[TWRP] TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3 For Micromax A89

[TWRP] TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3 For Micromax A89

So, for installing TWRP you need to follow these steps:

IMP:[*] You need not to have rooted phone.
[*] This is for MMX A89 ONLY! Don't use for other phones as you can brick it!
[*] Although, this rom has been tested, I'm not responsible for any damage!

Prerequisites :

1. MTK6577 Drivers

2. SP Flash Tool

3. TWRP Itself!

Now we are ready to Flash!


1. First of all, Download all of the packages listed above.

2. Install Drivers and Extract SP Flash Tools & TWRP image.

3. Now open extracted SP Flash Tool folder and run Flash_tool.exe

4. Click on "Scatter-loading" button which is on the right side below Downloading Agent. A new window will open. Browse to the extracted "TWRP for MMX A89-dan.man" folder and select "MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" file.
Refer this screenshot for more help:

5. Flash tool will populate the Map file on the application window. You will see multiple entries. Uncheck all entries except for RECOVERY.

6. [Skip this step if recover.img is already selected] Now to select recovery file, click on recovery and select recovery.img file.

7. Now click on "Download". Warning message will occur, but ignore that and click Yes.

7. You will see in the status bar below "Searching", now connect your phone (with battery inserted + Press and Hold Volume Up Key) via the USB cable. Keep those buttons holding while the process is completing.

8. Wait for the process to finish and then you will get a window showing green circle.

Congrats You have flashed TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3 ! Enjoy!

Note: If you get any error in SP Flash Tool, then recheck your MTK drivers installation or manually install them through device manager.

Booting into TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3 is the same as in the stock recovery. Switch on the phone with "Volume Up" and "Power" button Pressed. The Phone will boot into TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3!

Here's a screenshot of TWRP working on A89 :