[ROM][Android 4.2.1] iOcean optimised V2

iOcean X7 Optimised ROM

Note: I am not responsible for ANY damage to your phone. Install this rom at your own risk.

This rom is based on the latest official iOcean X7 firmware.
Removed all the chinese apps and modified, to make it faster.
It also has some optimalizations to easily change the framework with a mod called: xPosed framework.

- Wifi optimalisation: added wifi fix app. Choose your wifi regional code and apply it. For example: NL = Netherlands.
- Also added Wifi data to fix the NVRAM error 0×1. On other roms there will be an acces point on channel called: NVRAM ERROR 0×1 if you scan for acces points with apps like Wifi Analyzer. This fixes wifitime-outs and out-of-range acces points losts when the connection should be fine, as it is in range with other phones.
- GPS optimalisation
- Build.prop tweaked
- Init.d support added
- Init.d tweak added
- Added working superSU app
- Removed all chinese apps
- Deodexed all system apk's and framework
- Zipaligned all system apk's
- Implemented sound engine
- Implemented Sony Bravia engine
- Added the complete Android 4.2.1 Gapps
- Xposed framework mod preinstalled: theme the rom with ease.
For more info about xPosed framework have a look here: XDA
- Gravity box added: A mt6589 framework and features customizer
- A lot more…

Installation instructions:
1. Root your iOcean X7 using Motochopper.
2. Flash clockworkmod recovery.img via ROM Manager or MobileUnclue MTK tools.
3. Make a full backup in clockworkmod recovery.
4. Do a full wipe: system, data, cache, sd-ext.
5. Install iOcean-X7-Optimised-V2.zip.
6. Reboot
7. Enjoy!

Kermel Sources:


Inital release of optimised rom.
Testing if release boots up on the iOcean
only closed beta testing, not released on XDA.
Added 4.2.1 gapps
Added working superSU instead of superuser that doesnt work.

Released on XDA.
added wifi fix apps to increase speed and stability
Added xPosed rom mod
Deodexed system apks and framework
Zipaligned system apks
Removed chinese apps
Added gravitybox
Improved GPS files

Patch #1 02/07/2013
- Fix bluetooth issues

Download links:

ROM V2: http://q.gs/4XQQu
CWM RECOVERY: http://q.gs/4XQR0
Patch #1 to fix bluetooth issues: http://q.gs/4XQR7