[ROM][4.0.4][ICS][KARBONN A5/A7/A7+] Night Shade [Updated]

[ROM][4.0.4][ICS][KARBONN A5/A7/A7+] Night Shade [Updated]
Night Shade




Although it will work on any ICS baseband we have, the baseband files have been provided to increase your internal memory to 227 mb.
You can increase more but this is recommended.
Just replace the contents of this file with any of the ICS baseband's.
If your phone becomes slow or hangs or eats battery and you are on other baseband then i dont take any responsibility.
Appsboot file-appsboot.zip
System 178
Cache 5
Internal 227.

Touch/Camera fix for A7/A7+ - http://d-h.st/2J1
Sensors patch for A7+ -


1. Download NightShade-Final.zip and place it on the root of SD card (preferred).
Non A5 users:
Open NightShade-Final.zip with Winrar or 7zip and replace boot.img with that of your phone (use that of any other rom or take it from CWM backup)
See requirements for patch.
2. Backup your data.
3. Boot into recovery.
4. Wipe cache and Dalvik cache....If you are on TWRP then wipe System also.
Dont wipe Data/Factory reset ever.....Neither before nor after installation
5. Select 'Install zip from SD card and choose NightShade-Final.zip.
6. Now flash it.

Keep your eyes on screen during installation.
7. Now flash the File Explorer.zip
8. Repeat step 4 and reboot.
9. First boot will take much time so be patient.
9. When you see the screen, don't use yet....Reboot.
10. When the phone is booted, install root explorer, go to system/etc/init.d and delete LoopySmoothness
Now the rom is ready to be used.


There are so many features that it's too long to list but still as is customary, I'll write some in categories of awesomeness.
— 3-way boot.
—Very small size of the rom - 96mb if zip and approx 155 mb of full system. So it works on any available baseband.
— Highly themed with dark appearence as is the name.
— 3 completely unique spinners.
— Increased selecter size for easy and accurate selection.
No battery heatup during usage.
Removed Shut down display even on selecting reboot or recovery.

Google Play
— Black Google play added to match theme.
Multi DPI hack for Google Play to support all apps.
— Latest unofficial release.

— Changed touch focus color from ugly yellow to blue.
— Changed the Low battery sound.
Changed haptic feed back intensity.
— Edited GPU files for Fluid UI.
— Changed system animation to Fade which is very fast.
Reduced keyboard vibration intensity to save battery while typing.
— The font I used reads all character...even symbols.
— Added special buid.prop tweaks to enhance everything including battery and Network tweaks under Mods.
— Added Camera mod for better quality.
— Added host files to disable advertisements.
— Added smooth scroll and increased scroll velocity for speed scroll
Changed secondary font color.
— Added 30 steps in volume.
Persistent notification in notification are blue in color...eg. Low on storage.
— Added Bravia Engine 2.
— CRT effect turned off for faster locking

— The launcher is just of 300 kb.
— Added Noozy as music player...best music player and equalizer for Android.
— Added inverterd messaging app with Rotation and Sim message working....Till now no rom has it.
— The messaging app now shows upto 6 lines while typing.....Great for message typers....now no need to scroll in those tiny places.

— Clears cache and log on every boot.
Enabled Vsync which is used in PC games for high graphics.
— Added battery saver script.
— Added zram, CFS and other ram management script.
— Unlike other roms and devs, I've added scripts by reading them thoroughly so that they are not repeated and work flawlessly.


Nigh Shade - the Perfect ICS Rom
File explorer.zip


1. Added circular battery display. No other change.

1. Transparent theme added.

1. Golden Night theme added. 

All are flashable zips

1. Only battery indicator changed. No other changes.
Only different battery.zip Click this to see screenshot.


All are Flashable Zips

1. Clear Sky Mod - Transparent Theme
Screenshots - Transparent screenshots.zip

Transparent Theme-

  • Transparent mod
  • Stock boot and shut down animation changed without any extra file.
  • Look screen rotation added.
  • Amazing animation added which affects even status bar.
  • CRT effect on again.
  • Added new background to enable readability.

If animations are slow then go to settings/developer options and change values of last 2 option to .5x


Golden Night - Golden orange theme.
Screenshots - Golden Night.zip