|| XOLO Q700/Q700i || MIUI V5 ROM || Smooth and Stable ||

|| XOLO Q700/Q700i || MIUI V5 ROM || Smooth and Stable ||
New MIUI V5 Rom for Q700 and Q700i

MIUI (pronounced "Me You I", a play on the common abbreviation of the words
user interface as UI),
developed by Xiaomi Tech, is an aftermarket firmware for cell phones based
 on the open-source Android operating system.
MIUI itself is closed source. It features a heavily-modified user
 interface that does away with the Android app drawer and has drawn comparisons
 with Apple's iOS and Samsung's TouchWiz UI.
The Custom ROM includes additional functionality not found in stock Android,
 including toggles on the notification pull-down, new music, gallery, and camera apps,
 and an altered phone dialer that displays matching contacts as a user enters a number

Note: Q700 Users Must flash Q700i firmware before flashing this rom.

Rom Updated to latest build 3.12.6Changelog for 3.12.6 :
Fix - When MX Player was playing, zooming would cause screen to flicker (12-3)
Fix - Sometimes China Mobile devices couldn't open Wallet feature (12-3)

Fix - Some special SIM cards (e.g. cards associated with multiple phone numbers) could

 not connect to the network (12-3)
[Lock screen, Status bar, and Notification shade] (Mi 3)
Fix - Toggle to connect to the Internet will appear in the Notification shade when user

 connects to a computer with an Internet connection using Xiaomi Assistant (12-3)
Fix - If phone (with SIM card) was powered off in Airplane mode, when user powered

 on again "No SIM card" would be displayed in the Status bar (12-5)
[Home screen]
Fix - User could only view one SIM card (12-3)

Optimization - When a notification message is "pinned", it will appear at the top of the

 main list in Notes (12-3)
Fix - When user chose to respond to an incoming call with a Quick response and

 touched "Compose", app would FC (12-3)
Optimization - Two items can be downloaded at once (12-5)
Fix - When user changed system language, app would FC (12-4)

Fix - Sometimes the horizontal line shading and images in notes would not be

 aligned properly (12-3)
[FM Radio]
Optimization - Canceled requirement to connect headphones before user could

 use Radio (connecting headphones improves performance) (12-3)
Fix - Fixed a problem that led to app quitting unexpectedly (12-3)

Fix - Sometimes virus scan details would display incorrectly (12-4)

New - "My account" tab added on the "My themes" page (12-4)
Fix - Sometimes when user applied a theme immediately after purchasing,

 app would FC (12-4)
Optimization - Faster discovery for DLNA equipment (12-4)
Optimization - "My videos" list is displayed with the most recent videos at the top (12-4)
Fix - Videos that were hidden, were still displayed in player history (12-2)
Fix - When editing files, user couldn't select the first file in the folder (12-2)
Fix - User couldn't take screen shots when watching some locally stored videos (12-2)
Fix - Sometimes the player history would be saved incorrectly (12-2)
Fix - Sometimes videos couldn't play in full-screen (12-4)
Fix - Sometimes after user quit video app, it would keep running in the background (12-5)

New - New version of weather data module (12-3)

Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_uaCnexus420131106_220429-1.jpg Views: 183 Size: 48.0 KB ID: 2377752 Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_Dpdnexus420131106_220523-1.png Views: 181 Size: 170.4 KB ID: 2377753
Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_CLnnexus420131106_220525-1.png Views: 150 Size: 248.1 KB ID: 2377754 Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_Cpinexus420131106_220433-1.png Views: 125 Size: 156.9 KB ID: 2377755
Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_BmInexus420131106_220507-1.png Views: 116 Size: 188.6 KB ID: 2377762 Click image for larger version  Name: screenM_Iidnexus420131106_220505-1.png Views: 113 Size: 201.4 KB ID: 2377763

Screenshots from MIUI 3.12.6


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-08-34.jpg Views: 31 Size: 87.6 KB ID: 2443975Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-13-54.jpg Views: 31 Size: 61.3 KB ID: 2443976Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-09-03.png Views: 23 Size: 68.8 KB ID: 2443977Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-17-18-35.png Views: 21 Size: 34.1 KB ID: 2443978Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-10-53.png Views: 21 Size: 56.3 KB ID: 2443982Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-11-33.jpg Views: 19 Size: 45.7 KB ID: 2443983Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-14-44.png Views: 22 Size: 78.1 KB ID: 2443984

Download link - MIUI 3.12.6
Download link - MIUI 3.11.1 
Download link - Gapps 4.2.1

Instructions:1. Download rom zip from provided link
2. Reboot into recovery.
3.Wipe Data/factory reset and wipe dalvic cache.
4.Install zip from Sdcard.
5.flash Gapps 4.2.1
6.Reboot your device
keep patience because first boot takes some time
 You can Hide Carrier Names by Mi-Tools
 Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-12-08-18-14-55.png Views: 15 Size: 255.4 KB ID: 2443985