[4.4 KitKat] WammyZ ROM for [XOLO Q3000]

[4.4 KitKat] WammyZ ROM for [XOLO Q3000]

To all XOLO Q3000 Users,

This KitKat ROM is based on the ROM of Wammyz 4.4. Added some more application and improved the audio and video features.

Like the other initial 4.4 kitkat ROMs, there was a problem with bluetooth. To make bluetooth to work. Follow the steps below:

Method 1:
1. Turn off the wifi.
2. Turn on the bluetooth
3. Immediately just put one the bluetooth.

Method 2:
1. Go to Apps , go to all and choose Bluetooth button
2. Clear Cache and clear data
3. Restart the phone in safe mode and this will disable the 3rd party applications
4. Now repeat the step one and two
5. Now go to settings and put off wifi
6. Put on bluetooth and immediately put on wifi
7. The bluetooth will start working.
In case of again some problem with bluetooth, kindly repeat the above step.

Down load the ROM from Google Drive in the url below:

url: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz8...it?usp=sharing

Follow the following steps:
1. Download the ROM and put into a folder in your sd card and take it to your sdcard without extracting it
2. Go to CWM or touch recovery. I have incorporated the Carlive touch recovery 2.2 based on CWM in the ROM itself and you will open the recovery in the same.
3. Carry out the WIPE all
4. Select install zip and select the just download rom and flash it.
5. Please wait for some time and it will boot up in about a minute or 1.5 minute.
6. Wait for the Carrier signal to come.
7. After choosing the carrier please put off the phone and wait for one or 2 minute and restart the phone.
8. Enjoy.

To make the internal storage 2 GB, you may have to flash the attached E1 and E2 files replacing your files available in the stock flash ROM.

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