[How To] Update your XOLO Play T1000 to Android 4.1 JB!

[How To] Update your XOLO Play T1000 to Android 4.1 JB! 

Xolo mobiles have started their first Nvidia Tegra 3 powered Xolo Play T1000. It has a 4.7- inch HD IPS display with OGS (one-glass solution) innovation for better and speedier touch response. It is controlled by a 1.5 Ghz Quad-center Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with 416 Mhz 12 Core NVIDIA ULP Geforce GPU. The superphone sails on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. For photographs it accompanies a 8 MP raise Polaroid with BSI (posterior light) sensor with a LED Flash and a 2 MP front-facingg camera for video chatting. The device has preloaded with Tegrazone application that let clients to download Tegra3-improved Android diversions. XOLO T1000 has full HD video recording and playback. Xolo Play have gained a programming update which fixes issue, for example battery drainage and heating etc. You can update your Xolo Play to the most recent Jelly Bean update by Xolo. XOLO did an awesome job :P just kidding. Android 4.1 update? poor idea. They should have launched Android 4.2 or Android 4.3 :P Still, it's better than the stock one.

Do's and Don'ts
1) Install this ONLY in XOLO Play T1000.
2) Don't TRY to install this on your device (other than XOLO Play T1000).
3) Don't remove battery while it is processing the update.
4) Battery should be more than 70% before applying this.


:P the main thing what people actually search. Okay, you can download the 4.1.1 update from official XOLO site- XOLO_Play_S016_24082013_OTA.zip

How To Install Android 4.1.1 in XOLO T1000 Play

1) Transfer the "XOLO_Play_S016_24082013_OTA.zip" file to your SD card, not in any folder without extracting it.
2) Open XOLO Care" application..(most people have already un-installed it after rooting :P)3) In the tabs, open "UPDATE" 
4) There, click on "Check for software update".5) Click on ‘Check for updates’6) Click on continue
Follow the other on-screen instructions and install it, it's a common sense. Now, you have installed Android 4.1.1 in your XOLO Play.
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