[ROM] Fun Series v3.0 - Custom Rom for Micromax Funbook ICS 4.0.3 [20.06.2012]

 [ROM] Fun Series v3.0 - Custom Rom for Micromax Funbook ICS 4.0.3 [20.06.2012]

This is a Custom Rom for Ployer Momo9 based India tablet Funbook by Micromax.

Changelog v1 - Initial Release
1. Init.d Support
2. Pre-Rooted (SuperSU form Chainfire)
3. Zippalligned all the APks
4. Added Bash - Useful for Scripts
5. Hardware Acceleration Enabled
6. GPU UI rendering
7. Adrenaline Boost - Best Ram Script
8. Adrenaline CPU Control
9. Lot of Build.prop tweaks
10. Hacked hosts file - No advertisements
11. Replaced Stock launcher with Apex Launcher
12. Removed Gapps such as Gmail, Youtube and Maps. Can be downloaded from market

Changelog v2 - 30-May-2012
1. Changed Base Rom from Momo9 to Micromax Stock
2. Bareboned - Pure Gaming Rom. No useless Apps
3. Added ICS Bar Hide Mod
4. Added SD card to Internal SD Mod
5. Added Unlocked Market
6. Ext4 Journaling Disabled - Faster Filesystem Less Lag
7. Added Lag Free v3 Script - No build.prop Tweaks needed
8. Added Beats Audio - Better Audio
9. Added BusyBox
10. Added Allwinner Mod App
11. Added Google Music 4
12. Updated Apex launcher
13. Text to Speech Working Flawlessly(TTS Service)
14. New Boot animation - Blue Solar Flare
15. Added Setup Manager - For a little bit of more convenience.

Changelog v2.1 - 05-June-2012
1. Only the base has been changed to momo9. Rest all is same.

Changelog v3.0 - 20-June-2012
1. New Kernel - Not compiled by me Just Ported
2. Added USB Bluetooth Support - Tested
3. Added PS3 Gamepad Support (hid-sony.ko) | Wired | Original - Tested
4. Added USB GPS Support (pl2303.ko and tun.ko) - Untested
5. Added USB Serial Module (cdc-acm.ko) - May help in 3G Dongle Support - Untested
6. Added Circle Battery Mod
7. Added Google Talk
8. Added Novo 7 Tools - Easy Reboot and Reboot Recovery
9. Updated Play Store
10. Fixed Time Zone to India
11. Removed Adrenaline Cpu Control
12. Removed Setup Wizard
13. Removed Google TTS Engine
Flashing Procedure:--
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Wipe data/ Factory reset
3. Wipe Cache
4. Wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu
5. Install zip from sd card and locate this zip and flash.
6. Reboot system
Download Link

How to:-

Insert the Bluetooth Dongle and wait for it to initialize. The led on the dongle will start blinking after successful initialization ( If LED is Stable then plug out and plug in again). After then go to Settings and Start the Bluetooth.

PS3 Gamepad

Connect your PS3 controller via cable to your tablet and Press the PS button on the controller. Check the working of the controller by moving the left Analog Stick

ICS Bar - Unhide
Go to settings>Display>FullScreenMode and select Smart Screen Mode in it and you will get the ICS Bar Back.