[ROM][KOT49H][KK4.4.2] ★★★ DroidKang v12 ★★★ [HALO][14/12][CM11]

[ROM][KOT49H][KK4.4.2] ★★★ DroidKang v12 ★★★ [HALO][14/12][CM11]
Welcome To DroidKang

DroidKang is a pure CyanogenMod 11 Rom with much more tweaks and addons. Tweaks and Mods are added to every new build.
Rom Features

base is CyanogenMod 11
Dark UI
3-Way Reboot Menu
Statusbar mods
Notification drawer mods
Notification LED mods
Screen mods
Animation mods
Battery Icon mods
System Animation tweaks
Navigation Bar mods
HALO from Paranoid Android
Active Display Notifications from MotoX
Listview Mods
Expanded Desktop (immersive mode)
Use ART Runtime without issues
and much more ...

Installation DroidKang

Go to CWM Recovery do a Wipe/Factory Reset (Necessary if you come from a different ROM)
Wipe also Dalvik/Cache
Flash DroidKang.zip
Flash Gapps
Reboot your device!

Download DroidKang Rom

Please make a FULL WIPE and install DroidKang than Gapps before you post any bugs !!!
DroidKang v12

Download latest PA Gapps KK 4.4.2

PA 4.4.2 Gapps

DroidKang v12
fixed: Youtube issues
QS: do not show ringer options on devices which do not support vibrate
QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
settings: fix and pimp custom lockscreen handle
Settings: remove preference if device hasn't LockClock installed
Settings: Fix pimp up ActiveDisplay
Address the 'ART' Issue
Wi-Fi AP priorities: Add RTL support
Development settings: Move hostname under ADB over network
overlay: Fix Keyguard configuration
Merge "selinuxrelabel: Add a check for dalvik-cache" into DroidKang
cm: only include WhisperPush in telephony-enabled devices
Add new alarm/notification audios
Frameworks: Slim Shortcuts
fb: fix and pimp custom lockscreen handle
QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
QS: enable haptic feedback and change Alarm tile longpress
Profile: disable triggers when profiles are disabled
BatteryService: fix FC on boot until battery stat is present
Active display: Ability to turn off the screen, when a not clearable notification is present
Bluetooth: Changes for LPP and extended LE scan
OBEX: Reduce Obex MTU size for A2DP or SCO concurrency
Bluetooth: HID: Add support for HID Device Role
base: allow disabling call end sound
Telephony: Add data rat constant
National roaming info for Drei in Austria
WindowManagerService: fix application transitions in expanded mode
Fix profile lockscreen override
fb: fix pixelated results on picture resizing/coloring on features which use it
Browser: disable incognito mode
Added new PA Gapps link
Synced CM11 sources

DroidKang v11
Android 4.4.2_r1 Build KOT49H
Remove 'force overflow button' logic & settings
fb: allow to disable quicksettings - SlimROM
Add new alarm/notification audios
fb: added national roaming info for Free Mobile in France
fb: added national roaming for BOB in Austria
fb: added national roaming info for Play in Poland
Add "Lockscreen Colors and Lock Image" - SlimROM
Add "Config for menu unlock" in Security Settings
Add "QS Tweaks" - SlimROM
Development shortcut in StatusBar and Recent Panel
Add support for allow-permission extension
wifi: Allow configuration of country code for wifi
healthd: disable periodic polled battery status
Fix for screenshot animation glitch in portrait
Add option to hide power menu when screen is locked - Omni
DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager - Omni
Add back all keyboard IME features - SlimRom
SystemUI: fix wrong statusbar background
fb: navigationbar use always slimactions and add contentdescription - SlimRom
fb: slightly adjust navigationring background drawable size for custom icons to fit the system icons - SlimRom
fb: Put FileUtils back into android_runtime
Add WhisperPush category to security settings - cm
FIXED - SMS FC on short codes
change default for unknown sources & verify apps
Improve AOSP Download/Upload animation
Add option to enable activity indicators on status bar - Omni
Fix Duplicate Alarm : Replace Cesium with Classic
fb: Make ImageView drawable update more efficient in some cases
fb: Avoid layout passes when updating data activity indicators
fb: Fix a bootloop problem when /data/system/usagestats/usage-history.xml is empty
fb: Parse UUID string with Long.parseLong - Omni
Synced with latest CM11 sources
Updated Gapps package KK 4.4.2 link
and much more i forget...

DroidKang v10
Settings: Add cLock settings back to lockscreen settings
FIXED - Battery around lockring
Fix switching running/cached apps with memory bar
Add time-context headers to the notification header - Omni
Fix Quick Settings tiles jerking down while animating to notifications view
Fix exception on rotation
fix reference leak in activiy manager
fb: changed all open forgoten UI from google into new kk4.4 UI
frameworks/av - FLAC coded file does not play (single metadata block files)
fb: vectorize Bitmap operations
Rambar moved to top screen
fb: MiniThumbFile: Fix image/bitmap retrieval
Fix Duplicate Alarm : Replace Cesium with Classic
fb: Make ImageView drawable update more efficient in some cases
fb: Avoid layout passes when updating data activity indicators
fb: fix qs battery tile on normal icon due of left over
Quick Settings Pulldown (from cm)
Add "Quicksettings customizations Slim style - SlimROM
Revert "CM : Quick settings/Ribbons
FIXED - Screeching sound while playing music when locksceen sound / notifications produced
FIXED - ListView FC reported by some users
Notification background & transparency - SlimROM
fb: support for keyguard widget carusell
fb: post time-critical systemui flags to window manager
fb: add back small bottom margin 1px - SlimROM
Add "Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
Better Expanded desktop icons - PA
SystemUI: do not collapse panels if keyevent was canceled
Keyguard: fix statusbar lags when default widget shown
Quiet Hours: Clean up and consolidate code
Synced CM11 Sources
and much more i cant remember...

DroidKang v9
HALO fixed SystemUI FC
Add option to enable/disable HALO
Add "Active Display" Notifications like MotoX thx ChameleonOS
Fixed HALO/Active Display so we can have both Active Display & HALO present
Add options for ListView Animations and Interpolator thx Team ThinkingBridge
Restore "Add battery level around unlock ring"
Bring back all lockscreen Widget Settings
Implement a pin keypad shuffler
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Enable haptic feedback for lockscreen shortcuts
Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
ART Runtime - "Add verifier: Bypass monitor-{enter,exit} depth checks" Whatsapp is working with ART
Synced with latest CM11 sources

DroidKang v8
Added Paranoid Android HALO still WIP some FC
Forward port power connect/disconnect notification support
Performance profiles
Add an option to change the device hostname
AppOps: Add advanced menu link from privacyguard
Remove the "enable widgets" preference properly
dslv: use the right owner and missing break
Add a general preferency in lockscreen interface settings
LockscreenShortcutFragment needs onPreferenceTreeClick
Settings: Port Lockscreen Targets and Shortcuts
Packages/apps/Settings: enable quickunlock
Fix battery icon with percentage showing "!" and percentage only color when under 14%
fb: add accessibility events to lockscreen slider and shortcuts
SystemUI: Update adb over network icons to kitkat colors
SystemUI: Navigation Bar: Rotate the search light in landscape
Keyguard: disable music transport control debug
Forward port power connect/disconnect notification support
Turn off carrier provisioning by default
Frameworks: QS performance profiles tile
fb: set correct providers default value am/pm
Added new PA Gapps Link
Synced CM11 sources
and more i forget...

DroidKang v7
System wide immersive mode aka expanded desktop added thx Slimroms
- To enable expanded desktop ---> Navigation -> Global Menu
fb: Fix FindBugs issues
SystemUI: fix RecentPanel position in landscape mode
fb: fix recents animation on new immersive mode
Fix to NullPointerException when activity is relaunched
Keyguard: Set WIDGET_CATEGORY_KEYGUARD when AppWidgetHostView is created
fb: Remove possible leak when exception occurred
Wifi: Fix for connection failure between third client and GC
SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls
Correctly set the animation flag of the ActionBar
Update the layer's alpha value upon composition of the layer
Memory leak in IInputMethodSessionWrapper executeMessage
Fix NPE in ConnectivityService
Fix a JNI local reference leak in JNIMediaPlayerListener
SystemUI: update internal state right after hiding transient bars
Keyguard: smooth background change
Fix a programmatic smooth scroll bug
Clear recents screen
Synced with CM11 sources

DroidKang v6
Settings : Port lockscreen shortcut configuration
Settings: add summary to hide carrier label
Settings: add RAM bar option
Correct navbar landscape default value for reset
Settings: new dslv + Dialog handling
Settings: Slims new Custom Power Menu
Update TRDS with google UI changes for 4.4
QuickSettings: Ported from cm-10.2
Speed up orientation rotation
Move set of persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib to SystemServer only
Set persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib at system server startup
Color system icons on navring like the other by default
Add battery level around unlock ring
Update missing google UI changes for 4.4
MediaScanner behavior on boot
Fix: external storage problem NavRing and NavBar applications
Frameworks: speed up statubar/notification drawer
Improve scrolling cache
Fix: video playback
Fix rounding issues and take density into account
Change alert dialog to new 4.4 UI guidelines
Synced with CM11 sources
Updated PA Gapps Package Link

DroidKang v5
Settings: MediaScanner behavior on boot
Settings : Quick settings / Ribbons more fitting drawables
Merge "Settings: Set some strings to translatable="false"" into cm-11.0
Merge "Add direct launcher prefs access to home settings fragment."
Settings: restore hardware tunable values on boot
Quick Settings: Swipe to switch
QuickSettings: Update all QS drawables to match KitKat style
Fix: external storage problem NavRing and NavBar applications thx kufikugel
Frameworks: speed up statubar/notification drawer thx IceColdJelly
Improve scrolling cache
synced with latest CM11 sources
PA Gapps updated link

DroidKang v4
Settings: Add lockscreen ring battery setting
Setting: Lockscreen maximized widgets
Settings: Bring back Maximize widgets
Settings: Bring back Volume dialog features
Settings: Bring back the new Quiet Hours UI
Lockscreen: Add timeout and instant lock option to slide lock
Settings: fetch navbar color from systemUI
Settings: statusbar reflect am/pm based on the global user settings 12h/24h format
synced with CyanogenMod sources

DroidKang v3
synced with CM11 sources @ 10:30 CET
added QS & QS Ribbons - its still wip
navbar and navring customizations
Lockscreen maximized widgets
QuickSettings: Invert long click and click actions - Omni (xplodwild)
Quicksettings: swap the behaviour of the wifi tile.
- onClick on/off
- onLongClick open wifi settings
added "Clear all recents" - Bottom left corner
-clicking on the Time will open the alarm
-clicking on the Date will open the calendar

DroidKang v2
synced with CM11 sources @ 08:00 CET
added custom battery icon mods
added custom system animations
new PA Gapps link added

DroidKang v1
initial release...