[ROM][AOSP][4.4.2][AOSP Kangs][DJL4.4][SM-Toolchain][Linaro][Build 16][2013/12/30]

[ROM][AOSP][4.4.2][AOSP Kangs][DJL4.4][SM-Toolchain][Linaro][Build 16][2013/12/30]
AOSP Flo Build
This is self-compiled Latest Google AOSP source that include's cherrypicks and added features to enhance Google's already great experience. Don't flash this if you’re not comfortable with testing out new and possibly broken features.


First Time Installing
  • Download the Rom
  • Download compatible Gapps
  • Reboot to TWRP, or CWM
  • Flash the Rom
  • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot
Already Installed DJL4.4
  • Download the Rom
  • Reboot to TWRP, or CWM
  • WIPE Cache
  • WIPE Dalvik Cache
  • Flash the Rom
  • Reboot

  MISC LINKS Changelog and Rom Downloads
Current Build
Build 16[2013/12/30]
md5: e6112fc5d35b1806e6abb5b143939249
  • Switch from Koush's embedded superuser to SuperSU
  • Slims TRDS 3.0 (Including navring, navbar, and QS toggle)
  • QuickRecord QS Tile
  • Add forget all networks wifi setting
  • Switch to NovaLauncher as default and stop building Launcher3
  • Include prebuilt Motox dalvik enhancements
  • TRDS: Dark DocumentsUI
  • Updates to ActiveDisplay
  • Keyguard: disable statusbar clock for dashclock, lockclock and desclock
  • Various Frameworks fixes and updates
  • Fix dynamic IME tile does not showing up
  • Build DashClock from source
  • Bluetooth: Allow sending apk files to remote device

Previous Builds/Changelog

Build 15 [2013/12/15]
md5: d546aca5ce11a58247407e817ac6b876
  • Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain (Now compatible with ART)
  • Add Koush's embedded superuser (No need to flash SuperSU)
  • Add Backuptool (will backup gapps during dirty flashes after flashing this version)
  • Add init.d support
  • N5 Bootanimation
  • Add option to hide power menu when screen is locked
  • Move CRT animation, dual panel, and smart cover settings to Advanced/Interface
  • QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
  • Pimp up ActiveDisplay
  • DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager
  • Add Slim Shortcuts
  • Switch to CM AOSP browser
  • Frameworks fixes

Build 14 [2013/12/11]
md5: 439f737b703b567e6d09092362ee0314
  • Latest android-4.4.2_r1 source and binaries
  • Compiled with Linaro 4.7.4 13.11 (Now compatible with ART)
  • Allow disabling quicksettings (Remove all tiles disables QS and adds a settings shortcut in the notification drawer 4.1 style)
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Smart Wake covers
  • Dual pane settings option
  • Ability to manage Wi-Fi AP priorities
  • Frameworks fixes
  • Reorder tweaks headers
Build 13 [2013/12/10]
md5: c3018ba94b08106ea1197ea53f2fd541
  • PA's Halo with master switch to disable the feature
  • Update Immersive mode QS icons to match the global Immersive icons
  • Various frameworks fixes/updates see git for log
  • Remove prebuilt terminal from build
Build 12 [2013/12/08]
md5: 1c9498769e238644b2eb59d3aab8959c
  • Latest android-4.4.1_r1 source, and android-msm-flo-3.4-kitkat-mr1 kernel source
  • Quicksettings customizations Slim style
  • Updated notification style commits
  • Lockscreen Colors and Lock Image
  • Fix padding on top clear recent buttons
  • Frameworks fixes
  • Added Terminal emulator to the build
  • Updated platform_manifest for home builders just repo init -u git://github.com/DJL4-4/platform_manifest.git -b DJL4.4
Build 11 [2013/12/03]
md5: 00378961bb2add778c6611e61d69d189
  • Rom and kernel compiled with the latest SaberMod 4.8 toolchain
  • -O3 and other build flag optimizations LINK
  • Updated 40 repos with Linaro code updates and fixes
  • Added kexec-hardboot to stock kernel
  • Changed all open forgoten UI from google into new UI
  • Full changes can now be found at the DJL4-4 Github https://github.com/DJL4-4
  • Warning there's a BUG with Art and 4.8+ toolchains. If a fix is not released i might switch to Linaro 4.7 to be compatible with Art.

Build 10 [2013/12/02]
md5: 39c18276bd168d9f370459a8bde61f1c
  • Add Focal Camera source to the build
  • Show application's package name in the "App info" screen
  • KeyGuardAllwidgets
  • ListView Animations
  • Lockscreen Targets and Shortcuts
  • LockScreen Quick unlock control
  • Lockscreen pin keypad shuffler
  • Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
  • Lockscreen widgets settings
  • Add direct launcher prefs access to home settings fragment
  • Active display
  • Update Expanded desktop icons
  • Keyguard: disable music transport control debug
  • Fix lock sound playing when music is playing
  • Fix for Backup Services
  • Add customizable PhaseBeam live wallpaper
  • Active display Ability to turn off the screen, when a not clearable notification is present
  • Bionic Krait optimizations
  • flo: Readd noauto_da_alloc to fix horrific I/O performance
  • GC triggering performance optimizations
  • Optimizations and AOSP bug fixes to Frameworks, Frameworks/av, Dalvik, Art, Bionic, System/core, e2fsprogs, clang.. See git for commit log
Build 9 [2013/11/24]
md5: 0fa030c2ad7274937e866dfa5df04df8
  • Add big menu support back to NavBar
  • Slims new Power Menu
  • Systemwide immersive mode aka Expanded desktop(Activated by Power menu, Navring, Navbar)
  • Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
  • Clear recents view screen
  • Play lock screen sound sooner
  • Shorter glow animation time
  • Many fixes and optimizations to frameworks and Gallery2 see git for commit log .
Build 8 [2013/11/20]
md5: 294216e5a7ab2667e9f8e79d27e7966c
  • Latest android-4.4_r1.2, KRT16S source
  • Kernel built inline from latest android-msm-flo-3.4-kitkat-mr0 source
  • Recents RamBar
  • Add SunBeam live wallpaper

Build 7 [2013/11/19]
md5: ec6c9870601e86e6efeef6b971509917
  • Dark UI: DJL4.4 goes TRDS
  • Clear recents side switcher (BL, BR, TL, TR)
  • Added Statusbar notification count
  • Volume rocker music control
  • Statusbar Time and Date click actions
  • Frameworks speed up statubar/notification drawer
  • Highlight the clear button in the recents view when clicked
  • update missing google UI changes for 4.4
  • Improve rotation handling
  • bootanimation performance/speedup enhancements
  • Make "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
  • framework-res: Remove gingerbread scrolls
  • Camera: add Smart capture
  • Camera: Add a GPS indicator
  • Camera: add color effects
  • Camera: add jpeg quality setting
  • Camera: seperate color effect for video and camera
  • Camera: add jpeg quality option for video snapshots
  • Camera: follow new 4.4 UI guidelines
  • Various Frameworks fixes

Build 6 [2013/11/17]
md5: 667bfcd3c4a9f4e17bd5a617f78d558d
  • Android 4.4r1.1 Source
  • Goolge 4.4 binaries (Full wipe if your missing the camera launcher)
  • Slims navbar and navring customizations
  • AOKP custom system animations
  • Add two-line layout for status bar date
  • Change alert dialog to new 4.4 UI guidelines
  • Follow on seekbars new UI guideline for 4.4
  • Change "No recent apps" color to white instead of holo blue
  • Add Slims Battery Styles options
  • Use correct pressed color for new 4.4 UI
  • Global menu follow new 4.4 UI
  • Add Slims notification shortcuts feature

Build 5 [2013/11/12]
md5: de12ac81928c6f67b67e98f0d3b504b9
  • Add initial Privacy Guard/App Ops security settings commits
  • Slim up sounds
  • WiFi Allow Settings to retrieve country code
  • Enable translucent keyguard by default
  • Slim ElectronBeam options
  • Add scale down crt animation
  • Customizable Low battery pop-up warning
  • Bring back the status bar activity indicators for mobile data and wifi
  • Add network usage stats to status bar
  • Network stats: Hide if there's no traffic
  • Statusbar clock and date customizations
  • Notification drawer custom background & notification rows transparency
  • Network stats custom colors
  • Revert "Quick Settings Pulldown: Left or Right side option"
  • Moved "Make safe headset volume user configurable" to sound settings
  • Theme: Make About phone > Status UI colors consistent. was still holo for some reason
  • IME: Switcher notification
  • IME: Fullscreen disable on landscape
  • IME: Force autorotation on IME
  • Move Volume button cursor control to IME advanced settings
  • IME: Force to show always enter key
  • Various Frameworks bug fixes

Build 4 [2013/11/09]
md5: c91f0cc86dbda70c7cf9438352dbbc60
  • Compile BusyBox with the build
  • Compile CM File manager with the build
  • Add 0.25 and 0.75 Animation scales
  • Add 42dp and 38dp NavBar heights
  • Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting (All we need is the 4.4 Props)
  • Recents Clear All button
  • PowerManager allows querying the lowest possible brightness
  • Quick settings user tile onLongClick opens ACTION_SYNC_SETTINGS
  • Quicksettings swap the behaviour of the location tile
  • Fix StatusBar Brightness Slider not dimming
  • Improve scrolling cache
  • Kill Videos
  • Fix appwidgets not updating
  • Improve AOSP Download/Upload animation
  • ScreenShot QuickTrash
  • Services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects
  • Quick settings mobile data tile onClick opens mobile network settings

Build 3 [2013/11/06]
md5: f89a652e1f299068e67e97948f6ccdc5
  • Navigation bar custom height
  • Make safe headset volume user configurable
  • Display options: allow configuration of wake on plug behavior
  • Power connect/disconnect notification
  • Status bar clock AM/PM
  • Add an option to change the device hostname
  • Show full date on status bar
  • Added cpu info and memory info to About Phone Settings
  • Advanced Settings drawables
  • Status bar brightness control (Phone UI)
  • Quick Settings Pulldown: Left or Right side option (Phone UI)

Build 2 [2013/11/04]
md5: 6faf0447c04126e5dfdd5b8c7c6635a9
  • Added Goomanager and OTA support rom side... Will be using this when goo.im is back up.
  • Owner is always a developer
  • Remove system update settings
  • Added build date
  • Advanced power menu (Reboot options, Screenshot)
  • Volume adjust sound preference
  • Kill app long press back
  • Allow volumes to be unlinked
  • Volume panel style (Expanded, single,none)
  • Volume rocker cursor control
  • Gradient Fix
  • Swap the behavior of the WiFi tile
  • Swap the behavior of the Bluetooth tile
  • Advanced settings header

Build 1 [2013/11/03]
md5: f370d5ce01cfdcee1602dcf478a692ad
  • Initial Build
  • AOSP android-4.4_r1 Source
  • Removed stock Recovery
  • ro.secure=0
  • Deodexed
  • Renamed model back to Nexus 7 to fix market/app issues
  • Keymaster fix (Security Settings FC fix)
  • Location Services fix