[ROM][Linux/XBMC] Native Linux for AML8726-MX Tv-Box {11/27/2013}

[ROM][Linux/XBMC] Native Linux for AML8726-MX Tv-Box {11/27/2013}
MX Linux v1.00 RC1 is here

G02REFDONGLE has bin successfully booted with MX Linux, test builds will be posted soon!!


MX Linux is a port of Linux 3.0.101 to the ARM platform for the sole purpose of running XBMC Media Center as an OS on the Generic AML8726-MX Droid-Tv pictured below and other Android tv boxs using the AML8726-MX chipset.


- Unplug devices power.

- Place the MX_LINUX_vX.XX-XXXX-Update.zip on the root of your usb drive or sdcard and plug it in to the device.

- Using a toothpick or something similer (non-conductive) push and hold the reset button and plug in the devices power
(Release the reset button once your in recovery).
(The reset button is located inside the 3.55mm jack labled A/V, this may differ on your device)

- Select "Install update from EXT"

- If your using a usb drive select "Install from udisk", else if your using a sdcard select "Install from sdcard"

- Select the MX_LINUX_vX.XX-XXXX-Update.zip and wait while it installs

- Once install is complete select "Reboot system now"

- Enjoy!

NOTE: If your 2nd boot splash is not displayed properly do the following

- Flash build v0.03

- Allow full boot

- Repeat upgrade procedure with newest version


- Visualization screensavers may cause freeze (Confirmed)
- Airpaly is broken (video is reported broken)
- Wifi will not conect to some networks (WEP is broken, SSID and password length seem to affect it aswell)
- Some DVD ISO's and high bitrate videos playback leggy (Think issue lays in amcodec, still investigating)
- TVHeadend client does not work 100% (Think issue lays in amcodec, still investigating)
- Intermittent audio distortion at 44.1Khz (Fixed in repos)
- Sound channels are mixed up with some formats (Fixed in repos)

MX Linux versions

v0.0X = pre-alpha
v0.1X = alpha
v0.2X = beta
vX.XX-RCX = release canidate
vX.XX = release

MX2REF: Matricom Android FW from 1.1.6 and WJB's Linux builds from November 21 2013
will be using new uboot and have a different MTD layout, flash the NEWMTD build.

MX Linux Links

MX_LINUX_v1.00-RC1-G18REF_MX2REF-update.zip 97.90 MB
MD5: b92e8a0d757832b227bb759e7d7ea1b6
Link 1 | Link 2

MX_LINUX_v1.00-RC1-NEWMTD-G18REF_MX2REF-update.zip 97.99 MB
MD5: 7ed2342df542aa23c6c0f22161993d64
Link 1 | Link 2

All MX Linux downloads

Test Builds

MX_LINUX_v1.00-RC1-TEST1-G02REFDONGLE-update.zip 98.77 MB
MD5: 9111450c95ff7624c0e8b58ec5094242
(This build should work for most generic g02refDongle models, if your stick uses broadcom wifi then wifi won't work yet)

TODO: G02REF, ATV1200, ATV520, ATV106, ATV102 and more

Checking MTD layout

You can check your MTD layout by using ssh to connect to the device and running "cat /proc/mtd"
If your MTD layout differs from the one below DON'T FLASH UNLESS YOU EXCEPT THE RISK!!!

 [root@amlogic /]# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00400000 00200000 "ubootenv" or "bootloader"
mtd1: 00800000 00200000 "logo"
mtd2: 00800000 00200000 "aml_logo"
mtd3: 00800000 00200000 "recovery"
mtd4: 00800000 00200000 "boot"
mtd5: 40400000 00200000 "system"
mtd6: 20000000 00200000 "cache"
mtd7: 10000000 00200000 "backup"
mtd8: 18c800000 00200000 "userdata"

Initial release v0.01 :) (Pre-Alpha)

- Minor changes to defconfig

Release v0.02

- Add mx2ref board support

Release v0.03

- Tweaks to XBMC to avoid under-runs playing HD .mkv files (Needs more tweaks before Alpha)

- Misc changes to kernel defconfig

- Apply fix's to kernel from Pivos

- Up GPU frequency from 333Mhz > 400Mhz

- New boot splash

- Fixed WIFI

Release v0.10 (Alpha)

- 720P playback fixed (no more freezes, 1080p still needs work)

- Use a 300MB ram buffer (Leaves Linux/XBMC 300+ MB free ram)

- Update Buildroot to 2013.08

- Update kernel to 3.0.95

- Misc fix's to XBMC (See github for details)

Release v0.11

- Update kernel to 3.0.96

- Fix UTF-8 encoded subtitles

- Update WIFI drivers

- Add Nano text editor

- Add FTP support

- Add XBMC Subtitles add-on by default

- Update XBMC add-ons

- Fix's to Network Manager

- Fix random AE crash

Release 0.20 (Beta)

- AvcC playback fixed (updates to amlcodec)

- Update kernel to 3.0.99

- Fixed FF/RW

- Bump ffmpeg to 1.2 (Backported form XBMC 13)

- Misc fixs/changes from xbmc 13 (see github for details)

- Fix shutdown menu opening when remote power button pushed

- Confluence: Disable shutdown menu and just shutdown

- Fixed typo in advancedsettings.xml

- Add new boot/shutdown splashs

Release 1.00 RC1 (Release canidate)

- Fix seeking on streams that support it

- Fix 1080P playback freezes

- Fix FF/RW accuracy

- Fix fusion repo

- Fix AE (No more forcing everything to S16_LE)

- Fix black strip on screen side when using 1080p@60Hz on some displays

- Fix/improve CPU voltage/freq scaling

- Re-base XBMC to official 12.2 with all previous changes

- Re-base libamplayer-m6 and kernel to Amlogic 08/01/2013 sources with all previous changes

- Bump kernel to 3.0.101-MX (final)

- Bump ffmpeg to 1.2.4

- Bump librtmp to 2.4 and add ksv patch

- Bump libcurl to 7.33.0

- Bump libass to 0.10.2

- Bump libnfs to 1.8

- Bump XBMC add-ons

- Bump PVR add-ons

- Drop 300mb buffer and re-add pr1388 ram buffer patch

- More fixs from gotham to XBMC (see github for details)

- Rename our XBMC to "Frodo 12.3" (unofficially)

- Rework some init.d scripts (S10setup, S95xbmc)

- Add support for CU wireless adapters

- Up GPU frequency from 400Mhz > 450Mhz

- Performance tweaks to kernel for speed

- Switch to new CPU governor (Lagfree)

- Switch to new iosched (BFQ)

Release 1.00 RC2 (Future update -- WIP)

- Fix intermittent audio distortion at 44.1Khz

- Fix audio channel layouts

- Fix S95xbmc (xbmc_pre and xbmc_post functions)

- Package bumps

- More to come

Devices known to work

- Generic Droid-Tv MX (G18REF)

- Gbox Midnight MX2 (MX2REF)

 Flash at your own risk!!!