[MOD] HQ Camera For Oppo - |1080p@30Mbps|

[MOD] HQ Camera For Oppo - |1080p@30Mbps|

HQ Camera For Oppo

This mod gives uncompressed Images. it is now possible to take 1080p videos with great quality, thanks to rebuild of camera app. Now it is possible to shoot videos at higher bitrate and quality.

V1 - Based on 130328 Firmware
  • 1080p Video Recording @ 30mbps
  • Increased Video Recording Quality
  • Rebuild Camera App with 0 Compression For Better Performance
  • 0 Compression on JPG Images.
  • Increase size cap of Images.
  • Improved Quality of Images.


Requirements to install:

* Root Needed
* Root Explorer

How to install:

1. Unzip downloaded files to SDcard
2. Use Root Explorer to replace xml file in system/ect folder with new one
3. Use Root Explorer to replace apk in system/app folder with new one
4. Change Permissions on newly placed OppoGallery2.apk file to: rw-r--r-- (Read everyone, Owner Write)
5. Delete OppoGallery2.odex file in system/app folder
6. Reboot & Enjoy

Alternative Install:
adb push OppoGallery2.apk /sdcard/

adb shell
mount -o remount,rw /system
#remove older version
rm /system/app/OppoGallery2.apk
#if the file below exists
rm /system/app/OppoGallery2.odex

cp /sdcard/OppoGallery2.apk /system/app/

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