Presenting XyrusOS for XOLO Play T1000

  1. Viper4Android
  2. X-Reality Engine
  3. 4-Way Reboot
  4. CRT OFF (only works sometimes)
  5. Custom Kernel (rooted and init.d support)
  6. Lidroid Toggles
  7. New Wallpapers from Xperia Z, Ubuntu and MIUI
  8. Adobe Flash Player
  9. Menu button unlock disabled
  10. No need of any Booster app like LGP880Booster
  11. Loopy Smoothness tweaks
  12. Netspeed tweak
  13. OTA Updater (removed because of issues )
  14. Special Gamer scripts by *me
  15. Xperia Z launcher with some widgets
  16. New cool bootanimation 
  17. GPS tweak by deepaktom
  18. MIUI V4 music player
  19. MIUI ringtones,alarm,notification tones
  20. Xposed framework
    + maybe more

1. Download XyrusOS.zip and put it in sdcard.
2. Install Custom Recovery like CWM Recovery / TWRP Recovery.
3. Switch off phone and goto recovery by pressing volume "-" and power on button at same time.
4. Select Factory Reset / Wipe Data option from recovery.
WARNING : This step will delete every data of your phone like apps, contacts, messages,etc.So have a backup with you.

5. Then select "Install Zip" from recovery and flash XyrusOS.zip.
6. After finishing reboot the phone.
7. After first boot install dependencies of Xposed framework ( press Install/Update inside framework option ) and Viper4Android ( click yes after app launch and then select "Cortex A9/A15 with NEON" ).
8. Select the primary storage from Settings.
9. Done!!

Flash Xposed_Modules.zip for my personal used modules ( do this only after selecting primary storage in settings ).

CRT off animation is buggy . It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.
So if you don't want CRT effect at all then flash No_CRT_Effect.zip.
But if you want to enable it again then flash Enable_CRT_Effect.zip.
CRT effect is enabled by default in the rom


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