Swift-Li Rom V4 For Micromax A110

Swift-Li Rom V4 For Micromax A110
Swift-Li Rom 04-05-13

This ROM is for Micromax A110 Users
It is a rom based on official and latest release of LEWA ZTE V970 ROM

Truely A Bugless Rom

It is a blend of Cynust T2 JB and Micromax JB V2
Camera modules are from Micromax a110 JB V1.11, it is the best stock version for camera...
for Video and Graphic performances i took from Cynus T2 rom for obtimized battery as well as for free ram...
Ported from soc 6220 to our 6228 chipset...
Fully Bugless in all terms...

Change Log V4
-Updated version(04-05-13)
-For those who are excited about third party scripts, i have enabled this rom with Init.d Scripts, so chose your own scripts and flash it, i am not including in it as it is personal choice, YOU GUYS CAN USE "4CylTurboEngine", I got requests to use that in this rom but its now your choice to use it
-zipaligns apps at eachboot for free ram and faster access to apps
-sound fx modules from Ulefone Star N9776
-Using solid file explorer I didn't get that error with otg, some one check it
-fixed issue with live and video wallpapers, now even after swiping memory, wallpaper won't be wiped off
-I've used recent WiFi libs of stock jb, previously used older version
-Many told they experienced better internet speed in v2, so used same bins and tweaks for this aswell
-Changed Bluetooth libs to new stock libs
-made changes to the gps to negate the frequent signal drops(Bars), now they are consistent

Change Log V3
-Took All Suggestion Into consideration and Fixed All Issues
-SD card mounts as SD Card Itself
-Zip Alligned Apps For More Free RAM
-More Fluid Transitions without lag
-Gamers Patch Included
-12 MP is back
-Internet Speed Tweaks
-Fixed issues with the OTG

Change Log V2
-Fixed lockscreen chinese characters
-SD card mounts as Internal SD
-Fixed Bluetooth
-Fixed Gps issue(Refer Gps Procedure)
-Fixed issue with the proximity sensor in all lewa roms while calling
-FM Works with the default Lewa FM App without any issue, even without headset
-Made 2d and 3d Graphics cap as 60 for most fluid ui
-Gallary issues fixed
-removed youtube app
-Fixed issues with the OTG
-So many UI Tweaks
-Free ram tweaks for HD Gaming
-Changed Boot animation to Micromax Default

Change Log V1

-Ported from latest lewa rom available for ZTE v970
-More Amount of free ram, best in performance
-Once you Free RAM, you are good to go to play HD Games
-Best suited dpi in lewa rom for our Device
-Unliike all other lewa roms it is fast in internet
-Changing fonts also works well...
-Fast gps fix, first download epo data
-Good wifi signal strength
-Best camera quality you can get through a110
-Both internal and external sd card are mounted
-FM works in Stock Lewa FM App

Flashing procedure
  Flash this rom over Micromax JB or Cynus T2 JB
  Do Not Format System

1. Download the Rom, copy it to your sd card...
2. Reboot to CWM recovery
3. Do Data factory reset
4. Wipe Cache partition
5. Wipe Delvik cache in advanced
6. Flash ROM ...
7. Reboot

Gps Procedure
1. First Enable all options in settings-> Location&Sevices
2. Go to Epo, download Epo data
3. After downloading Epo, Do an agps restart, it is for the faster first fix
4. Go to engineering mode or any other gps accessing app to get the faster gps fix.

Quadrant Score
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Download Links

Dev Host Link

PlayStore App For V4 --> here

Dev Host Link

Google Docs Link
Dev Host Link

Patch for swapping partitions INTERNAL <--> SD CARD is here
Optimised Gaming And Performance Patch For Swift-Li V2 is here
12MP Camera Patch For Swift-Li V2 is here

Google Docs Link

Dev Host Link

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