[ROM][UPDATE][XOLO Q800/FLY IQ446] ProjectDoge v1.0.5

[ROM][UPDATE][XOLO Q800/FLY IQ446] ProjectDoge v1.0.5

ProjectDoge for Xolo Q800, Fly IQ446, Gionee GN708w, AllView P5 Quad, Symphony Xplorer W125

ProjectDoge v1.0.5 mini update


Based on Alternative v5. This ROM is like a ice-cream Sundae with lots of flavored syrup on top of Vanilla base.

This ROM brings you the best features from world-renowned ROMs like Sense, Timescape, AOSP (Kitkat) and lots more.

This ROM is customized to depths still gives you lots of room and tools for customizing it according to your taste.


-Sense like Task Switcher
-Sense 5% battery Mod
-Xperia Z1s Keyboard
-Xperia Walkman
-Kitkat Gradient statusbar
-Kitkat like quicksettings
-100% transparent lockscreen
-Google Experience Launcher
-Ok Google
-CM Calculator
-CM cLock
-AOSP camera with Photosphere
-3G SIM Switch
-Kitkat themed dialer n contacts
-Awesome UI with transparent gradient
-Performance Mods
-Great Gaming Performance
-Viper Integration
-Fully self-customizable UI with given tools in the Rom itself

Download Link:

Download and install

Download zip and flash in recovery mode.
Google Drive link
Mirror links – Devhost , Yandex


-Download zip and place in SDcard
-Goto Recovery (TWRP Recommended)
-Wipe cache, Dalvik Cache, Factory Reset, System, Android Secure
-Install Zip and follow Instructions accordingly
-Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
-Reboot and be patient rom might take upto 3 minutes to boot for the 1st time.




Battery Tests:

Condition: Dual-SIM active, 3G ON with heavy downloads at regular interval, Music Playing in background (Walkman + Viper(SAQ)), Facebook, Whatsapp, Chrome and tapatalk running



Q- How to start customization?
A- Open Settings, in it open xposed installer, open framework and press install/update.
Goto Modules and check all 4 of the modules and reboot.
(Grant Supersu permission when opted)

Q-Xtheme shows "action needed"?

A-Just press back button when this message shows.

Q-Google Search/Voice Search Crashes?
A-Flash Update v1.0.3 in 4th post

Q-"OK Google" not working?
A- Goto Google Settings>Settings>Voice>offline Voice Recognition>Update English (US) Language Pack
Just Update Google Search to latest Version via play Store.

Q-Lags while opening system apps?
A-That's not lag, it's effect of transparency, if you still don't like it, flash holo black or modern black framework. 

Viper4Android IRS Starter Pack

PS: All the below files are flashable zips, please follow the common instructions for each of them


-Download zip and place in SDcard
-Goto Recovery (TWRP Recommended)
-Install Zip
-Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache

Modern Black Framework

Normal Holo Black Framework

Stock camera app

Lenovo SNAPit camera & SEEit Gallery v3.5.6


Xperia SoundEnhancement (ClearAudio+)

Note: Flashing this might give issues with Viper4Android

UPDATE v1.0.5
-Removes doge image from settings>about
-Updates ROM information in about phone

Download link:
-Download zip and place in SDcard
-Goto Recovery (TWRP Recommended)
-Install Zip
-Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
UPDATE v1.0.3

-Fixes Google Search Crash

-Adds Flash support to Stock Browser

-Fixes Viper Incompatibilities

-Adds Mediatek Stock Camera

Download link:
-Download zip and place in SDcard
-Goto Recovery (TWRP Recommended)
-Install Zip
-Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache