[ROM][4.0.4][GT-S7562] KyleOPEN ROM v3.2.0 (for Galaxy S Duos) 03 June Update

[ROM][4.0.4][GT-S7562] KyleOPEN ROM v3.2.0 (for Galaxy S Duos) 03 June Update 

Welcome to the KyleOPEN ROM for Galaxy S Duos
(Dual-Sim Phone / GT-S7562 device model)

KyleOPEN ROM Features:

- Debloated (see list of removed bloat below)
- CM9 Imported (see list of CM9 packages below)
- Deodexed / zipalligned (can be themed!)
- Rooted (incl. insecure kernel using chainfire modded adbd method)
- Custom boot image enabled
- Custom boot sounds enabled (wav only!)
- Busybox support
- Overclock / Governor Kernel
- init.d script support
- Add-on support
- OTA Update engine
- Google Now included
- Flashplayer support (download flash APK from here)
- Samsung S Voice support through add-on (see post #3)
- QtADB Support (get it here)

List of removed packages:


List of imported CM9 packages:

- CM9 Apollo Player (add-on)
- CM9 Keyboard
- CM9 Launcher (Hello Trebuchet!)
- CM9 EMail & Exchange
- CM9 Browser
- CM9 Gallery (add-on)
- CM9 File Manager
- Magic smoke live wallpapers

Installation instructions:

WARNING: Flashing this ROM will make the orange triangle appear and increase the flash counter. Flash at your own risk, I am not responsible for your actions. Follow the instructions below ONLY if YOU are sure of what you are doing. Otherwise stop here.

Installation Details & HowTo:

- The GT-S7562 has a download mode and a recovery mode. Both are boot modes that allow the device to start but enter a different configuration mode than regular Android start mode. Think of them like starting your PC and entering the BIOS instead of loading Windows as usual.
- The "download mode" is a boot mode that allows flashing bit-by-bit (very low level) data to partitions on your device. To enter download mode on the S7562 do the following: make sure the device is well charged (over 50%); remove all cables (this is important); power it off (don't reboot); hold volume down + home and power on the device (volume down+home+power). Then a warning will be displayed on screen. You must press Volume Up to enter download mode.
- As long as you can enter "download mode" you can recover your device. While in download mode, you can use the ODIN tool to flash recovery, boot and ROM images.
- The "recovery mode" is a boot mode that allows "safe mode" changes to be performed on the device. This is done using CWM, a tool that can be used to automate Android system changes to system files, partitions etc. To enter recovery mode on the S7562 do the following: make sure the device is well charged (over 50%); remove all USB cables (this is important); power it off (don't reboot); keep volume up + volume down + home and power on your device.
- To navigate in recovery mode, use the volume buttons to change active selection and the home button to make selections. The back button works as back button. When done working with recovery, go back all the way and select option to reboot system to boot your device normally.
- Before installing KyleOpen ROM, make sure you are running XXALJ4 as base ROM. If you skip this step, you may have network and signal problems after installing KyleOpen ROM. So, go here to find out how to download and flash XXALJ4 version before proceeding.

  1. Download to your PC the custom recovery image that enables CWM, if you don't have it already, from here
  2. Reboot in download mode to flash CWM
  3. Unzip the file in your computer and start ODIN.
  4. Click the PDA button and select the "kyleopen-cwm5-v3.tar.md5" file.
  5. Connect your phone that is already in download mode. ODIN will display it as being connected on a COM port.
  6. Do not change any other options. Just click the "Start" button and wait. In about 1 minute, on your device there will be a loading bar displayed. Once done the phone will reboot itself normally. ODIN will tell you the flash was OK and restart your device. This operation will increase the flash counter and make the orange warning triangle appear. This is normal and is not a problem. From this point on, you can boot in recovery mode and flash CWM zips.
  7. Let the phone restart normally and boot up completely. Now you are ready to upgrade your stock ROM to KyleOPEN ROM.

Update Instructions:
  • Make sure you are running a proper stock ROM (like XXALJ4 or any version of KyleOPEN ROM.
  • Download the OTA update utility app attached to this post and install it if you didn't already.
  • Run the KyleOpen Tools and check for updates. If your ROM does not have root access it's gonna be slow to start and may not show the proper information, but the update check and download will work just fine.
  • Download the update and save it.
  • Press reboot in recovery mode.
  • Install the downloaded zip.
  • Clear cache and davlik cache.
  • Reboot system.

Mirrors for use without OTA updater:

Alternate download methods in case you don't want or can't use the OTA update utility can be found below. Download the ZIP files, copy them to your device and reboot in CWM to flash them.

Click image for larger version  Name: homescreen.jpg Views: 10274 Size: 30.6 KB ID: 1633047  Click image for larger version  Name: keyboard.jpg Views: 8122 Size: 40.3 KB ID: 1633048  Click image for larger version  Name: kyle02_logo.jpg Views: 35659 Size: 45.9 KB ID: 1930613  Click image for larger version  Name: SystemUI.jpg Views: 823 Size: 29.1 KB ID: 2000443