[CWM][Xolo A500s][Deodex-XoNex] ROM

[CWM][Xolo A500s][Deodex-XoNex] ROM

Flash CWM or unbrick A500s with SP flash tool procedure

1) Extract the attached file on your computer (link)
2) Download xolo drivers from here (link)
3) Shutdown your phone and remove battery
4) Open SpFlash tool with admin priviledges and click next to scatter file to choose the MT6572 one from the downloaded folder
5) The tool will pick and check preloader.bin automatically and remaining ones will be unchecked (Select preloader.bin only if your device is bricked if its not and you only need to have cwm installed proceed to step 6)
6) To install CWM now double click on boot and recovery image and point to the downloaded folder to select boot_patch and recovery_patch accordingly (Remember to check it)
7)Now click Download and connect the phone via usb to computer (During this process your PC will show unknown device so in order to install device drives download xolo drivers and choose to select the inf file and it will get installed).Remove USB once and ensure download is clicked prior and then usb cable is inserted to PC.
8) The process will begin and a green circle saying ok will be displayed and thus the flashing is successful.
9) Now disconnect the device and put in battery and hold power and volume up key to sucesfully boot into CWM and there by unbrick your device...
10) Then you can install any custom rom created by other developers.

Note: If you wish to load complete stock rom for Xolo A500s download the stock rom and replace the preloader.bin with the attached one. This will restore your ROM to factory default with stock recovery.

To begin with i present you the stock deodexed cwm rom for our own Xolo A500s phone.


1) Root your phone with framaroot (http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...3&d=1380569629)
2) Install MTKdroidTools 2.4.8 from here (http://dfiles.eu/files/fmnok7ke7)
Download and run the MTKdroidTools.exe (Note enable usb debugging on your phone and grant root access from the mtkdroid app to access your phone)

Then backup your existing rom by clicking on root ,backup,recovery tab and backup. this will back up your entire stock rom in case you want to revert.

3) For CWM install click on Recovery and boot and choose the option "To choose the boot.img file" and then select your stock boot.img file which u backed up. Next it will patch it with CWM autoinstaller just click yes and ok and the device will reboot. Woola you now have a working CWM to proceed.

Steps to install the deodexed rom
1) Boot into CWM recovery and download the stock deodex rom from here (http://www.toobigtosend.net/download...-005056ac53f8/)
2) Copy the downloaded rom to the sd card--> clockwordmod -> backup folder
3) Say restore and navigate to the cwmbackup folder and select it
4) Clear Dalvik cache and cache partition

That is it reboot and you are on deodexed rom..

Download link.

Changelog v1:
1) Stock de-odexed & zipaligned based on 4.2.2
2) Removed all bloatwares which includes Xolo specific apps,google +, clock,taalk,themes,stock keyboard ,music etc
3)Added Xperia mod keyboard,inverted playstore,sms and calendar app.
4)Bravia mod is attached although i didnt see much difference
5)Viper audio added and works smooth.
6)Native Kitkat apps like google now,search and laucher added.
7)Font change to incorporate the new kitkat roboto
8)Included ES file explorer

Changelogs v2
1)Fixed clock
2)Added hangouts with sms integration
3)Added Google gallery for google pics sync
4)Some more bloatwares freed
5)Nexus 5 sounds,bootanimation,launcher and stock apps added except chrome google+
6)More smooth than earlier,less ram usage

Changelogs v3
1)Removed native kitkat apps
2)Remove google apps except google contact sync
3)Several build prop tweaks
4)Optimized RAM usage
5)New windows style audio/video player
6)Cool bootanimation
7)Ported bravia mod,Xperia Z1 keyboard
8)Inverted SMS app
9)Nova modified launcher
10)And other cool softy

If you need google apps and playstore with google now please use this additional package from goo.im to download and install.


How to install
1) Root your phone as mentioned above and have CWM installed
2) Copy the rom in \sdcard and then clear/wipe data cache and dalvik cache. Format system also
3) Go to mounts and storage and ensure to see /system is mounted (unmount system is what we want to see on cwm menu)
4) Select install from sdcard and navigate through the zip and install it.

First boot may take some time to install and thats it the rom is up.


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