[ROM][4.2.2][Weekly Updates][Aroma] PureXperia Final v3.1.1

[ROM][4.2.2][Weekly Updates][Aroma] PureXperia Final v3.1.1
PureXperia ROM for Xolo Q800, Fly IQ446, Gionee
GN708w, AllView P5 Quad, Symphony Xplorer W125,General Mobile Discovery


Modded Xperia C Rom to give you a Xperia Z1 honami feel

What's new in PureXperia v3.1.5?

-New Xperia Home
-Xperia Motiongraph
-Xperia Motionshot
-Xperia Music on Facebook
-New Clock, on-off tools and Photo Widgets all support theme colors now
-White Xperia Mediaserver
-100% transparent task switcher
-Latest Xperia Z1 launcher
-Latest Xperia Z1 Widgets
-Latest Xperia Z1 Apps
-Latest Xperia Z1 Media Apps
-Latest Xperia Z1 Keyboard
-Xperia Z1 Settings
-Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
-Xperia Z1 Live Walls
-Sony Select App store
-Sony Sociallife Feed
-Handwriting Recognition
-New kitkat email app
-New Kitkat Sounds
-Multiple small apps
-Super Smooth Scrolling
-Advanced Reboot Menu
-X-Reality Engine
-Gmail/email Fix
-Wifi Tethering Fix
-Slow Wifi Fix
-Better Network /Data Speed
-Better Camera
-Sim Toolkit
-Latest Viper4Android Integration
Please Go here for more on viper

-Smart Gestures
-Stable OpenGL libs for smoother gameplay
-Aroma Installer
-OTA Updater for bi-weekly updates (New versions of rom and bug fixes directly to your phone. No Hassle)
-RAM management improved a lot, No hangs/lags/etc ever
-Battery Life improvement
-All previous bugs have been Fixed
-No Random Reboots anymore

(will be provided in later updates)
-Xperia Z1 Notification Panel
-Xperia Z1 Options pane

PureXperia v3.1.5 Full ROM:

Download link:

-Download zip and place in SDcard
-Goto Recovery (TWRP Recommended)
-Wipe cache, Dalvik Cache, Factory Reset, System, Android Secure
-Install Zip and follow Instructions accordingly
-Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
-Reboot and be patient rom might take upto 3 minutes to boot for the 1st time.





PureXperia Final
OTA update Instructions

Updates for any device using the ROM

Update v3.1.7(2014/01/11)


Changelog v3.1.5---> 3.1.7(2014/01/11)

-Fixes devices crashing issue
-Fixes Reboot issue in 3.1.5
-Fixes Weather Widget issue
-Fixes Socialife

Manual Update link

Update v3.1.5(2014/01/05)

Changelog v3.1.2---> 3.1.5(2014/01/05)

-New Xperia Home
-Xperia Motiongraph
-Xperia Motionshot
-Xperia Music on Facebook
-New Clock, on-off tools and Photo Widgets all support theme colors now
-White Xperia Mediaserver
-100% transparent task switcher


Manual Update link

Update v3.1.2(2013/12/29)


Changelog v3.0.1---> 3.1.2(2013/12/29)

-Latest Album App 5.3.A.0.22
-Latest Movies App 5.3.0.A.18
-Latest Walkman App 8.0.A.0.4
-Latest Viper4Android v2.3.1.5
-Fixed Download Music info
-Minor Changes in Quicksettings Panel
-Minor Changes in Settings.apk
-Init.d Scripts
-Change in UI background
-Removed Video & Music UNlimited as they dont work

Manual update Download Link

Full ROM PureXperia v3.0.1(2013/12/14)(oldest version)

How to update to latest versions through ota-updater?
-Open ota-updater app n check for update (tap on available updates)
-Itll initiate downloads
-After download is complete Uncheck all options press install
N itll reboot to recovery
-There select install>sdcard>ota-updater>download> purexperia_3.x.x.zip and flash it
-Follow instructions

How to update to latest versions manually?
-Download the zip and copy to sdcard
-Reboot to recovery
-Flash it and wipe cache/dalvik cache
-Reboot and enjoy


Viper4Android IRS Starter Pack

PS:-All below are Flashable Zip files So instructions are same
Download-flash-Wipe cache/dalvik cache-Reboot

Performance Patch for pxv3.0.1 only

PS: Not Required If you downloaded Pxv3.1.1 full rom

-Improves RAM management
-Improves Battery Backup
-Fixes Automatic Reboot issue for those facing it

Download and place zip in sd card
Install through recovery
Wipe cache/dalvik cache

Modern Black Style Settings

New Boot Logo for qHD devices

Xperia C Black Style Widgets





Q-Devices crashing issue even after flashing fix?
A- Goto settings>app>all>devices
Clear data of the app and disable it then reboot

Q- Apps change to default settings on reboot or App is misbehaving especially Gravity box, xposed installer?
A- Goto Settings>Apps>All>the app and clear Data then choose the settings you want to and itll be fine

Q- How to install OTA?
A- After Downloading OTA from OTA updater uncheck all options and press install, it'll reboot to recovery, there Goto Install>sdcard (external storage)>OTAupdater>download>update(zip) and flash it then reboot

Q-How to enable keypad Backlight?
A- Goto>Settings>Display>Touchpad Backlight

Q-Viper effects Not Working?
A- just uninstall / delete soundenhancement.apk from /system/app/

Q-How to switch between Notification Panel and Quick Settings?
A-Drag from left side of center clock for Notification Panel and from Right side for Quick Settings

Q- Caller ID problem
A-Download this:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... umberfixer
1. Download n open app
2.select add area/country code
3. Set number search to 10
4. Add +91as code to prepend n press fix all

Q-How to disable Multiwindow sidebar?
A-Open Float app, Goto Settings>Quick Settings>Uncheck both options

Q-Xposed installer/modules not working correctly?
A-Clear data of xposed installer and the module creating problem (eg: Gravity box) in settings>app>all
Open xposed installer and install/update the framework
Goto modules tab and check all the modules
Reboot then try it'll work fine