do?
a: put your mp3 or ogg files in sdcard/Ringtones
Q.2: phone is laggy sometimes..wat to do?
A: it is due to sleep mode that is enabled to save battery.. processer clock speed decreases in this period while phone is not being used..and when you unlock it will give a little lag.solution if you dont wanna sacrifice battry life then b wid it kust wait a little and it will b fine in 3-5 sec.. otherwise mod will be released to disable this battery saver nd to overcome lag problem,flash that.
Q3: how to go to 3g mode in network?
A: go to settings >butterFLY settings >phone info>slot 1 nd change from thr.. wcdma only for 3g and gsm only for 2g
Q4: how to install themes ?
A: First install modules and frames from going to settings> framework installer and reboot then go to same location and in module tab enable x theme engine.Now just install any theme in .apk format and go to settings> theme manager and choose your newly installed theme nd reboot .done
Q5: i am getting chinese texts in music player.its the biggest bug.what to do ?
A: lol it aint a bug.the music player is from chinese developers even though most of the texts are in english but online servers are located in china hence online info is in chinese only.. you can just uninstall and install your favourite player in case you dont like it..