[ROM][KERNEL] INFAMOUS S4™ | V3.1 | 3Minit Authorized distributor | 7-10-13

[ROM][KERNEL] INFAMOUS S4™ | V3.1 | 3Minit Authorized distributor | 7-10-13

                                     Welcome to Infamous S4


  • Offical M919UVUAMDL
  • Infamous S4™ Kernel by default
  • Busybox
  • Rooted
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Zipalign on boot script
  • Wifi Calling enabled
  • Sysro/sysrw
  • Carrier IQ Free
  • App/data Support
  • Debloated
  • 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Speed And Signal Enhancements
  • Build.Prop Tweaks
  • Init.d Scripts
  • AOSP 4.2 Keyboard
  • Faster SD Card read/write
  • Nova 2.0
  • DSP Manager
  • Removed Ads
  • Updated SU binary
  • Koush's superuser
  • Menu to kill
  • 100% battery mod
  • Wifi Tethering (widget need to activate - Playstore link
  • AOSP Browser with native sync
  • S4 supported xposed installe
  • Trickster MOD
  • inverted GenieWidget.apk
  • Ondemand and CFQ as default
  • Fast Charge
  • Faux Sound support
  • USKM - INFO - First S4 Kernel to bring this to you!
  • added SIO and ZEN schedulers
  • activated Conservative governor
  • SETUID restrictions removed
  • Xposed Theme engine
  • Xposed installer
  • Custom Bootanimation support
  • Upgraded DSP Manager
  • Team Infamous dark dialer
  • XthemeEngine beta 5
  • CSC tweaks
  • Google Edition Camera with Photosphere
  • Google Ears
  • Trickster MOD
  • inverted GenieWidget
  • InfamousCPU script
  • InfamousAPKboost script
  • CPU Sleeper apk
  • V6 Supercharger Script!
    Also included the scripts under system/xbin/scripts so you can modify to your preference:
  • Die-Hard_Battery_Calibrator_RC5 (because stock the battery isn't read correctly)
  • KickAssKernelizer_Tweaks_Installer_Update_3_RC11_T est_1
  • V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC11_Test_9
  • !FixAlign_Test_6
  • 3Minit authorized distributer!!!
  • 3Minit Framework 2.4
  • Xposed runs great along side of 3minit! There is nothing this update can't do.


Version 3.1 - July 10, 2013

- We removed the 3Minit settings app per his request.

The pro app gets updated first! Last if you can't afford the pro app he offers a free version on his site. Now it will be an older version.
- Major framework fixes.
- S View should be functioning correctly (don't have it to test.)
- Fixed gestures and motions.
- added back all the non T-Mobile apps.
- Removed Google camera as it FCs when installed with ROM. Grab it from download section and install like any other app.
- Defaulted back to Infamous S4 Kernel 3.0 for best battery and performance for all. (I still use 3.3 )
- Cleaned up settings
- New better "about device"
- Updated Xprivacy to v1.2
- Others

Version 3.0.1 - July 8, 2013

- exactly the same as 3.0 just with Infamous S4 Kernel 3.0 instead of 3.3
- added back stock DPI (480)

Version 3.0 - July 8, 2013 You must wipe or you will boot loop

- 3Minit Framework 2.4
- Xposed runs great along side of 3minit! There is nothing this update can't do.
- Major frameworks overhaul
- added native call record
- Removed Rom Control due to conflicting frameworks
- added our own wallpaper app. Over 100 wallpapers. Replaces the stock wallpaper app( stock wallpapers still in it) Nova some times crashes when selecting wallpaper. To avoid this just go to settings/display/wallpaper and select it from there.
- Updated Xprivacy to 1.2
- added Infamous S4 Kernel v3.3
  • added Over clocking up to 2.1ghz
  • added min to 162ghz
  • added under voltage and user voltage
  • Row is not default scheduler
  • added GPU Overclock... up to 600 mhz!!! Big Grin
  • added ZRAM Swap
  • and a butt load of other kick ass stuff!!

Version 2.6.1 - July 5, 2013 - DO NOT WIPE! 1mb patch only

- 2.6 broke Xposed so here is a patch for those who want Xposed without the boot loop

Infamous S4 2.6.1 for those who want Xposed to work and not bootloop Download here!!!!

Version 2.6 - July 4th 2013 - Happy Independence day my fellow Americans! - Wipe not needed coming from 2.5

- ROM Control update. Full update needed as patch caused boot loop. Will add more details later ... family time
- Lock settings work again and no FC's
- Lock screen options in ROM Control have not been added yet but everything else is working. One or two need a reboot
after first install to stick.
- added a diffrent version of the Google Edition Camera... it does not like to be installed with the ROM and Panorama and photosphere will FC
so download and install this over it to fix - http://d-h.st/jdr
- added USB Mass Storage app.
- More

Version 2.5 - July 2, 2013 - A wipe is a must

- ROM Control !!!
- added Xposed installer
- added XPrivacy
- added XthemeEngine beta 5 and two themes to try more found - Xposed folder
- Updated SuperSU
- Fixed the Root warning in recovery
- Famework tweaks
- added Google Edition camera with Photosphere
- updated talk to Hangouts
- updated Gmail
- updated Google services apk
- added Google ears
- added Individual app DPI settings apk. Perfect for fixed contacts and Phone app when you add 360 DPI. Must have app
- added the dark dialer with correct contact font color
- removed CPU sleeper app
- added quad core CPU sleeper script that runs on boot
- some lock screen settings won't work for now. Will address in next update.
- updated kernel coming as well
- Much more. Ill add as I remember

Version 2.4 - June 17, 2013 - Wipe is highly suggested!

- Fixed WiFi
- added back SuperSU (Recovery still say it isn't there...it is. Ignore this)
- Updated V6 Supercharger script in system/xbin/scripts - V6_SuperCharger_for_Android_bdrc2
- Added the latest 3G script in system/xbin/scripts - 3GTurboCharger_Installer_Update_3_RC11_Test_2
- Added lasted kernel tweaker script in system/xbin/scripts - KickAssKernelizer_Tweaks_Installer_Update_3_RC11_T est_2
- Updated Android keyboard
- added two flashable zips in the download section to revert to Stock tmo boot or Samsung's boot
- Redid everything from v2.3 from scratch!!!
- Everything else that v2.3 had.

If anyone who installed the update is missing their phone/contacts or the color is off please download and flash this! Thanks. ROM is just too big to delete and re upload to three servers again.


Version 2.3 - June 16, 2013 - Wipe is highly suggested! Happy Fathers day guys!!

- Frameworks over haul
- CSC tweaks, example added call function without swiping
- Largest ad blocker update yet!
- added Floating notifications (been using personally for a while, everyone else is adding it so why not...lol)
- added 360 DPI flashable zip in the download section, perfect size for our device!
- Also added a revert for those who don't like it.
- Added Bootanimation support
- Added our new team boot animation
- removed that travel bloat junk...
- removed a few others
- added back the stock flip fonts
- removed the massive font apk as it does not work with the S4
- added our dark dialer (we were the first to find out how to remove the ugly white)
- Upgraded DSP Manager and added it back
- added XthemeEngine beta 5! (now just need to find compatible themes...lol)
- introducing XPrivacy! Like Pdroid but better
- added Infamous S4 Kernel v2.0 - http://d-h.st/muq
* block/Kconfig.iosched: disable test I/O scheduler
* cpufreq: Add auto_hotplug
* Initial hardcoded color change - Trinity Color
* jf: add support for panel color shifting based on a sysfs interface
* Fix kthermal_limit issue
* Updated USKM
* Lots of clean up and battery tweaks!

Version 2.2 - May 31, 2013 - Wipe is highly suggested!

- Debloated more
- added S4 supported xposed installer
- added the stock 100% battery without the percentage for that clean stock look out of the box. Other batteries will be moved to download section later to flash after.
- some framework tweaks
- added Trickster MOD for awesome Kernel tweaking
- updated SU binary. Again recovery doesn't like Koush's SuperUser.apk and say it is not found, do you want to fix. Ignore this or you will revert back to SuperSU.apk
- added inverted GenieWidget.apk (love this!)
- added InfamousCPU script into the init.d folder to ensure Min/Max and default governor stick every boot! This removes any possibilities that anything else will be set. Purpose is for those who never teak their kernels. Now even with my kernels being used by default you no long need to worries about even touching it!
- added InfamousAPKboost script - does what the name says
- Removed all build.prop tweaks. They are just not needed for this device, period.
- added a few more CSC tweaks (WIpe needed to take effect)
- added my latest kernel and will be the new default kernel:

Infamous S4 Kernel

  • 98% Stock for stability!
  • Ondemand and CFQ as default
  • Fast Charge
  • Faux Sound support
  • added SIO and ZEN schedulers
  • activated Conservative governor
  • SETUID restrictions removed

What is fast charge:
This allows one to force AC charging for any charger that is detected as USB (e.g. many car chargers) and pull the full current the charger can support. Without Fast charge, when connected to the computer or even car charger you will very low current causing the charge time to be a lot longer. With fast charge active the current is set to the max allowed (and/or safest) and charging time will reduce greatly. It also provides additional security when connecting to public charging stations because by forcing AC charging, USB/adb data transfers are disabled, protecting your data. When fast charge is active you will not be able to access your data on your device. You will need to turn fast charge off to access them. Hope this helps everyone understand it more.

Version 2.1 May 25, 2013

- added Phantom™ v1.0 by default.
- removed Chrome
- added AOSP browser with sync and other awesome features
- added 100% battery mod, no more percentage taking up space. Easy to change
the images. I'll show you later.
- added Koush's superuser (recovery doesn't like it and will say Superuser is
not installed... ignore this! otherwise it will replace with
older superuser.
- 2nd part of tethering mod. You will need to download a WiFi widget to turn it on
and off. You can change the name and password in settings, just don't try to turn
it on from there.
- few minor framework tweaks. Gearing up for some awesome tweaks/mods

Version 2.0 May 23, 2013

- Fixed instablitiy issue
- added Menu kill
- added APM
- tweaked and added CM lock screen clock
- removed bloat!
- Removed boot and shut off sounds (way too loud by default)
- CSC tweaks!
- Part one of the tethering mod
- Frameworks updates...
- Introduced My S4 kernel - "Phantom Kernel"
- More. . . .

Version 1.0 - May 5, 2013

- Public release

Known issues:

- Version 2.6 will boot loop if you install Xposed. You must install 2.6.1 patch for Xposed to work!!!
- Since ROM Control is still being worked on, some of the options aren't working as of yet. I.e lock screens.

File Type: zip Menu_kill.zip
File Type: zip BatteryMod.zip
File Type: zip StockBattery.zip
File Type: zip 360DPI.zip
File Type: zip StockDPI.zip
File Type: apk install_flash_player_ics.apk
File Type: zip Infamous_S4_v2.6.1.zip