[ROM] FusionBlast_MOD | Micromax A89 | Best Gaming And Music ROM!

[ROM] FusionBlast_MOD | Micromax A89 | Best Gaming And Music ROM!

 [ROM] FusionBlast_MOD | Micromax A89 | Best Gaming And Music ROM!

The Best ROM For Micromax A89!

The fastest benchmark records in each and every field in broken with FusionBlast


Prerooted( Chainfire SU Pro)
BusyBox added
Based On StockV2
Heating problem solved
Vortex Kernal added
Completely Deodexed
Completely Debloated
Zipaligned all apks for better RAM utilization
Zipaligned and zipalign on boot script added
Init.D support
Best In class Build.Prop Tweaks
Numerous scripts added for best in class performance
Many battery tweaks added
1% Battery Mod Added
Memory Management scripts added
ZRam Technology added
WIFI Speed,network Speed,usb tehthering speed improved
Faster 2g/3g tweaks (Now have signal everywhere even with 3g enabled)
Fast GPS Lock
Google DNS Servers for better internet experience
Improved Camera Quality
Hardware acceleration enabled for accelerated performance
JB themed
Huge Write and Read speed in SDCard
Apktoid added for downloading paid apps for free without viruses
Sony Xperia Z Walkman added
Sony Xperia Z Movies added
Sony Xperia Z Album added
Sony Xperia Z keyboard added
Sony Xperia Z Launcher in addon folder if u want to install
Sony Xperia Z Walkman Visualizer added
Sony Xperia Z Walkman Widget added in addon folder if anyone needs it
Sony Xperia Wallpapers added
Sony Bravia Engine 3.0 Added for best Image quality
Sony Xloud added
HTC Beats Audio Added
ClearAudio+ added
Follow my steps of configuring sound setting and get the best sound possible
Optimized SQlite operations for improved Input/Output
4.0.27 Playstore added (The Most Stable Version)
All the Google Apps added
Best Ram management
Best Gaming performance gaurenteed
Best Multitasking and responsiveness gaurenteed
Bestest of the Best Sound Quality after following my steps
Galaxy S4 themed Launcher
Full Jb layout
Awesome new Status Bar
Cool Clear Button
Brightness control added in Status Bar itself
Amazing UI
Awesome Theme
Og Battery Mod added
Xperia Z bootanimation added
Droid Shutanimation added
Power Off and On Sounds disabled
Animated Lockscreen Designed
Full Cpu Utilization for the Max Performance
Full GPU Utilization for The BEST Gaming Performance
SET CPU added for controling the frequencies
MTK 6577 Governor Switcher added for setting up the Governors Correctly
Titanium backup added
Kernalizer Tweaks
Improved Touch Sensivity
Video Quality Increased
ICS Gallery also added
JB 4.2.2 Sound pack added
New Transitions and progress Bars
Loopy Smoothness tweaks
MRAM lag tweak added
Project Butter of JB Added
Very very smooth ROM
Root Explorer Added
PowerCollapse Tweak for better battery backup
Blackmart added for downloading all the paid apps for free
MT657X added for increasing app installation space
Swapped the storage by default to store large games
Ram Manager Pro Added (Set the profiles upon ur needs)
Speed Boost Added (Most Effective task-killer..hit it before starting games)
Latest Youtube app
Galaxy S4 wallpapers added
Themed Contacts apk
Themed Message apk
And Many More are there...

How To Flash:

(NOTE: I am not responsible for anything if the device bricks...so do it in your own risk)

Installation Steps For Flashing FusionBlastXtreme_MOD_v1.2

Installation Steps With CWM 6/TWRP Recovery

Make A Backup before Flashing

1.Download FusionBlastXtreme_MOD_v1.2+Addons.rar

2:Extract it

3:copy both the rom and the SoundTweak and addon folder to your sdcard

4:Go to CWM/TWRP Recovery(Press Vol. Up Power Button)

5:Wipe System,Cache,Dalvik Cache

6:Go to install zip from sdcard and select the rom zip and flash it...

7:after installing over,do a factory reset once more.

8:After doing the factory reset flash the sound tweak that i gave

9:Now reboot sytem.and its done...

10:After the phone starts open my next txt file for how to configure to get the bestest ever sound quality in a89

Note: Those who want Google Maps..will have to install the apk that i have given in the folder...
I have not given it in the rom as most of the users do not need it..and it consumes huge amount of ram and always runs at background
So only those who want it..for them i have supplied with the GoogleMaps.apk...

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-06-21-03-28-03.jpg Views: 13 Size: 26.3 KB ID: 2100618  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-00-50-06.jpg Views: 20 Size: 33.8 KB ID: 2100619  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-00-51-50.jpg Views: 17 Size: 33.7 KB ID: 2100620  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-13-50.jpg Views: 17 Size: 39.1 KB ID: 2100621  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-14-11.jpg Views: 16 Size: 48.8 KB ID: 2100622  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-14-17.jpg Views: 16 Size: 49.6 KB ID: 2100623  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-14-30.jpg Views: 20 Size: 29.3 KB ID: 2100624  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-14-42.jpg Views: 11 Size: 29.9 KB ID: 2100625  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-14-46.jpg Views: 8 Size: 31.7 KB ID: 2100626  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-15-06.jpg Views: 12 Size: 30.1 KB ID: 2100627  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-16-02.jpg Views: 12 Size: 34.7 KB ID: 2100628  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-16-24.jpg Views: 8 Size: 20.0 KB ID: 2100629  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-17-46.jpg Views: 13 Size: 21.1 KB ID: 2100630  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-18-04.jpg Views: 10 Size: 20.0 KB ID: 2100631  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-22-43.jpg Views: 13 Size: 35.0 KB ID: 2100632
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-22-46.jpg Views: 8 Size: 35.5 KB ID: 2100633  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-23-05.jpg Views: 10 Size: 41.7 KB ID: 2100638  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-24-07.jpg Views: 12 Size: 36.5 KB ID: 2100639  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-26-59.jpg Views: 10 Size: 26.6 KB ID: 2100640  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-07-07-14-31-34.jpg Views: 13 Size: 31.5 KB ID: 2100641