[ROM] [25-11-12] [GT-N7100] CM10/MIUI 2.11.23 version 251112

I've created a MIUI port based on CM10 nigthlies. Feel free to give it a try and please let me know if there are issues with it.

Please keep in mind that all existing CM10 bugs apply here as well


Follow the instruction explained @
iMilka's thread when flashing this port.


WARNING: Flashing a custom kernel might break a bunch of things if it comes with it's own initramfs

If You prefer a custom kernel, the following service needs to be added to the init,smdk4x12.rc file:

service shelld /system/xbin/shelld
class main

The easiest way to do it is by using
dsixda's Android Kitchen. Unpack the boot.img and edit
the init.smdk4x12.rc file. You'll find it in the root of the boot.img-ramdisk folder.
  1. Miui_2.11.23_N7100_251112.zip (25-11-12)
    md5sum: d3a4f161c27ab831b5317314db5d26cc

    • Updated to Miui 2.11.23
    • Updated to CM10 nightly 20121124
    • Added UpdateMe

    Known bugs:
    • All CM10 & MIUI bugs
  2. Miui_2.11.16_N7100_211112.zip (21-11-12)
    md5sum: b40cf8e3c25f5cdeab8c6ed2b4e62053
    Miuiltilang_2.11.16_N7100_211112.zip (21-11-12)
    md5sum: eeea2bdb6bd8da299808611806d863ab

    • Updated to CM10 nightly 20121121
    • Added multilang package
    • Integrated shelld fix
    • Compass fixed
    • Headset mic fixed

    Known bugs:
    • All CM10 & MIUI bugs
  3. Miui_2.11.16_N7100_181112.zip (18-11-12)
    md5sum: d68db7c01e249bcfd20a8f839482ac7e
    shelld fix

    • Updated to Miui 2.11.16
    • Updated to CM10 nightly 20121117
    • Added CM10 camera as alternative
    • Changed DPI to 240

    Known bugs:
    • Headset microphone is not working
    • Compass is not working
    • Can't change lockscreen wallpaper ( See shelld fix ^)
    • Problems importing themes ( See shelld fix ^ )
    • All CM10 & MIUI bugs


Miui_2.11.9_N7100_091112.zip (09-11-12)
md5sum: da53f2f2e721bbe382c2b37577c2bded
Based on CM10 build #3 06/11

Miui_2.11.5_N7100_081112.zip (08-11-12)
md5sum: ef0cb6aaf7807730a3ea1938228ee853
Based on CM10 build #3 06/11

Miui_2.10.26_N7100_051112.zip (05-11-12)
md5sum: 458b970616a7cf67750e18554f2caa3d
Based on CM10 build #2 03/11

Miui_2.11.2_N7100_041112.zip (04-11-12)
md5sum: 830414ae2517b9bdb6e987b41b196e7b
Based on CM10 build #2 03/11
NFC Fix ( Flash using CWM recovery ) See Utacka's post


JB Control Panel
4.2 Camera