[ROM][27 May][Xthemes]►►►Misty™ ROM◄◄◄[ThunderZap][Wolf Scripts]

[ROM][27 May][Xthemes]►►►Misty™ ROM◄◄◄[ThunderZap][Wolf Scripts]

☽☽☽ Misty™ Rom ☾☾☾

Misty™ Rom is a totally Unique and the most Abstract Rom for Micromax A110 and it's Clones. The Rom is blended with all the amazing features and apps that are required by the users. The Rom has ThunderZap Kernel and Wolf Scripts to make it the Best Rom out here. It is made for all types of users,the Gamers, the music lovers,internet lovers, who want better battery backup, who want amazing looks, who want cool tones & wallpapers, heavy users, normal users and all others.

Features of the Misty:
-Amazing User Interface
-Super Smooth and Fluid
-ThunderZap Kernel
-Wolf Scripts
-Xthemes Engine
-Best Boot Animation Ever
-Xposed Framework
-Viper Audio Engine (Latest)
-In-Built Ad Blocker
(Latest Version of Mother of all Ad Blocking)
-Full GPU & CPU Utilization
-Smooth & Improved Touch
-Special Optimization For Gamers
-Improved Touch Quality
-Latest & Inverted Play Store
-All Dark Themed Google Apps
-Many Build.prop Tweaks
-Amazing Battery Backup
-Cool Ringones, Notifications
-Nova Launcher as default Launcher
-Improved GPS Lock Speed
-Wi-Fi Improved
-Super Fast Internet Speed
-Removed Black Screen After Call Ending
-Proximity Sensing Improved
-Removed Bloatware
-Removed Useless Ringtones
-Quick Boot Option
-Super Smooth Performance
-Adrenaline Boost
-Adrenaline TaskManager
-Sqlite Optimizing/Vacuum
-Increase touch Sensitivity
-Zipalign on every reboot
-Battery Saving Tweaks
-MUCH better Ram usage
-Cache Cleared at every boot
-SD speed tweak
-Logger removed
-Better browser performance
-Sysctl tweaks
-Better battery life
-Faster GUI
-Xbin Tweaks
-Loopy smoothness tweak
-CPU GPU rendering
-Faster Networking
-Smoother LWP animation
-Kernel Tweaks
-Better gaming performance
-Seeder Entropy Generator added

Download Link:

Misty Rom(178MB):
Download Link

Gamers Patch (60 FPS) - Download Link
(Applying this Patch will Improve Gaming Performance a lot...but Proximity and Led won't work)

Steps to Flash Misty Rom:
(Following each and every step properly is strongly recommended)

1) Download Rom Zip File from the Link Above
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW/TWRP/LEWA Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
5) Go to 'Mounts and Storage' and Format System
6) Select 'Install zip From Sdcard' and choose the Rom Zip File
7) Select Yes and The Installation will Start
8) Reboot Phone after Installation is Complete
9) Complete the Setup Wizard
10) Open 'Xposed Installer' from App Drawer
11) Select 'Install/Update' and close the App
12) Open 'Viper4AudioFX' from App Drawer
13) Follow Steps to Install Viper given in 3rd Post
14) Go to Recovery Again
15) Fix Permissions and Wipe Dalvik Cache from Advanced Menu
16) Reboot the Phone
17) Enjoy the Rom

Note: The First Boot Up Might take 2-3 Minutes So Please be Patient...

Various Tips and Tweaks about using the ROM are given in the 3rd Post of this Thread....but here are some..which on apply for Misty Rom...

How to use Wolf Scripts:
How to Use It Adrenaline Boost Script?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type Code:

How to Use It Adrenaline Task Manager?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type Code:

How to Use Seeder?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type Code:

How to go to wolfscript menu?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type Code:

For a Fast and Smooth UI
In Settings>Developer Options>Set Both Animation Scales to Zero
and from Nova Settings>Look and Feel>Set Animation Speed and App Animation to Fast or Very Fast.
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-05-53.jpg Views: 576 Size: 31.5 KB ID: 1994474  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-12-44.jpg Views: 560 Size: 30.1 KB ID: 1994475  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-15-50.jpg Views: 500 Size: 42.0 KB ID: 1994476  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-16-40.jpg Views: 458 Size: 36.1 KB ID: 1994477  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-18-08.jpg Views: 463 Size: 31.7 KB ID: 1994482

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-24-05.jpg Views: 463 Size: 28.3 KB ID: 1994483  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-25-59.jpg Views: 415 Size: 31.7 KB ID: 1994484  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-17-26-14.jpg Views: 443 Size: 37.4 KB ID: 1994485  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-05-26-18-35-25.jpg Views: 422 Size: 47.5 KB ID: 1994486