★[ROM][4.2.2][July 3] Hyperdrive RLS5.7 ¯`•._║ EPM ║ Custom Tweaks ║ Evolve your S4 ★

★[ROM][4.2.2][July 3] Hyperdrive RLS5.7 ¯`•._║ EPM ║ Custom Tweaks ║ Evolve your S4 ★

This is it..The Most Customizable and Full Featured Rom for your Galaxy S4

I am not responsible for anything that may happen or happens to your phone as a result of this custom firmware. You are choosing to install this yourself and thus assume any risks involved.
  • Android 4.2.2 JB TW I545VRUAMDK
  • Kernel: Stock Optimized Kernel
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Multilanguage
  • Hyperdrive Control- It All Begins Here
  • HyperdriveOTA- download Rom Mods, Apps, Fixes and New Content ( See below
  • Custom Settings-a HUGE collection of Customizable Tweaks (see below)
  • Custom Hyperdrive Wallpaper Chooser
  • Custom Hyperdrive Extended Power Menu
  • Bashed
  • Busybox
  • Sysro/sysrw command support
  • data/app support
  • init.d support
  • Latest SuperSU + su binaries

  • Full Galaxy S4 TW Functionality
  • Multiwindow Enabled for all apps natively without 3rd party app
  • Music Control:
    -Volume Rocker Skip Music Tracks with Toggle ON/OFf and user defined Parameters
    -Button Skip Delay Timeout
    -Volume Up key action
    -Volume Down Key action
  • Long Press Menu to Kill Current App with Toggle ON/OFF
  • Screen Animation Control:
    -No Sceen Off Animation
    -CRT-TV Off Animation
    -Fade Off Animation
    -No Screen On Animation
    -Fade Screen On Animation
  • Notification Panel:
  • 21 Total Extended Quick Notification Toggles
    - Wifi, Mobile Data, GPS, Rotation, Sound, Smart Stay, Airplane Mode, Wifi Hotspot, PowerSaving, SmartPause, Air Gesture, Driving Mode, Blocking Mode, Screen Mirroring, Multiwindow, Bluetooth, S Beam, NFC, Air View, Sync, Smart Scroll
  • Lockscreen:
    -Home Button Wakes Phone with Toggle On/Off
    -Ink Effect with 8 colors on the Ripple Lockscreen
  • Clock:
    -Clock Postion (None, Center, Right )
    -AM/PM Size (None, Small, Large)
    -Day of Week size (None, Small, Large)
    -ANY Color for Clock
  • Status Bar
    -Keyboard IME Switcher w/ Toggle ON/OFF
    -ANY Color for Status Bar
    -Smart Hide/Show Alarm Icon
    -Choose a Custom Battery Icon
    -Choose Circle Battery color
    -Choose Circle Battery Text color
    -Choose Circle Animation Spped
    -Enable Custom Battery Bar
    -Battery Bar Color, and Style
    -Battery Bar Charging Animation
    -Battery Bar Thickness
  • Hyperdrive Custom Extended Boot Menu:
    -Power off
    -Airplane Mode
    -Download Mode
    -Flashlight Torch
    -Bug Report
  • User Interface :
    -Best Brightness Mod
    -AOSPA style PIE Controls
    -LED Control
    -Icon Changer
    -Custom Fonts
    -FlashBlink Torch
  • System:
    -NFC works from Lockscreen
    -Unlocked Verizon Wifi Tethering
    -Device Status Reads as Official
    -Disabled Signature Check
    -Patched Services.jar to prevent redraws
    -Unplug Doesn't turn on screen
    -Edge Zoom Toggle on/off
    -Enable/Disable Nav Bar
    -Enable/Disable Boot Animation
    -Driving Mode
    -Blocking Mode (WIP)
  • Phone:
    -Fully Native Call Recording
    -No Increasing Ringtone
  • Contacts:
    -Join Unlimited Contacts
    -Unlimited Contact Name Length
  • Messaging:
    -Scheduled Messaging, Group messaging
    -Screen on/off messaging toggle
    -Message vibration and Signature options
    -Save/Restore Messages
    -SMS 1000 recipient limit enabled
    -SMS limit per hour increased
    -Enabled Split-View Mode On/Off Toggle
    -Increased Max MMS and Image Size
    -Disable SMS-MMS Auto Conversion
  • Camera
    -Shutter Sound on/off menu
    -Disabled Low Battery Camera Handicaps
    -Use Camera while on a call
    -Zoom/Shutter with Volume Keys
    -Additional Shooting Mode Tweaks
    -Higher Video and audio bit rate in camcorder
    -Android 4.3 Camera w/ Photosphere and new options added
  • Launcher:
    -Hacked for Insane Speed
    -Infinite Scrolling
  • Browser:
    -Exit Browser
    -Terminate Browser
    -Open Unlimited Tabs
  • Removed from Rom:
    -All Verizon Bloatware and branding
    -Full Battery Charge Notification
    -GPS icon from status bar
    -Ongoing Wifi Notification
    -Smart Stay Icon
    -Samsung and Verizon OTA updates
    -Ongoing notifications and annoying icons
    -Trip advisor and Samsung Kies
    -All Amazon Apps and widgets
    -Easy Mode: Settings, apps and widgets
  • Miscellaneous:
    -Pure X Studio Audio Engine
    -Pure Screen HD
    -Sony Bravia Engine
    -360 degree rotation throughout all apps
    -Muted Boot and Shutdown Sounds
    -Custom Hyperdrive Bookmarks
    -Fixes for OTG wakelock and Media Scanner drain
  • Advanced:
    -Xposed Framework Installer
    -Per-App DPI Settings
    -Custom Theme Engine
    -Nottach Xposed
    -Kernel Control
    -CPU Information
    -Samsung Secret Codes
    -GPS Quick Fix
    -Media Battery Drain Fix
  • Apps:
    -Es File Explorer
    -cLock from CM10.1
    -Genie Widget
    -White Samsung Keyboard from i9505
    -Download All Files
    -Popup Browser Resizable to ANY size
    -Emoji Keyboard
    -Inverted Youtube with Screen off Playback and Tweaks by The0sis
  • CHECK the OTA Feature in Hyperdrive Control for any Missing apps and also for new cool tweaks, features and mods!
  • Google Applications
    -Google Books
    -Google Magazines
    -Google Movies
  • Rom Mods
    -Ad Blocking
    -Hidden Language Enabler
    -Adobe Flash
  • General Applications
    -Apollo Music
    -CM File Manager
  • Verizon Applications
    -Verizon Bloatware
    -Amazon Bloatware
  • Samsung Applications
    -Samsung Kies
    -Transparent Accuweather Widget
  • Launcher Mods
    -Stock with Scroll
    -5x6 Launcher
    -5x6 Launcher with Scroll
Performance Modifications:
  • Full Optimized and Tweaked
  • Improved EXT4 Performance
  • Full GPU UI rendering
  • Custom init.d tweaks for insane performance
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache in Framework
  • Cron
  • ZRam
  • Battery Callibrator Binaries
  • RAM Optimizations
  • Memory Optimizations
  • Network/Wifi Speed Enhancements
  • Sysctl Enhancements
  • Sqlite3 database Enhancements
  • Higher Video and playback rate
  • Better Image and Panorama Quality
  • Amazingly Smooth UI
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Speed and performance that are legendary on your GS4!

1. You MUST be able to READ
3. You MUST have a Loki'd recovery(Like TWRP/CWM) installed!

1. Download latest Hyperdrive Rom version
2. Reboot into Loki'd Recovery
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset 3x
4. Wipe cache/dalvik cache & wipe system
5. Install Rom
6. Reboot (First Boot may take up to 10 mins)
7. Read through FAQ!!
8. Read Through Changelog
9. Let Phone sit for 5-10 minutes
10. Reboot again
11 Enjoy! 


Mirror (AFH)

md5 sum: 344df2236454c9a53febec92b6323847