[MOD] LG Camera™ for Nexus 5 [Port][Mod]

[MOD] LG Camera™ for Nexus 5 [Port][Mod]
Older Versions for Kitkat 4.4 Only.
V1 :
1)Stock Bitrate are as follows:
720P@12 Mb/s.
1080P@17 Mb/s.

Modded are as follows:
720P@20 Mb/s.
1080P@26 Mb/s.

2) Audio Bitrate quality :
Stock = 96000 Kb/s
Modded = 192000 Kb/s
3) Image Encode Quality :
Stock = 90.
Modded = 99.
4) JPEG Encode Quality :
Stock = 80.
Modded = 99.
5) Modified hammerhead.camera.so for better sharpness of the pictures. Increased the Sharpeness to 90 from 75.
V1.1 :
1) Sound Cancellation with the secondary Mic.
2) Faster Focusing for the camera.
3) Front Camera also records 720P Videos@ 20 Mb/s.
4) Front camera Audio Bitrate@ 192000 Kb/s.
5) AntiBanding default set to 50Hz
6) Focus Range Adjusted.
7) Enhanced Smooth Zoom .
8) Turned Edge Enhancement ON.
V1.1 WO Noise Cancellation :
1) Everything same as V1.1 except the secondary mic kicking in for Noise cancellation.
V1.2 :
1) Decreased the Bitrate of the Videos as follows:

1080P @ 22Mb/s.
720P @ 18Mb/s.
*This is the Optimal Bitrate for all the Device*

2) Adjusted the Mic's Treble Enhancer to a lower value. *Less Chirpness*
3) Audio Bitrate Set to 216000kb/s from 192000kb/s . Should Follow Nokia Lumia 1020 Audio Quality Almost.
4) Enhanced the Noise Cancellation Mic for better/ a bit lower Cancellation .
5) Enhanced Skin Tone Color Hue. Tends to be a little lighter fro stock.
6) Increased the Memory Cap to 30Mb so that cache is not filled up if the Bitrate shoots higher by chance.
7) Exposure Compensation adjusted for compensating for lower exposures when overbright.
V1.2 WO Noise Cancellation:
1) All of the Above.
2) No Noise Cancellation Mic Kicking in. [Removed]
V1.3 :
1) Set JPEG Quality to 100 % .[Max Possible]
2) Set JPEG Compression to NIL (Zero Compression, should come out almost RAW [Though processed] ).
3) Set Medium Quality JPEG's to 100.
4) Set Low Quality JPEG's to 100.
5) Increase Picture Color tune to warmer side.
6) Color Reporduction should be even better because of modded libJPEGhw.so.
7) Audio Bitrate Set to Max possible i.e 288000kbit/s. [Highest Value]
8) Fixed Low memory error in libJPEGhw.so .
9) Fixed, MAYBE the LOW FPS Problem. [DOUBT]
V1.3 WO Distortion:
1) All of the Above.
2) No Noise Distortion [Removed]
V1.3 WO Noise Cancellation:
1) All of the Above.
2) No Noise Cancellation Mic Kicking in. [Removed]
New Versions for Kitkat 4.4, Kitkat 4.4.1 & Kitkat 4.4.2
1) New Camera APK.
2) Fixed HDR+
3) Added 6MP Resolution - 3200X2400 - Wide.
4) JPEG at 3% compression.
5) Set new JPEG Parameters for the Images.
6) Bumped up Video Quality to 99.
7) Bumped up sharpness and faster HDR processing.

V1.4 Video fix.
1) Fixes video.

Note: need to clear cache and data for both camera and gallery in settings/apps otherwise there are FC's
The LG Camera App PORT

Things working:
1) Camera
2) Video Camera - 1080P Bitrate set at 20MB/s constant for now.
3) HDR
4) Cheeze shutter.
5) Pics while Video
6) ISO Modes
7) Video Brightness - SOLVED!
8) And everything else.
9) Video recording audio is awesome in this no disturbance.

Not working:
1) Time Machine shot.
2) Front Facing camera - For Pics only it FC's.

This is a beta release for the Preview only. This is not the Final Product.
Procedure to install Camera PORT-
1) Flash it through recovery.
2) First flash LG Camera Beta E90 then Flash LG Camera Beta E92.

Installation of Normal Mods: Flash through recovery.

Download 1.4 Download 1.4 Video Fix: from Attachments.

Download Camera PORT: LG Camera Beta E90 , LG Camera Beta E92.zip

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N5 Cam V1.zip

N5 Cam V1.1.zip

N5 Cam V1.1 WO Noise Cancellation.zip

N5 Cam V1.2.zip

N5 Cam V1.3.zip

N5 Cam V1.3 WO Noise Distortion..zip

N5 Cam V1.3 WO Noise Cancellation.zip

N5 Cam V1.4 Video Fix.zip

N5_Cam_Stock_4.4 Only.zip


Note : This site is not responsible if you get a boot loop, but if you do, flash the Back to stock. Higher Bitrate = Bigger Size of the Videos as well .