[ROM] SuperLuminaLDAD v0.3F [BUGLESS AOSP 4.2.2 STYLE] FullStable Faster Lite

[ROM] SuperLuminaLDAD v0.3F [BUGLESS AOSP 4.2.2 STYLE] FullStable Faster Lite
SuperLuminaLDAD v0.3F
Now Buttery Smooth & Fully Stable

for MicroMax Canvas HD A116
[AOSP 4.2.2 STYLE PORT] Faster, Lighter Custom Rom made for people who like minimalistic fast roms


  1. 4.2.1 rom based on AOSP ROM 4.2.2 Binaries. About phone may show 4.2.1 but frameworks from CELKON A119Q with 4.2.2
  2. Fully Zip-aligned and signed
  3. Pre-Rooted
  4. Very Lite ROM. Only 250mb. Most other custom stock roms are 400 to 450+
  5. 4.3 Camera with working Panorama (Patch for Stock 4.2 Camera also available below)
  7. Lightly and carefully tweaked.
  8. Super-Responsive and Smooth Touchscreen Sensitivity
  9. You can get FREE RAM between around 490 to 650 MB. With all required apps installed on the phone there is 545MB FREE RAM all the time. (Screenshot)
  10. After flashing free Internal Storage will be 884 MB (Screenshot).
  11. Rooted ROM with SuperSU
  12. Pre-installed Lightweight "OI File Manager", so you can directly browse system areas/files. Immediately after flash you can start installing APKs, both from Internal and External SDcards.
  13. Good Battery Backup as stock rom. (Install Greenify , Recommended for more best results)
  14. As per user-report the Proximity Sensor responsiveness is improved and better than stock.
  15. Ad Block'ed hosts
  16. Use with any Universal Language with this "tested ok" small app (not included in rom)
  17. Launcher forced in memory (Reboot if launcher is changed, for great results)
  18. Render UI with GPU to reduce CPU usage
  19. Faster Wi-Fi connection initialization
  20. Deep Sleep tweaked
  21. Camera Sound forced to silent with double ways.
  22. Quick Boot (small app pre-installed) for Reboot / Reboot to Recovery Option
Tested OK Things
  1. Both SIMS working perfect
  2. Enable 3G in any sim (first or second) your wish 
  3. Battery backup is same or better than stock
  4. OTG Cable works perfect both for PenDrive (shown as "usbotg") and Mouse. (screenshots)
  5. Wi-Fi working. Wifi Lan also works perfect via ES File Explorer (Screenshot)
  6. Faster 10-15 seconds GPS Fix from home window (Screenshot)
  7. Internal and External Both SD working. (Shown as sdcard1 = Internal and sdcard0 = External)
  8. Camera (and FLASH too) working perfect, Auto-Focus perfect. Rear Camera 8MP and Front 2MP working perfect.  Saves photos in external sdcard by default.
  9. FM Radio perfect.
  10. Bluetooth tested ok with Sony MW600 A2DP Stereo BT Headset.
  11. Engineer Mode working: From phone's dialer type code *#*#3646633#*#*
  12. Proximity Sensor Issue of Stock, not found in this rom

BATTERY: Keeping battery to 100% is recommended before flashing.
BACKUP: Take BACKUP from recovery, useful in case you mess up. Or try Titanium to backup data and apps.

1) Download ROM and store on Internal or External SD
2) Start TWRP/CWM Recovery Mode
3) Do Data Factory Reset [Optional: Not required for Dirty Flash Version v0.3F]
4) Install ROM
5) Fix Permissions and Reboot Phone.
6) (Important) After phone starts normally, then go to --- Android Settings > Storage > Select Write Disk as "SD Card" (Screenshot) and Reboot
DONE! Enjoy...

  1. If you are coming from other custom roms with different partition and get bootloops, then do FULL WIPE of flash this FULL WIPE ZIP Patch which should reset required partition perfect. WARNING: It really formats system and other partition.
  2. Init.d Support: Install Univ_init.d_enabler.APK. Click on "Activate" & Done! Tested OK! (post#171)
    (*Optional and for advanced users only, who want to experiment with mods made for init.d folders. Everyone else can ignore this patch.)
  3. AOSP Launcher REMOVED in 0.3F but If you still want it flash this (may refer to this )
  4. Flash Stock 4.2 Camera: Download (if you need the original one) 1088p video recording.
  5. Flash Stock 4.3 Camera: Download (the one which is included in this rom)
  6. UPDATED KITKAT4 LAUNCHER COMBINATION for SLD Rom (Download and Install from here) (NEW)
    *Optional App. *Only launcher, no additional apps included.
-- None at the moment! All fixed.

ChangeLog & Download Links:

Please use at your own Risk. This site is not responsible for any type of brick or dead device.
You lose manufacturer warranty after flashing this or any custom ROM.

This ROM formats data and system partition. You must take backup of all your data.

ChangeLog & Download Links: (Latest on top)

(11-12-13): Stable Build 0.3F : Fully Smooth and Stable... and now more lighter.
-- Download Links: DEVHOST
-- DIRTY FLASH VERSION Install on previous version (No Data Wipe required, but still you must take Nandroid Backup)
-- Always check MD5 Checksum before flashing: 46f35665d286496b3d85effa657fa664
-- Only 254 MB
-- AOSP Launcher REMOVED (24MB Free ) If you still want it flash this and check this post
-- Updated Nova Launcher Free Added (only 3mb)
-- Updated Google Play Store 4.5.10
-- Updated OI FileManager
-- Live WallPaper removed (just to save few MBs)
-- Live Wallpaper Picker removed
-- Live Mtk Video Live Wallpaper removed
-- Gallery Editor FC Fixed
NOTE: First reboot may take some time.
Bug Minor: Google Text to Speech FC: Fixed with this update patch in this post.

(10-12-13): Build 0.3E :
-- Skipped due to messed up rom.

(01-12-13): Stable Build 0.3D : Fully Smooth and Stable
-- Download Link: DevHost
-- Only 270 MB
-- ROM Fully re-compiled and all known bugs fixed. Camera 4.3 and Email working perfect.
-- Touch Sensitivity Improved.
-- Ad Block's hosts
-- Launcher forced in memory (Reboot if launcher is changed, for great results)
-- Render UI with GPU to reduce CPU usage
-- Faster Wi-Fi connection initialization
-- Deep Sleep tweaked
-- Camera Sound forced to silent in two ways
-- Quick Boot (small app pre-installed) for Reboot / Reboot to Recovery Option
-- Important: Full wipe version. Please download full rom.
Gallery Editor FC (minor bug found & fixed here)

================================================== ====
(28-11-13): Experimental Build 0.3b : Small Update (Previous version to 0.3b don't try on higher builds)
-- Touch Sensitivity Improved.
-- Ad Block's hosts
1) Email, Exchange FC. Fixed in next update.

(19-11-13) : Experimental Build 0.3a
-- Fully Zip-Aligned and signed
-- some minor fixes in libraries. (replaced some new versions so files)

(18-11-13) : Experimental Build 0.2b
-- Fixed Camera Panorama mode. Updated missing Library files.

(16-11-13) : Experimental Build 0.2
-- Latest Play Store 4.4.21 added
-- Lighter Google Boot-animation
-- Removed Boot sounds.
-- Silent Camera (Click, Focus, Shutter all sounds silenced) now take quiet shots even if volume is full
-- some minor adjustments
-- FIX: Camera 4.3 Fix for build V0.2 only. Download from here. Remember this is not required for next build V0.2b or later.
(15-11-13) : Experimental Build 0.1B
-- Fixed Camera 4.3: Now working Panorama (PhotoSphere360 removed as not compatible)
-- Boot-animation Changed back to CHD Stock
-- Removed Boot sound
Day1 (14-Nov-2013) : Experimental Build 0.1A
--- Bug: Camera FC in Panorama and PhotoSpere360 -- fix available in thread

  • Special BootLogo for this rom. Flash if someone is still getting boot image from any previous rom.
    Download Flashable
  • Wallpapers: Download whole bunch of Wallpapers or find how to extract single current wallpaper