[ROM] [kitkat] [4.4.2] [Official] BeanStalk Build 4.4.225 - Updated 1/20/2014

[ROM] [kitkat] [4.4.2] [Official] BeanStalk Build 4.4.225 - Updated 1/20/2014

This is a build composed off of the CM builds and a lot of features added on top of it. So you get speed, stability, and ultra customization ability. Many of the additional code additions came from slim ROM and also Derteufels build and have been modified to work with the current setup.

  • CM based
  • Lockscreen background options (Color fill, Custom image, Transparent)
  • Customizable Lockscreen text color
  • Lockscreen rotation
  • Option to enable all widgets
  • Minimize lockscreen challange
  • Use widget carousel
  • Slider Shortcuts
  • Static Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Lockscreen button actions
  • LCD Density
  • Scroll elasticity options
  • Default App grip option
  • Custom Carrier label
  • Dual Pane options
  • Customizable boot animation (off, default, set your own bootanimation)
  • Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers
  • Custom BeanStalk bootanimation
  • Status bar color and transparency
  • Clock and date options which includes color, location, style
  • Signal Styles which include color and text instead of icons, alternate GB signal layout, hide signal icons
  • Breathing SMS option
  • Battery styles - Includes specific colors and styles. Also includes battery bar
  • Do not disturb option
  • Show notification count
  • Pie controls (need to have lockscreen background set to something other then default to work correctly (dont ask why) )
  • Fully customizable navigation bar - Includes style, layout, color, nav rings, pretty much everything you can think of.
  • Quick settings color settings, tiles per row, Quick pulldown, text color
  • Notification shortcuts, behaviour, drawer style (customizable colors), toggle colors, longpress quicksettings icon to enable/disable toggles
  • Keyboard and input method options which include disable full screen keyboard and auto rotate
  • Kil app back button with customizable timeout values
  • High end graphic effects option
  • option to disable/enable vibrate on expand for notifications alerts
  • Low battery warning customizable options
  • Recents RAM bar fully customizable with color styles
  • Clock widget for LockClock including extra options to fully customize every feature of the lockclock
  • Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred
  • Less frequent Notification sounds options
  • CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows
  • Enable/disable wake up on charge option
  • Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
  • CM Performance options and features
  • About BeanStalk option with links to github source and facebook for beanstalk.
  • insane amount of edits/tweaks/fixes to make this build absolutely fly
  • option to use a fully themable MMS packages. You can access from mms - settings - theme settings
  • Numerous other options hidding throughout the build

* None

Download 4.4 GAPPs from here

***For a complete listing of all supported BeanStalk devices and downloads, please visit www.goo.im/devs/beanstalk***

BeanStalk Build 4.4.225 - 1/20/14

BeanStalk Build 4.4.215 - 1/10/14

BeanStalk Build 4.4.205 - 12/31/13 - Happy New Years Eve!

  • Make sure you are rooted with a custom recovery
  • Download both the BeanStalk build and the latest GAPPs package.
  • Boot into recovery
  • Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe /system and dalvik cache as a precaution
  • Flash BeanStalk build
  • Flash GAPPs package
  • Reboot

BeanStalk 4.4.225 - 1/20/2014
* Forward ported theming options for MMS app
- Includes fully customizable theming options for conversation list and message view
- Removed TDRS compatibility since theme is fully customizable
- Set default bubble theme with kitkat UI colors in mind
* Favorite contact tile
* Smart pulldown
* Fixed navring longpress options
* Fixed accessibility force close
* Fixed zero percent battery tile
* Quicksettings - Quick collaps
* Home and menu unlock options
* button longpress lockscreen options from CM
* lockscreen battery percentage options
* Glowpad torch
* Telo Radio (option to customize mobile data during specific events - settings - more - connection manager)
* Listanimation views and interpolator
* Text signal display option
* Text signal color option
* Signal hide option
* Vibrate notification expand
* Custom tiles
* LTE power widget/quicksettings tile fixes
* More AD fixes
* Flip to Mute/Reject Call
* CM sources merged
* Plenty of small fixes around the build

BeanStalk 4.4.215 - 1/10/2014
* Removed goomanager and added BeanStalkOTA app. OTA updates for GAPPs and ROM updates. Please keep in mind that this will only find updates if your device maintaner uploads to the official beanstalk goo account.
* Setup change log webpage at http://www.scotthartbti.com/index.php/beanstalkbuilds/
* Couple of fixes to Active Display
* Added option to view rambar in GB instead of MB
* Changed the busy dialog animation font to match 4.4 UI
* Added Misc features under lockscreen menu which include the following:
- Lockscreen blur
- Lockscreen blur radius
- Lockscreen transparency
- Lockscreen rotation
* Option to set signal icon to either LTE or 4g
* Forward ported notification drawer brightness slider
* Added Gesture navigation
* Added longclick switchbutton
* Sleep Screen shortcut
* Option to set the phone to 2g while screen is locked to save battery
* Hidden 'android animation' planted somewhere secretely in the build
* Added system update to about phone. Setup to point to BeanStalkOTA
* Forward ported sound settings
* Forward ported power connect/disconnect
* Added Stylus gesture features
* Tons of UI fixes and improvements to better suite the 4.4 theme
* Tons of misc fixes and imrpovements throughout.

BeanStalk 4.4.205 - 12/31/2013
* Removed CM performance settings and implemented omni rom performance settings
* Added CPU info option (developer settings)
* Fast Torch option (controlled by holding power button when screen is off)
* Added IME features (languages and input settings)
* Made clear recents button configurable
* Ported circle memory meter for recents
* SlimROM chamber of secrets option (developer options)
* Quick sound record title
* Updated TRDS with newer drawables
* Updated brightness status bar slider code
* New screen record built in app with customizable options from beanstalk display options
* Screen record option can also record audio
* Made the power menu profile switcher optional and fixed the implementation which allows it to follow current power menu style layouts that the user defines. (disabled by default)
* Added screen recorder power menu option (disabled by default)
* Double tap to sleep gesture
* Expanded TRDS to numerous system apps
* MMS bubbles from slimrom
* NUMEROUS fixes and improvements throughout.

Hammerhead Nexus 5 ONLY
* Fixed up lazy dirty flasher boot script. Actually works now
* Kernel improvements throughout
* built kernel with new linaro toolchain
* Added stereo wide audio affect
* updated init script for custom kernel

BeanStalk 4.4.200 - 12/18/2013
* Fixed variable lock pattern issue. Works as it should now.
* Add lockscreen rotation as an optional rotation setting
* Forward ported power widgets - located in quicksettings and notification drawer menu.
* Ported fixes and additional power widgets
* Option to set active/inactive colors for power widgets
* Option to set headset to launch voice commands
* Allow to disable quicksettings completely
* fix for screenshot animation glitch in portrait
* new busy dlg animation from skyliner
* Quicksettings fliptile when clicking a tile
* AudioEffect: Add a stereo widener effect
* AudioFX: Add center frequency param to bassboost
* update icons and remove cm specific icons.
* allow disabling call end sound
* QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
* Custom lockscreen handle
* Beanstalk shortcut options (this is all slims work, just renamed to beanstalk)
* Custom carrier label
* Added brightness slider (swipe status bar to control brightness when enabled)
* Updated density changer to set density on the fly. No longer requires a reboot!
* Wake on connect/disconnect option
* Numerous fixes and improvements throughout the build

Nexus 5 specific changes
* Added bsbootscript to ensure files that conflict with the kernel are not being used. (for you dirty flashers)
* Numerous kernel improvements

BeanStalk 4.4.100 - 12/09/2013
* Merged AOSP 4.1.1_r1 source code
* Reverted app sidebar for now. Caused issues with both nav and capacitive keys.
* Revamped quiet hours logic
* Reverted CM quicksettings.
* Ported Slim Quicksettings. Fully customizable.
* Lockscreen colors and lock images from slim
* Master switch added for HALO by popular demand
* More additions for Active Display and a couple fixes.
* Fix keyguard layout for sw320dp devices
* Development shortcut in statusbar and notification area to wipe data and force close an application
* Added stand alone file manager from Omni
* Fixed enable/disable of notification while screen is on option
* Numerous fixes/improvements throughout the build

**Nexus 5 only**
FULL WIPE HIGHLY SUGGESTED to avoid conflicts with new kernel!!!
Added custom kernel
Picks from popular kernel devs across the threads
Numerous improvements and optional mods that can be controlled with apps such as trickster kernel mod.
OC up to 2500+
Ability to UV
Faux sound mods
Thermal Control
Compiled with Linaro toolchain
and pretty much everything else you would ever need in a kernel.

BeanStalk 4.4.015 - 12/04/2013
* Readded QuickSettings from CM.
* Suspend Actions and Wakelock Blocker
* Fix Navbar for devices with hardware keys
* Expanded desktop
* Configurable device rotation
* Active Display
* LockScreen Targets
* Disable full screen keyboard in landscape mode.
* Force show enter key in keyboard
* Built in screen recorder (volume up + power to activate and disable)
* Quick Unlock
* Brought back all lockscreen widget settings
* Implement a pin keypad shuffler
* Add gesture based lockscreen security.
* Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
* Port forward chameleon App sidebar
* Allow disabling non intrusive incall UI
* Less notification sounds
* Added back button settings
* Changed previous settings layout a bit
* Added build.prop modder
* NUMEROUS additions and fixes scattered across the build
* Current CM sources 

Setup to build - This section can be skipped if youve ever built anything before. This is for first time build setup.
1. From your root terminal location, type the following: sudo apt-get install curl git-core gnupg flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev squashfs-tools build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev sun-java6-jdk pngcrush schedtool g++-multilib lib32z1-dev lib32ncurses5-dev lib32readline5-dev gcc-4.3-multilib g++-4.3-multilib
2. Type: mkdir ~/bin
3. Type: PATH=~/bin:$PATH
4. Type: curl https://dl-ssl.google.com/dl/googlesource/git-repo/repo > ~/bin/repo
5. Type: chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

From terminal
1. type 'cd'. This will bring you to your root folder.
2. type 'mkdir beanstalk'. This will create a folder named beanstalk.
3. type 'cd beanstalk'. This will take you to the beanstalk directory created from previous step
4. type 'repo init -u git://github.com/scotthartbti/android.git -b cm-10.1'. This will setup the folders to be synced.
5. type 'repo sync'. This will sync the folders to your beanstalk directory. Note - This will take some time depending on internet connection. Be patient!
6. After the repo sync finally finishes, all you need to do is add your device, kernel, vendor specific files for the device you are building for.
7. Make sure all your device specific files are setup as if you were going to build for CM.
8. Outside of terminal, navigate to beanstalk/vendor/cm. Double click on the get-prebuilts file and select run in terminal. This will fetch necessary files needed to build and place them where they need to be.
9. Type '. build/envsetup.sh && brunch "device name"'
10. Previous step will start building beanstalk for your device. The process takes anywhere from 1 - 3 hours depending on your computer.
11. Once completed, it will say package complete and you will have a beanstalk named zip file in your out folder.