[ROM][PORT][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GravityMod2 Ported to Iocean x7 Youth/Plus/Elite

[ROM][PORT][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GravityMod2 Ported to Iocean x7 Youth/Plus/Elite
Iocean x7 Youth


NEW RELEASE Now compatible with ANY Iocean x7 I've just released a new version of the rom in two versions in order to cover the whole Iocean x7 community: one version for Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo and another one for Iocean x7 Plus/Elite. NEW: If you have an Iocean x7 Elite read this :

Here are few infos to Elite's users that are interested in this rom.

This rom is only compatibile with Iocean x7 Youth and Youth Turbo by default. If you flash this on an Iocean x7 Elite it should boot and work without problems except from rear camera which won't work on Elite.

You can find an experimental Compatibility zip for Iocean x7 Elite in the link below.

Installation guide for Iocean x7 Elite users:

Iocean Youth custom recoveries won't work on Elite, use the attached CWMrecovery which is specific to Elite's model. Flash this recovery through MobileUncleTools app.
As usual it is strongly recommend you to take a Nandroid Backup before flashing this rom. Once you have a custom recovery, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the zip file of the rom
  2. Download patch #1 (nvram warning 0x04 removed)
  3. Download the compatibility zip for Elite from the link below
  4. Put these 3 files in your sdcard
  5. Reboot into recovery
  6. Wipe data, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache (advanced section)
  7. Install rom zip from sdcard/external sdcard, then patch#1, then compatibility zip.
  8. Reboot
  9. Be patient, first boot may take longer than usual
  10. Report here whether it worked
Hope this may work even if not tested.



Ported to Iocean x7 Youth GravityMod2.

  Tested this only on Iocean x7 Youth, but should work on Iocean x7 Youth Turbo without any problem.

GravityMod2 Features:

- Rooted
- Busybox
- Sysinit support (for init.d scripts)
- Updated Google apps
- Google Now included
- Chinese apps removed
- Updated APNs
- CallerID mappings fixed in Phone calls and Messaging
- CyanogenMod Circle Battery
- Auto-hide of signal icons for empty SIM slots
- No annoying "SIM card not inserted" notifications
- Power menu reboot and recovery
- Fullscreen caller photo
- Multiline contact names
- Volume key cursor control
- Recent apps clear all button
- Internet Calls support (SIP)
- OTA updates via GooManager
- Engineering mode accessible from Settings / Developer options
- GravityBox - centralized app for additional customizations
--- Status bar tweaks (QuickSettings tiles, additional tiles, background color and transparency, ...)
--- Lockscreen tweaks (custom background, maximized widgets, ...)
--- Power tweaks (advanced power-off menu, low battery warning policy)
--- Phone tweaks (flip action, disable vibrate on call connect, fullscreen caller photo)
--- Display tweaks (minimum brightness setting, autobrightness settings, ...)
--- Hardware key actions (action on menu long-press/doubletap, back key long-press)
--- Media tweaks (more volume steps for music, skip track using volume keys)
--- Other miscellaneous tweaks
--- General MTK6589 fixes
Part of these features can be enabled/modified through GravityBox Xposed Module which is already implemented in this rom in its latest version. You'll just need to launch GravityBox app and choose your preferred features.

  Changed stock launcher to Xperia Z one because it is smoother on Iocean and has a quite low ram consumption with respect to others.

For what concerns GPS you'll need to modify the first lines of /system/etc/gps.conf to make it work in your country. Here you can find servers for any country.

Installation guide
To flash this rom you need a custom recovery as CWM or TWRP. If you don't already have one, download the attached CWMrecovery.img and flash it through MobileUncleTools app.
it is strongly recommend you to take a Nandroid Backup before flashing this (or any other) rom.

To install it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the zip file of the rom (see Download section) and put it in your sdcard
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Wipe data, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache (advanced section)
  4. Install rom zip from sdcard/external sdcard
  5. Reboot
  6. Be patient, first boot may take longer than usual
  7. Enjoy 


Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo

Iocean x7 Plus/Elite

Flash the following patches in recovery in order to solve reported bugs

Patch for Iocean x7 Youth/Youth Turbo
*No patches for Iocean x7 Youth so far, it may be considered bug free right now

Patch for Iocean x7 Plus/Elite

  1. mounting_fix_Iocean_x7_Elite.zip
thlw8_plus_GravityMod2_Iocean_x7.zip MEGA mirror
thlw8_plus_GravityMod2_Iocean_x7.zip Dropbox mirror

Flash the following patches in recovery in order to solve reported bugs

  1. Remove NVRAM warning 0x04settings_nvram_fix.zip
  2. Camera Autofocus fixautofocus_fix.zip
If you want to swap sdcard0 and sdcard1 in order to mount your external sd card as internal sd, flash this zip:mounting_fix.zip
If you want to remove boot sound, THL logo and GravityMod bootanimation, flash this zip which replaces them with default android animated writing:

Kernel Sources
MT6589 Kernel sources can be download from: https://github.com/C3C0/MT6589_kernel_source



Yeah NVRAM ERROR 0x04 is pretty strange because it was present in every custom or stock rom I've tried so far on this Iocean x7. The difference is that in this rom it appears in Settings>wifi. In others roms you usually can see it only when you analyze wifi signal with an app (eg WiFi Analyzer) otherwise it is hidden.

If you want NVRAM ERROR 0X04 to disappear from wifi networks, flash the attached zip file and you will solve

For what concerns music player, are you sure? It works without any sort of problem both with internal and external sd card. Have you ever had this problem before with other Iocean roms?
For what concerns TitaniumBackup, you can choose any folder both in internal and in external sd card. You can modify the default backup folder going into Titanium settings>Preferences>Backup folder location and choosing the one you prefer.

Restored backup from external sdcard and my music is in the external sd card too, both should work for you too (TB will work for sure if you change backup folder location).
Yes OTG is working as you can see in the screenshot below (see the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen)!

Alternative download link:
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