[ROM][JB 4.2.2]ZTE v970/v970m[EXPERIMENTAL]

[ROM][JB 4.2.2]ZTE v970/v970m[EXPERIMENTAL]


Official Android 4.2.2
Ported from the n820 (MT6577) Based. JB 4.2.2 UPDATE.

Features :

- Official 4.2.2 JB
- Pre-rooted (SuperSU)
- BusyBox (v1.20.2 Stericson)
- Init.d Support (with performance scripts included)
Updated APN List (from Cyanogen Repo)
- Completely Debloated
- Zipaligned apks
(for better performance)

- Patched Host File (no more adds spamming you)
- Multilang ROM (work in progress)

Changelog Beta 3 (September 7 2013)

Now the Rom comes with Aroma Installer

[ADD] Support for both userdata partitions, extended and default
[ADD] Inicial support for the following langs:
Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil),
Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German,
Greek, Farsi, Finish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian,
Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Slovak
, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish,
Ukrainian and Urdu.

[ADD] 3 ways Reboot
[FIX] External SD
[FIX] Bluetooth
[FIX] Radio
How to flash:

First you must have already an CWM Base recovery, you can check Here how to install and use CWM Based Recovery.
Then start by making an FULL nandroid of your phone.
In Recovery:
* Wipe Data * Wipe Cache * Wipe Dalvik Cache
* Install the rom zip * Install GAPPS (Opcional)
==> ENJOY ! <==

ZTE_v970_JB_4.2.2_Beta03.zip - 192.82 MB

MD5 Sum:34502ad90074f0772288b9ac23db23a5

The Aroma installer will auto-detect if you have the internal userdata MOD, and flash the correct files. There's no need to flash adicional files on CWM.
GAPPS : gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip - 96.08 MB

MD5 Sum:5f22f046e37038a3856eeb825e73d4ed
Useful Tips:

Reducing UI Lag:

Settings > Developer Options > Select "Animation OFF" on this settings :
- Window animation scale
- Transition animation scale
- Animator duration scale

================================================== =======================

Calibrating the GPS:

1: Open the app "FasterGPS".
2: Install and give it root permissions
3: Choose your Continent
4: Choose your region (at this point, your gps is properly configured with your country *.ntp values)

5: Reboot (not necessary, but it's always good)

6: Start the app "GPS Status", in the first Satts Lock, you need to wait a little bit (it can take up to 15 minutes, be sure you are in an Open Area).
When you get an good lock, on Satts, your DONE.