[Rom][Gt-S7562] HyperX™ Rom for galaxy s duos

[Rom][Gt-S7562] HyperX™ Rom for galaxy s duos

This rom is specially build for galaxy s duos With
lots of features with no tweak except build prop and smoothness tweak


- Based on stock S7562XXBMD6 ROM
- Lunar UI port imported to s duos
- Cm9 themed systemui
- Jelly bean drop down
- 4 way reboot
- Aosp lock screen
- Framework themed
- Smoothness tweak added
- Cm9 imported
- Framework from Kyle rom
- Cm9 boot logo
- Build prop tweaks
- Power saving tweak
- power saving mode enabled
- Debloated
- CM9 Imported
- Deodexed
- zipalligned
- Rooted
- Custom boot image enabled
- Busybox support
- Overclocked Kernel
- init.d support
- Google Now
- status bar is 25% transperent

Information regarding flashing:-

This rom is purely based on xxbmd6 and may work on other base just give it a try
Hope you know what you are doing before flashing this rom it may lead to
yellow Triangle appearing on your screen whenever you boot your phone.


1. Download the HyperX rom.zip from download link provided

2. Push the from zip to the external SD

3. Now switch off your phone

4. Boot it into cwm (key combination:- volume up + volume down + home button + power button) and you are in cwm

5. Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache

6. Now select install zip from SD card

7. Navigate to HyperX Rom.zip and select yes to proceed

8. When installation is completed reboot your device

9. For 1st time it may take some time to boot so be patient

10. When all steps go right you will be on HyperX Rom

HyperX_rom v1.0
Addon for other rom
4 way reboot and cm9 systemui.apk

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-31-21.png Views: 1866 Size: 41.6 KB ID: 2389566  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-32-04.jpg Views: 1564 Size: 29.7 KB ID: 2389567  Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-32-55.png Views: 1541 Size: 65.8 KB ID: 2389569   
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