[ROM][I9500][XXUBMF8][29Jun] Omega v8.0 ●►JB 4.2.2◄●Omega Files●►Fully Modded◄●

[ROM][I9500][XXUBMF8][29Jun] Omega v8.0 ●►JB 4.2.2◄●Omega Files●►Fully Modded◄●

Welcome to Omegas Thread for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
Omega v8.0 Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Based on firmware XXUBMF8 Android 4.2.2 (Date: 19/06/2013)


Inside Omega v8.0:
Based on firmware XXUBMF8 Android 4.2.2 (Date: 19/06/2013)
Kernel XXUBMF8
multi csc I9500ODDBMEA set to XME
init.d support
Flashplayer support
efs backup automatic during installation - saved at sdcard/efs_backup folder during installation
Omegas Emblem Bootanimation by our artist anbech
Omegas Emblem Shutdown animation by our artist anbech
Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
Wipe preload partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe System automatic before roms installation
Call Recorder
Phone with no increasing ringtone
Menu Long Press to Kill app
Reboot menu with Recovery and Download
Email with Exchange Security Disabled
Battery % mod
Remove sms from call logs
Join more unlimited contacts in the contacts
No sms to mms conversion
Unlimited contacts to sms - mms
Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
Added exit menu to stock web browser
Security check disabled
Disabled scrolling cache
Camera shutter sound on-off
Task manager shortcut app
Omegas addon applications:
Omega Files
Multiwindow Manager
Es File Explorer (with great Root Explorer)
CPU Adjuster
Accounts Sync Profiler
Boat browser with flashplayer support (you will have to enable flashplayer from app settings)
NFC Payment
Stock Theme Changes:
Green % battery icons
Black status bar
Accuweather widget transparent
Floating Omegadroids
Bloatware :
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is No Full Wipe

Omega I9500 XXUBMF8 v8.0 Download

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