[UPDATE][ROM][All Moto™ Fire XT][JS1.1][4.2.2] JellySandwich

[UPDATE][ROM][All Moto™ Fire XT][JS1.1][4.2.2] JellySandwich
Available for:
  • XT311, XT316, XT317
  • XT530, XT531, XT532
Befor anything be sure to follow this steps:
  • Flash the Stock ROM then ROOT and install CWM and uinstall the important apk's from system (YOU NEED AT LEAST 18MB FREE SPACE).
  • Don't try to modify your system!!!!
  • Do a Nandroid backup for system using oNandroid+ (Check my signature).
  • Restore the system.img using fastboot.
  • Copy the ROM to your SD.
  • Reboot to CWM.
  • Install the zip.
  • Reboot.


Before installing the ROM, open ROOT BROWSER then go to hidden/data/CDA/cda.prop open the RED file using any text editor and search for that line ro.sf.lcd_density=160 change the 160 to 120 and save, Then install the ROM like above, after reboot check for the OTA update, after downloaded it do the same cda.prop process but get back from 120 to 160 then reboot to CWM and install the update to get the support for your XT53x!

  • You will receive it over OTA
    Check Settings>About phone
For the lag, just setup the 'V6 SuperCahrger', 'KikAss Kernelizer' and 'Seeder' and it will gone!
and be sure the phone get lag when u open the data or WI-FI.

Open the 'TerminalEmulator' and type:

$ su
# v6
Then enter! Don't do a sclan, Say no!
$ su
# kikass
Then enter! Will tell you about bootloop, Don't worry no bootloop on our devices!
$ su
# seeder
Then enter! Check if actived at boot or not.

Every boot open 'AppManager' and check the RAM and close any app in the RAM Forcestop it from the 'AppManager' don't just stop it from RAM!

  • Google service framework.
  • PlayService.
  • PlayStore.
  • Maps.
  • SystemUpdate.
  • BatteryManager.
  • MediaStorage.
  • Any Social ThirdParty App Eats RAM too!
Disable the 'Multi-touch Keyboard' from settings, It's take a big RAM.
Check that app it will make it easy for you, just mark the app you want to forcestop it!