Kernel Source: http://q.gs/4SGtB

Cherry Mobile Burst, together with its fellow clones doesn't have much developers around, hence, custom ROMs are really scarce. People are maximizing the use of stock roms and poorly repacked roms which has small features and many bugs. This caused people with potential to become devs explore and take risk. And Thus, TeamBURST was formed. As of now, there are only two devs on the team but the team is open for new members with potential.

Initial Features:

- [HOT!]performance tweaks
- [HOT!]battery saver tweaks
- [HOT!]CRTanimation
- [HOT!]DSPManager support
- [HOT!]TeamBURST Settings
- [HOT!]Battery 1% Increment
- [HOT!]15 toggles notification
- [HOT!]added swap partitions (75mb cache, 75mb data, 100mb system)
- [HOT!]mms.apk mod (return key+avatar+smileys+jellybean UI)
- odexed
- volume rocker wake
- increased volume steps
- added notification counts
- default wallpaper changed to cyanogenmod's
- Disabled CPU Rendering
- volume rocker wake
- emoticons replaced
- Debloated
- Replaced stock Launcher to Modified Holo HD
- Semi-S4 Theme (needs more work, di ko na kaya gawin, boboto pa 'ko xD)
- Changed Bootanimation
- Replaced poweron sound to samsung bootsound
- removed shutdown animation & poweroff sound
- replaced audio to galaxy s4 audios
- build.prop tweaks
- busybox support
- init.d support
- Rooted with SuperSU and binary updated to latest
- sdcardspeedfix
- 3G tweaks
- better ram management
- deeper sleep
- compcache disabled
- disabled USB debugging icon
- zipalign
- better touch responsiveness

Known Issues

- launcher hide apps from drawer when apps are installed on sd card.
move apps from sdcard to internal at Settings>Apps>Manage Apps.

- Samsung keyboard FC's when dial pad touch tones is enabled.
Disable dial pad touch tones on Settings>sound.



Dev-Host: http://q.gs/4SGtP


mark 3
Dev-Host: http://q.gs/4SGtg


- restored other languages
- more theming
- more bugfixing
- more improvements

mark 4
- added aroma installer
- JB notification panel
- translucent mms, contacts, phone
- more theming
- add support to:
>Cross A28
>Q Smart S20
>Videocon A30
>Blu Dash 4.0
>Lava Xolo A500
>Spice Mi 435

mark 3
- rebuilt from base
- disabled scrolling cache.
- lockscreen mod (ripple)
- more theming
- more bug fixing
-more lag fixing

mark 2 aka GalaxyBurst
- fixed lagging issue
- [HOT!]More galaxy theming
- [HOT!]Project Lard Main
- [HOT!]Project Lard's Ultra Sensitive screen
- [HOT!]Project Lard's Gaming Ram Management
- [HOT!]turbo boosted
- samsung keyboard
- TouchWiz Launcher
- apk's optimize to reduce size and smoother usage
- fixed mms.apk's unread color
- di na namin maalala yung iba LOL!

v1.0 patch-1
- fixed cpu rendering
- removed cache swap to eliminate lag.

- initial release


1. Download TeamBURST Rom and place it on your sdcard.

2. Enter CWM --- If you don't have CWM :-

Installing CWM Recovery.
METHOD1a: If this is your first time flashing CWM.
METHOD1b: If this is your first time flashing CWM. <~ EASIER METHOD, REQUIRES PC
METHOD2: If you have already flashed Chinese CWM before.
(WARNING: Procede to method 2 if this is your first time flashing CWM)
Need a Rooted Phone. Root procedure HERE.
1. Download a28.img and copy it to your sd card.
2. Install terminal emulator from Play Store. It's free.
3. Open Terminal Emulator and type the following. Be sure to grant Superuser Permission.
[Press Enter]
dd if=/sdcard/a28.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p16
[Press Enter]
4. You now have English CWM Recovery v6.0.1.3. You can enter the recovery by turning off your phone, hold vol.down+power button, release after the phone vibrates or power up.

1. Download a28.img
2. Download Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool
3. Turn off phone
4. hold vol.UP+power button, Download mode should come up
5. Connect phone to PC
6. Open Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool
7. Under "Fastboot Flasher (NANDroid Restorer)" Select Recovery
8. Click "Select File" button then locate the "a28.img".
9. tick/check the checkbox "Erase".
10. Click "Flash".
11. Reboot phone to recovery (NOTE: power button doesn't work on download mode, remove battery first the insert it again and hold vol.DOWN+power button, once the BURST page comes up, release your hold..)
12. You now have English CWM Recovery v6.0.1.3.
1. Download this flashable zip file
2. Flash it like any other rom (no need to wipe data)
3. Reboot.
4. You now have English CWM Recovery v6.0.1.3.

3. OPTIONAL: Wipe Data/Factory Reset (wipe data if giving FCs and bootloops)

4. Flash TeamBURST Rom

5. Flash the Patch (if available) (move-on if not)

6. Reboot and enjoy