[ROM][XZ][01/05]KA07 Xperia Z Revolution™|Black status & navbar, fast & smooth

[ROM][XZ][01/05]KA07 Xperia Z Revolution™|Black status & navbar, fast & smooth 
KA07.1 Xperia Z Revolution
01/05: KA07.1 Xperia Z Revolution released

Dear Xperia Z & ZL users,

This rom is based on JB 4.1.2 stock (10.1.A.1.434 NL) firmware. Tweaked to have better performance and smoothness.

Don't forget to read FAQ & Help

- Download music info on unlocked bootloader!!
- Build.prop tweaks
- init.d tweaks
- 100% Image quality
- Black Navigation bar
- Extra Sound enhancements
- All stock features
- Fully deodexed
- New phone off charging animation

== Installation instructions ==

Clean installation - Unlocked bootloader:

- Install stock 10.1.A.1.434
- Install CWM or TWRP recovery
- Install the rom in recovery
- [Optional]Wipe data and/or cache
- in recovery when rebooting: Disable recovery flash, choose No
- Reboot & Let it settle
- Enjoy the rom!! 
Clean installation - Locked bootloader:

- Install stock 10.1.A.1.434
- Root your phone
- Install CWM or TWRP recovery
- Open the rom zip and remove root files:
- system/xbin/su
- system/bin/.ext folder
- system/app/SuperUser.apk
- Install the rom in recovery
- Don't wipe data and cache, only dalvik-cache!
- Installation will fail, so fix permissions and you are good to go
- in recovery when rebooting: Disable recovery flash, choose No
- Reboot & Let it settle
- Enjoy the rom!!
- Root again
- Reinstall cwm or twrp for locked bootloader

[Optional]- Wipe cache and dalvik cache
- Install the rom
- Reboot & Let it settle
- Enjoy the rom!! 
== KA07.1 Xperia Z Revolution = Download ==
KA07.1 update: KA07.1 XZ Revolution

XDA-Fileserver: Xperia Z Revolution rom
Devhost: KA07 Xperia Z Revolution rom
Mega: KA07 XZ Revolution Encryption key: GgEoOAlx6lX6CMDS9btdtFXlmSYZBZcO-OOfoNlnwEs

== Addons == Info ==

Sony Bloatware package includes:
- Sony Car app
- Enchantedforest live wallpaper
- Facebook & Sociallife app
- Notewidget + Note app + Note Smallapp
- Liveware Manager
- Mirrorlink service
- Wifi Display service
- Storefront
- Voicedialer
- Photo Slideshow funtion

Google Apps includes:
- Books & Magazines
- Geniewidget
- Gmail
- Google Maps + Street View
- Google Now
- PicoTTS
- Google+
- Google Talk
- Youtube
- Videos & Video Editor
== Addons == Download ==
- Stock Android Browser: Android Stock Browser Removes Google Chrome from /system
- AC!D Sound mod: AC!D sound thread
- Facelock: KA Facelock add-on
- Sony Bloat package: Sony Bloatware package
- Google Apps v3: Google Apps v3
- Jp + chn keyboard: Japanese & Chinese keyboard
- Navbar with stock dpi: Navbar 48DPI v2.1 (stock size)
- Wake screen with volume keys: Wake Screen with volume keys add-on

== FAQ & HELP ==

== PC Companion still tells me there is a newer update for my XZ? ==
- Download latest stock ftf
- Download and install latest Flashtool
- Choose to flash the ftf, but:
- exclude system!
- Uncheck all wipe options!
- Enjoy latest rom with latest stock Sony kernel, baseband etc
== XZ Revolution Tweaks Force Closes ==
- It will force close on first run for some unknown reason, just reopen it from settings and it will work
== Lockscreen music controls not working with headset plugged in? ==
- This is because of the Clearaudio+ app from Rizal Lovins
- Delete Clearaudio+.apk from /system/app
- Delete headset.so from /system/lib

== No sound when selecting ringtone or notification tone (works on incoming call or notified event) ==
- No solution yet, but could be related to the above.

== Walkman app sometimes just closes (without any FC message, just closing) ==
- Probably something some people can have, others won't.

== Screenshots ==

Black Navigation bar

 == Changelog ==

    == KA08 Xperia Z Revolution[01/05] == - Updated to new .1.253 fw - Clean, and functional - Fixed lockscreen pattern bug - Hopefully fixed other bugs too
== KA07.1 Xperia Z Revolution[01/05] ==
- Fixed LED in stamina
- Fixed settings for CPU control option and XZ Revolution tweaks

== KA07 Xperia Z Revolution[28/04] ==
- Wifi fix included XZL (was already in XZ version)
- Backup and restore app FC should be fixed
- Photo Slideshow live wallpaper FC should be fixed
- Album fc should be fixed
- Pattern lock not working for some should be fixed
- Changing CPU frecuencies should stick now
- No more data notification
- Call recording
- LTE logo instead of 4G
- Included root files for locked bootloader
- Stamina mode with LED
- S-Force 3D surround from Xperia Tablet Z
- A lot of updated apps from Xperia SP or Xperia Tablet Z firmware (small updates, so only bug fixes probably )
- Fixed gtalk

== KA06 Xperia Z Revolution[11/04] ==
- Updated Google Apps add-on
- Very light rom, same functions!! Only around 380mb
- Android stock browser
- Updated tweaks to hopefully enhance battery life
- Ultra Smooth because of new tweaks

== KA05 Xperia Z Revolution[08/04] ==
- FM Radio without headset
- First Xperia ZL release
- XZ Revolution Tweaks NFC icon fixed (Only XZ)
- Minor updates

== KA04 Xperia Z Revolution[05/04] ==
- Should give better battery life, with same smoothness
- Updated some tweaks
- Louder volume for speaker and headphones
- New tweak app integrated in settings, still alpha so could be buggy!!
- Updated theming of CPU control app a lot so it perfectly matches Xperia Settings :)
- Fix back button issue with smaller navbars

== KA03 Xperia Z Revolution[24/03] ==
- Based on new 10.1.A.1.434 Generic NL fw
- Advanced power menu
- CPU control integrated in settings (icon color changes with theme)
- Wake with volume keys add-on available
- Statusbar with more toggles (DoCoMo statusbar from niaboc79)
- Close all recent apps button
- Better stability
- Whitebalance app
- Lighter rom (almost 20mb less then previous version but same functions)
- Maybe more

== KA02.2 Xperia Z Revolution[07/03] ==
- Fixed signing of SystemUI.apk
- Fixed statusbar disappearing issue

== KA02.1 Xperia Z Revolution[07/03] ==
- Black Navigation bar in portrait and landscape mode
- Black Statusbar
- 36dpi Navigationbar
- Fixed build number in build.prop

== KA02 Xperia Z Revolution[06/03] ==
- Fixed Camera not working bug
- Added apn file with all apn's preconfihured
- Photo quality always at 100%
- WMA and WMV support added
- Added Clearaudio+ app from Team AC!D (louder and better sound)

== KA01 Xperia Z Revolution revision 1[05/03] ==
- Based on 10.1.A.1.350 Generic Unbranded BE firmware
- Fixed Camera not working bug
- All other bugs should be solved too
- Light and fast
- More add-ons

== KA01 Xperia Z Revolution [04/03] ==
- Pre-rooted
- Enabled WMV and WMA support in media_profiles.conf
- 100% Image quality
- Debloated => bloatware in add-on
- Removed Facelock => add-on
- Build.prop tweaks
- Init.d tweaks
- FM-Radio working without headphones
- Removed a few wallpapers and ringtones
- And more