[ROM] Perfected android 4.2.1 for Fly IQ446/Gionee GN708W/Xolo Q800/AllView P5 QUAD

[ROM] Perfected android 4.2.1 for Fly IQ446/Gionee GN708W/Xolo Q800/AllView P5 QUAD

Gionee 4.2.1 android rom perfected....!!

Hi guys.... removed all gionee crap from gionee gn708w android version 4.2.1

1. Based on gionee 4.2 base rom with sw update to v1.7, Pre rooted, titanim back up, advanced task manager , android tuner , media redirector pro , halo locker (no more transparent lines at lock screen...!!) pre installed.
2. Free memory 610 mb.
3. Removed Gionee launcher replaced with nova prime latest version launcher
4. Stock jelly bean icons and SMOOTH UI WITH NO LAGS.
5. Nexus browser with flash.
6. Default dialer changed with Reactiv T9 Dialer.
7. Contacts Theme changed.
8. Nexus sms app.
9. Play store working.
10. Nexus camera and gallery with working photosphere, panoroma.(http://q.gs/47shr )
11.Set everything shown in screenshot for media redirector pro...then only photo preview will be visible after taking with nexus cam with swiping....!! and yes u have to create DCIM folder in ur memory card if it already exists then its ok....and it doesnt auto start on boot and u have to press the red icon to green at start up...!!(credits to Nishan Goswami? )
12.Power saving enabled at power saving option and also in battery settings....!! remove both to get awesome benchmarks....!!
13.Also download and keep the zedge folder in ur memory card for wallpaper compatibility at first boot...!!

1.extract the twrp.rar and zedge.rar file to ur external sd card...This is only twrp compatible u cannot use cwm recovery to use this but u can install twrp restore this rom then again u can flash back to cwm recovery. To install twrp pls refer to this...  

TWRP for Xolo Q800

TWRP port works with this method.

You can get it from here http://q.gs/47noe

You have to follow the same procedure described in the original post in this thread, just use this recovery.img instead of the recovery.img given in the first post if you want TWRP instead of CWM.

and then for root, using TWRP, install the zip file for SuperSU that is attached in the first post in this thread. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the first post in this thread.

Xolo Q800 running TWRP - http://i.imgur.com/CQZczYy.jpg

Just FYI, the TWRP that I've linked to is for Fly IQ446, which the same phone as Xolo Q800 but with a different name. So, the phone is recognized by TWRP as Fly IQ446. 

2.after u go to twrp go to wipe option...then factory reset, then wipe system,then wipe cache and dalvik cache,then wipe android secure.
3.then go to restore option choose external memory and restore it...boot and ur done....enjoy...!!!

how to install TWRP tutorial.....


known bug-sms not showing contact name only numbers...!!

Bug fix -1.download the below mentioned alcolawlThemeMMSbubble-v1.33.zip and keep in ur sd card..open titanium backup...select backup/restore option.....scroll down to...messaging 4.2.2-Dar...3(SMS/MMS PREFS)....touch it once and choose un-install !..then press yes.... followed by another yes
2.Now go to twrp or cwm recovery whichever u have and flash the alcolawlThemeMMSbubble-v1.33.zip...then wipe cache/dalvik cache...reboot...thats it and its fixed...!!

extract and see the screenshots from below ...!!



Zedge folder