[ROM][4.1.1][17 Aug 2013] ~ Aromatic BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0 ~[Quality Performance][LTS]

[ROM][4.1.1][17 Aug 2013] ~ Aromatic BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0 ~[Quality Performance][LTS]
290MB ~ 17August 2013

Steps To EasyInstall™ BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0: (ALSO READ THE NOTE "IMPORTANT" BELOW)
1) Download The ROM & Place It In Your SD Card.
2) Open CWM Recovery Mode. (Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button)
3) Then Select "Install Zip From SD Card" >> "Choose Zip From SD Card" >> Choose "BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0" >> "Yes - Install". THATS IT, YOU ARE NOW READY TO BUMBLE!!! 

★ Although The ROM Is Built In A Way That It Wipes All The Data By Itself, But It Is Still RECOMMENDED To Do A Full Wipe To Achieve Highest Performances.
★ This ROM Is UNIVERSALLY FLASHABLE! No Restrictions For Flashing Over Any Other ROM!
★ First Boot Will Take Time, After The INITIAL SETUP (Google Account, Wi-Fi Password, Name, etc...) When The Device Is Completely On The Home Screen Do A Reboot To Get All Features.
★ The Settings/Application Background Given By Default Is Just For Example Purpose You Can Change It According To Your Taste! (Transparent Or Non-Transparent/Opaque)
★ Losing Your Personal Data Or IMEI Is At Your Own Risk. So Please Take Titanium Backup & IMEI Backup Using Mobile Uncle Tools!
★ To Activate The Density Changer You Need To Remove The # Symbol From The Last Line Of build.prop... i.e "# ro.sf.lcd_density=240" to ro.sf.lcd_density=240 OR Simply Flash THIS.
★ This ROM Has Been Tested On Micromax A110 Canvas 2, Mobistel Cynus T2, QMoibile Noir A10, Ninetology Stealth 2 & Wiko Cink King. (Myphone A919 Is Not Supported)


BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0

~ You Get What Its Promised Here + Absolute ZERO BUGS (No FC's).
~ Secret High Performance Ingredients & Tweaks - Only Accessible By Me.
~ Pre-Loaded Kernel.
~ Extreme Vividness In Screen Colors.
~ Aroma Installer With Wide Options!
~ BumbleBee™ Boot Animation!
~ Transparent Status Bar Application With Variable Transparencies.
~ Customizable Settings Background. (Transparency Supportive)
~ Lidroid Toggles Provided In Patch.
~ Xperia LockScreen With Changeable Background.
~ 2 Multi-DPI Supportive Launchers To Choose From. (TouchWiz & Xperia)
~ Landscape & Portrait Mode Supportive Launcher: Xperia & Stock.
~ DPI Changer In Extended System Settings, Changeable/Customizable DPI.
~ CRT Off Effect.
~ In-Built ROM Partition Tool By BumbleBee™. (No External SD Card Business)
~ Messaging To Select From SIM 1 or 2 At A Single Go On Screen.
~ Monstrous Battery Backup.
~ Complete New Handmade Framework.
~ A Mesmerizing Blue Theme.
~ Promising 50+ FPS & Around 170MB RAM Free.
~ WiFi & GPS LOCK In Minimum Of 2 Seconds. BOOM! (Recorded By ROM Testers)
~ Ultimate Internet Speeds Tweaks.
~ BumbleBee™ Recent Apps Screen. (Close All Recent Apps Is Not Working For Now)
~ Stock JB Camera.
~ Power Menu Options Added: Reboot, Recovery & Screenshot.
~ Integrated Latest Hosts Files. (No Advertisements)
~ Extra Fluid System Interface.
~ Extreme High Quality Enhanced Sound (MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, VHD) + Full HD (1080p Support).
~ Stock JB Error: USSD Tones Ring Even In Silent Mode. FIXED!
----- ✓ USSD Upon Your Choice... Silent When U Want... Make It Ring When In Loud Mode.
~ Landscape & Portrait Mode For Any Launcher.
~ Hide/Unhide Status/Notification Bar & Dock.
~ Awesome Customized Keyboard.
~ Vibrate On Call Connect + Call End.
~ Jelly Bean 4.2.1 Attractive Apps.
~ FaceLock.
~ Pre-Loaded Apps:
----- ✓ Swapps
----- ✓ ES File Explorer & Manager + Classic Theme
----- ✓ Gemini Widget
----- ✓ Font Installer
----- ✓ Viper4Android (Runs Without Driver)
----- ✓ Xposed Framework Installer, MODULES: AppSettings, XThemeEngine, ClockColor.
~ Xthemes Collection : Thread Link
~ Gamer's Patch Pre-Loaded.
~ HD 3D Games Running Smoothly:
----- ✓ Asphalt 6
----- ✓ The Amazing Spiderman
----- ✓ Real Football 2013
----- ✓ Raging Thunder 2 HD
----- ✓ TurboFly HD
----- ✓ Batman The Dark Knight Rises
----- ✓ Nenamark @ 25+ FPS
----- ✓ Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour etc.
~ MOST STABLE, FASTEST & SMOOTHEST System Than Any Other ROMs Available Currently!
~ Quadrant Benchmark Score: 3200.
~ AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 6643.

~ BumbleBee™ ROM Extended Settings ~
> LED Torch <
> Battery Style <
> Advance Audio <
> DPI Changer <
> Status Bar Transparency Changer <
> LockScreen Wallpaper Changer <
> USSD Tones Control <
> BumbleBee™ Flexi ROM <

[The Unique Specialities Of BumbleBee™ ROM]

This Is A Stock Based Custom ROM... With 50% Theming! BumbleBee™ Is Built For Performance & Is Fully User Customizable... Thank You For Choosing BumbleBee™ ROM!!!

ScreenShots For BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0



BumbleBee™ V3.0 Has Now Come With Customizable Settings Background. Just Follow These Simple Steps To Make Your Own Custom Background (Transparent Or Non-Transparent/Opaque):

1) Download This File: BumbleBee™ ROM v3.0 - Settings Background Changer Patch.zip
2) Open The Zip Using WinRAR Or 7Zip & Place Your Desired Image In Here

3) Make Sure The Image You Use, Must Be In ".PNG" Format And With The Resolution Of "480x854" & Named As "bumblebee_bg.png" (Without The Quotes).
4) Place The Zip In Your SD Card And Flash It.

1) Open An Image Editor (e.g Adobe Photoshop)
2) Click On File > New & Choose The Document Size As 480x854 & Select Background Transparent.
3) Open Your Favorite Image & Resize It To 480x854 & Drag And Drop The Image Into The New Document.
4) On The Right Hand Side Double Click On The Layer2 > Blending Options And Reduce The Opacity To Your Need. Save It As bumblebee_bg.png. DONE!

Few Image Examples Are Given In The Attachment Of This Post... See Below... Remember To Change The Name To bumblebee_bg.png 


✓ Stock Boot Animation Patch (For Those Who Dont Like BumbleBee™ Animation): http://d-h.st/KFn

✓ Stock Lock Screen Patch (For Those Who Don't Like Xperia Lock Screen): http://d-h.st/UP2

✓ Stock Transitions Patch (For Those Who Don't Like BumbleBee Jump Animation): http://d-h.st/LV6

✓ Remove CRT Animation Patch (For Those Who Don't Like CRT Animation): http://d-h.st/ie3


★★★ FEATURES IN BumbleBee™ ROM V1.2 ★★★

~ Amazing User Interface. A Light Blue Theme Has Been Given!
~ TV Out Has Been Removed As There Is No Hardware Support!
~ USSD Upon Your Choice... Silent When U Want... Make It Ring When In Loud Mode!
~ Enhanced Sound Quality.
~ Battery Backup Extended Further.
~ Multi DPI Support For TouchWiz Launcher, Xperia Launcher & ADW Launcher.
~ Messaging To Select From SIM 1 or 2 At A Single Go On Screen.
~ Camera Quality Improvised Now You Can Choose 12MP From Settings!
~ 4.2 PhotoSphere Added.
~ DPI Changer Included In Extended Settings.

Safest Steps To Change DPI & Avoid Incompatibility Issues:
1) Revert Density To 240. (Default For BumbleBee™ ROM)
2) Reboot.
3) Clear Play Store Data.
4) Open Play Store & Hit Accept.
5) Change Your DPI To The Value You Like.
6) Reboot.
**Looks May Differ Launcher To Launcher.

★★★ FEATURES IN BumbleBee™ ROM V1.3 ★★★

~ Multi DPI Supportive Dialer.
~ Show Touches FIXED!
~ Vibrate On Call Connect + Call End.
~ Added Xposed Framework.
~ Added Xposed App-Settings. (Change DPI's Of Individual Apps)
~ Xposed Theme Engine Added. (Themize Your Phone To Any Extent You Want - KEEPING PERFORMANCE INTACT)
~ Removed Xposed Tweakbox. (Because Of No Support)
~ Gamer's Patch Added Above. (For Hardcore Gamers)
~ Whole New Transparent Status Bar. (Provided In A Separate Patch)
~ Darkened Settings Background. (As Users Felt The Previous Light Blue Background A Little Girly, In A TOTALLY MANLY ROM)
 Click image for larger version  Name: bumblebee_bg (1).jpg Views: 685 Size: 5.5 KB ID: 2195210  Click image for larger version  Name: bumblebee_bg (2).jpg Views: 670 Size: 4.4 KB ID: 2195211  Click image for larger version  Name: bumblebee_bg (3).jpg Views: 650 Size: 14.8 KB ID: 2195212  Click image for larger version  Name: bumblebee_bg (4).jpg Views: 672 Size: 34.5 KB ID: 2195214  Click image for larger version  Name: bumblebee_bg (5).jpg Views: 633 Size: 16.5 KB ID: 2195216  

**NOTE: Everyone Will Not Face All The Issues, Rather No One Will Face Issues On BumbleBee™ ROM As It Is TOTALLY BUGLESS!!! But If You Face Any From The Below Please Act According To The FIX Given!
Known Issues For All Versions At V3.0Known Issues:
1) Cant Change The Transparencies With The App Given In Settings!

Known Issues For All Versions At V1.0
Known Issues:
1) Settings Force Close (FC) When Returning From Keyboard Settings.
2) Settings Force Close (FC) When Clicked On Storage In Mobistel Cynus T2.
3) Battery Percentage Not Working.
4) I Am Not Getting 200MB+ RAM Free.
5) Getting Errors After Partitioning ROM & Reboot like: com.android.blahblahblah Has Stopped, Bluetooth Has Stopped... HEY BUDDY YOU DIDNT FOLLOW THE STEPS!
6) Wi-Fi Tethering Is Not Turning On!
7) Phone Stuck On Boot Loop After Changing Fonts With Font Installer.
8) Show Touches Is Not Working In V1.2.

1) Use The Independent Settings Of Anysoft KeyBoard In App Drawer. NO FIXES YET!
2) Whoever Cannot Open Storage, I Would Recommend You To Flash The ROM Again! You Can Try Wiping Dalvik Cache Once! I Am Sorry I Have No Fixes For This! NO FIXES YET!
3) Change The Battery Style And Tick Mark Battery Percentage In Both The Settings. (Settings > Battery && Settings > BumbleBee™ ROM Extended Settings > Battery Style). FIXED!
4) You Must Have Uninstalled Launchers. Uninstalling Launchers Will Degrade Performance! Whats The Harm In Keeping The Launchers? Just Use The One You Like & Activate Gemini Task Killer Widget! FIXED!
5) Either You Didnt Follow The Steps While Installing The ROM! Or You Have Installed The ROM Over SUVI! You May Try To Flash boot.img Once! Or Go Back To Stock & Flash Again! FIXED!
6) To Enable Wi-Fi Tethering "Wipe Dalvik Cache". Go To CWM Recovery > Advanced > Wipe Dalvik-Cache > Yes. FIXED! (This Is Only To Be Done If Tethering Not Working)
7) Don't Worry You Dont Have To Install The ROM All Over Again... Just Flash The Font Fixer Patch Given In Post #3. Phone Gets Fine! Font Installer Will Work Now! FIXED!
8) Show Touches Is Working At V1.3. FIXED!