[ROM] [4.2.2] SGalaxy CHD V4.3 [LINK UPDATED]

[ROM] [4.2.2] SGalaxy CHD V4.3 [LINK UPDATED]


SGalaxy CHD is based on Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM
Designed for Awesome Looks

Download ROM,Patch and Xperia Motion app together to make ur ROM BUGS free and READ the Instructions As Provided Below


Samsung Galaxy S4 UI
Samsung Galaxy S4 Fonts
Samsung Galaxy S4 Dailer
Samsung Galaxy S4 Music
Samsung Galaxy S4 Alarms
Samsung Galaxy S4 Toggle
Samsung Galaxy S4 Sounds
Samsung Galaxy S4 Widgets
Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootlogo
Samsung Galaxy S4 Statusbar
Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpaper
Samsung Galaxy S4 S Voice
Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones
Samsung Galaxy S4 UI Sounds
Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification
Samsung Galaxy S4 Lockscreen
Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Sound
Samsung Galaxy S4 Framework
Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Icon
Samsung Galaxy S4 Swipe to call
Samsung Galaxy S4 Voice Unlock
Samsung Galaxy S4 Task manager
Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Animation
Samsung Galaxy S4 AccuWeather
Samsung Galaxy S4 Swipe to message
Samsung Galaxy S4 Suspension window
Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchwiz launcher(badge support)

Customized APPS
M Unlock
Init.d Scripts
Bump Feature
Super Smooth
Signal Tweaks
Battery Tweaks
Proximity Tweaks
Build.prop Tweaks
Faster Streaming
CM10.1 Calculator
Net Speed Tweaks
Performance Tweaks
Day Dream Launcher
Updated Google Play
No Delay In Making Call
Deodexed & Zipaligned
OG Youtube Downloader
Mobile Bravia Engine 3
Transparent Status Bar
Default External App Storage
Better Image & Audio Quality
Enables 270 Degree Rotation
Better Responsiveness & Speed
Air gestures-work only in gallery
Based on android 4.2.2
Keyboard with swipe support
13MP Camera-All Modes
XBlast Tools
X4 Video Player
Xposed Additions
Xperia Motion Snap
Xposed Framework
Xposed Gravity Box
Xposed Icon Themer
Xposed App Settings
ViPER4Android FX
Lockscreen Wallpaper Change Through Gravity Box

Device Name changed to Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9505

(Kindly Follow Instruction To Install ROM , Read Notes Before Posting Question )

NOTE :-Make CMW Backup for Reverting back to your old system

How To Flash :

1) Download Rom.zip File and Patch.zip both
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition
5) From Advance Menu Do Dalvik CACHE Clear
6) Go in Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM
7) Select Intall From SD Card
8) Select SGALAXY CHD V4.3.zip And Select YES
9) Reboot Your System
10)Again Go to CMW then Flash Patch v4.1.zip
12)Again Go to CWM and Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition
14) Enjoy

Steps To Get S4 looks and Notification Panel

1)Launch the Xposed Installer and click on "Install/Update"
2)Go to Modules tab Tick on Gravity Box, Icon Themer,App Settings,X-Blast tools
3)Open X-Blast tools,click status bar,choose clock colour as white
4)Open Gravity Box,Go to statusbar tweaks then click Quicksettings management.
5)Click quicksetting tiles and tick all.
6)Click tiles per row and select 4.
7)Go back and click notification drawer style,select notification drawer background and then choose according to your choice.
8)Go back and click Media Tweaks and select all.
9)Go back and click About and Select Use holo dark theme.


Download dev host Link > http://d-h.st/I9U

or try Mediafire Link >

Updated Patch For Calling issue As provided in Screenshots>http://d-h.st/AtO

If anyone Has Flickering Issue, Then Flash>http://d-h.st/VQ3

Patch For Better Colour> http://d-h.st/R5X

TRY DIS 4 BETTER CAMERA> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2425832

DOWNLOAD XPERIA MOTION SNAP AND INSTALL AS NORMAL APK- com.sonymobile.motionsnap-1 (1).apk


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-23-14-44-53[1].jpg Views: 4678 Size: 25.5 KB ID: 2221598Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-13-48[1].jpg Views: 4795 Size: 28.7 KB ID: 2221599Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-16-25[1].jpg Views: 4801 Size: 40.0 KB ID: 2221600
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-16-38[1].jpg Views: 4004 Size: 27.3 KB ID: 2221601Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-18-34[1].jpg Views: 3716 Size: 23.4 KB ID: 2221605Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-19-16[1].jpg Views: 3981 Size: 13.2 KB ID: 2221606
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-30-08-22-58[1].jpg Views: 3319 Size: 27.5 KB ID: 2222766Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-30-08-23-20[1].jpg Views: 3174 Size: 17.7 KB ID: 2222767Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-30-08-23-35[1].jpg Views: 3196 Size: 22.8 KB ID: 2222768
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-30-08-25-37[1].jpg Views: 3685 Size: 27.8 KB ID: 2222769Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-30-08-27-02[1].jpg Views: 3072 Size: 18.9 KB ID: 2222770Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-08-29-22-17-43[1].jpg Views: 3315 Size: 30.2 KB ID: 2221604